Kim Kardashian: My Mom And Kanye West Are Not Fighting Over My Baby!

Posted on January 18th, 2013 at 6:25 am

Kim Kardashian is shutting down rumors that her rapper boyfriend Kanye West is feuding with her mother and manager, Kris Jenner. One report claims that the two had a blowup after Jenner asked Kim and Kanye to take out a $10 million life insurance policy on their unborn child.

"I don't know where they come up with this stuff," a frustrated Kim told satellite radio personality Sway during an interview.

"There's this whole crazy story that my mom is like pimping out the baby, and that she and Kanye are beefing. They love each other so much. I haven't even had one conversation, let alone a business conversation with my mom about my baby," she reveals.

"That is so ridiculous. We haven't even thought about stuff like that. My mom knows her place; that's nothing she would even talk to Kanye about."

Kim also shot down rumors that her sister Khloe is jealous of her because she wants to start a family too. "The Khloe [story] just makes me sad because Khloe is so happy ... but people have twisted it to be completely different."

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    1. Anonymous says:

      Gwen, did you miss this article? No comment? Proof of what the tabloids are really about. They love to create drama, and if they can split up families and friends, so be it. It’s really sad. Next to Kim, Kris is the most hated, so if they can make her look bad, they’ll do it. As usual, the haters will buy every word, believing everything they’re told as long as it makes Kim and family look bad, then they deny being brainwashed. Hopefully the day will come when people are not influenced by the tabloids, or the press as a whole, and start thinking for themselves.

      • gwen0007 says:

        really so when there are articles talking about Kim and Kayne loving each other that is false? So when they report that Bruce is denying marital trouble that is false too? Hmmm…tell me Matthew how do you decide what is true in a tabloid and what is falso since all info on celebs are from either tabloids or tabloid t.v. shows.

        • Anonymous says:

          Gwen, I never said everything they put out is false. Just much of it, at least the majority, depending on the celebrity. I don’t generally believe anything in the tabloids, i go by Kim and her family, which are a much more reliable source. As well as the few neutral sources. I laugh at the tabloids and the people who believe them.

          • gwen0007 says:

            your realize your back peddling and of course sadly I suspect you would like us to believe that you know the Kardashians personally which in no way shape or form would ilmpress anyone. You cannot have it both ways, some articles are true (the ones Matthew wants to believe) and other articles are not. (the ones Matthew doesn’t want to believe.) Oh and nuetral sources in other words all the little tweens that beg for Kim’s attention including that poor pathetic girl who felt downloading Kim’s laugh so that when she is depressed she just listen to that. I mean how pathetic can one get that Kim Kardashian’s recorded laugh is the only thing that makes your day.

            • Anonymous says:

              Gwen, never once have I stated I know them personally. Far from it, I’ve openly admitted I’ve never met Kim. It’s funny that you are talking of all people. You pick and choose, depending on what the source says. If it makes Kim look bad, you believe it, but if it makes her look good, it must have come from the family, or some other nonsense. Recorded laugh? Sorry, don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Besides, I can take any celebrity, including the ones you like, and find fans who have issues. Kim fans are no different than anyone else.


      • Anonymous says:

        If it was Kim’s word vs. the tabloids, I’ll take Kim’s word any day. It’s the tabloids you should be going after. But, if you hate Kim, you probably believe them.

      • gwen0007 says:

        wrong victoria, since Kris J cannot be Kim no matter how hard she is trying she can at least own Kim and anything attached to her. Kim lets her so it is a family united.

    3. gwen0007 says:

      oh and of course they are not fighting over the baby, Kris Jenner owns that thing. I am sure its in Kim’s contract that anything going in and out of her body is under contract to momanager. blech

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