Kim Kardashian On Beyonce Feud: People Just Like Making Stuff Up

Posted on January 19th, 2013 at 7:23 am

Kim Kardashian says that rumors Beyonce can't stand her are not true. When Kim first began dating B's friend, rapper and producer Kanye West, tabloids and gossip blogs claimed that Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z were not fans of Kim and gave her the cold shoulder.

But in a new interview with satellite radio personality Sway, Kim shuts down those rumors. That is so not true. She couldn't be more sweet," Kim reveals. "She's the sweetest person ... seriously, one of the sweetest people I've met," the reality TV beauty says of her alleged rival.

As for how the rumor got started, Kim adds, "I have no idea where these things come from. I think people just like to make up these feuds. It's more interesting."

The brunette bombshell, who is now pregnant with Kanye's child, says the silly rumors have never come up in conversations with Beyonce in the dozens of times they've been around each other. "We've never even talked about. It never even comes up in conversation."

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    1. Angela says:

      RUMORFIX we need your help on this, is the Kathy Griffin show on Bravo already tanking after only 2 episodes of season 2? Everyone said the ratings were horrible in season 1 and they couldn’t understand why Bravo renewed it, now I hear (haven’t been able to find them) that the second season ratings are even lower than last year’s! Is this true? Will they cancel it before the season is over? Is any executive at Bravo in trouble over this debacle? Please fix this rumor for us!

    2. gwen0007 says:

      It only makes sense that Beyonce is making nice with kim for the sake of the friendship her husband has with Kanye, We women have to do all the time in order to keep peace. Without a doubt Beyonce has already been the butt of a few jokes from her real friends about having a Kardashian as her new bestie but Beyonce is used to A list ppl in her life and even she knows how kim got her start. Whatever friendship that we see is only for the cameras and I can assure u that once this relationship tanks, Kim won’t even have Beyonce phone number.

      • Anonymous says:

        You know it all, Gwen. I doubt you’ve ever met Beyonce, but you still have it all figured out. Your conspiracy theories are really a joke. You can’t come to the simple conclusion that because you hate someone doesn’t mean the next person will. You see a Kim Kardashian that’s created by the tabloids. Beyonce likely sees the real Kim, a very different person.

        • gwen0007 says:

          human nature is human nature…only time will prove me right. There is no way that someone of Beyonce’s calibre is ever going to truly befriend a woman who is known for spreading her butt cheeks for all the world to see and then getting herself cleaned up with a golden shower…c mon

    3. Katy29 says:

    4. Anonymous says:

      People deny they are brainwashed by the tabloids, but it’s clearly the case. I would guess a minimum of 75% of what’s claimed about Kim is not true, most a flat-out lie. Of that, at least half originates from the tabloids. They are constantly making stuff up, people believe it regardless. From the protests in the Middle East, to Kate Middleton and Beyonce giving her the cold shoulder, to the supposed second sextape, it’s all a lie. Until the day comes when Beyonce actually states something against Kim, I won’t believe it. When will people wake up?

      • gwen0007 says:

        you could not be more right and you are one who is certainly clear evidence supporting your own post. I think I found you on twitter and you are really all about the Kardashians. Dash, etc., everything every site you are following so yep your way ahead of me on this family but for god’s sakes man you 34, grow up

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