Khloe & Kim Kardashian Doing A Pregnant Sisters TV Show?

Posted on January 24th, 2013 at 3:33 pm

We are still laughing at a MediaTakeOut story about Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian.

The gossip website that seems to take a picture and create a rumor around it -- has really gone too far this time.

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Not only are they claiming that Khloe is pregnant, but that she's doing a reality show with Kim to chronicle the two being pregnant together.

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So here's the real story.

A family source tells RumorFix Khloe is not pregnant! So, of course, that would mean there's not a pregnant sister reality show in the works.

Lamar Odom's wife is understandably upset with the rash of rumors. She recently took to her blog to write, "Anyone who pays attention to these things can easily see the incredible bond that everyone in my family shares," she wrote. "I'm happily married to a wonderful man and fall in love with him more and more each day, and we'll have a baby when god wants us to and when the time is right. These blatant lies are distasteful and shameless."

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    1. Anonymous says:

      I thought there is alot of talk of Khloe being “jealous” of Kim because Kim’s pregnant and she’s not? Now, they make up more garbage, claiming Khloe’s pregnant? The lies never end. I agree, MediaTakeOut is among the worst sources. I can’t believe people take them seriously.

    2. gwen0007 says:

      well if khloe got pregnant and they did a show i would call it “Two Tons Of Fun” as neither of these women are small girls. Kim has a strange looking body and with the baby blowing her up and the obvious hulk size of Khloe it will be a show of two large girls who are complaining about how big they are getting hence the name “Two tones of Fun.”

      • Anonymous says:

        I can see your point somewhat with Khloe, but are you saying Kim’s not small? She’s 5 foot 3, at about 125 pounds. I’d hardly consider that big. Kim’s body is about as close to perfect as you’ll ever see in a celebrity, not too skinny, not too fat.

        • midgetporn says:

          kimode is nowhere near 5 ft. 3 …she lies & uses photoslop in every foto …kanye west does not even clear 5 ft. 2 in . he is a teeny tiny person …the 2 of them are laughing stocks in paris & are being called ‘midget bimbos’ in the fashion rags ..2 overstyled , self important ass clowns …
          kimode is not even 4 ft. 11 in ..she is wearing 6 or 7 inch heels & kanye does lifts …let’s PUH-LEEEEEZE keep it real ! kourtney is also short but is in much better proportion …kimode has been cursed w/ the lil’ ‘gator arms , thick wrists , short fingers & abnormally short legs which brings her butt dangerously close to the ground ..she is quite a homely character & should fire her make-up artist who makes it worse ….

          • Anonymous says:

            Your spelling is terrible. Photoslop? LOL.

            Anyway, Kim’s well under 5 foot 3? In every picture, she’s a couple inches taller than Kourtney. If Kim’s, say, 5 foot, that must make Kourtney about 4 foot 9. Geez, didn’t realize she’s that short. Kourtney’s stated she’s 5 foot, which would make Kim about 5 foot 3, which is the height normally given.
            Are you saying they both lie about their height? What motive would there be? Lying about the weight, I can see, but the height? As far as wearing heels, Kim wears them sometimes, sometimes regular shoes. I rarely see a difference, no matter what she wears, she’s still a couple inches taller than Kourtney. Unless you believe that Kourtney is actually well under 5 foot, Kim’s height actually sounds about right.
            Laughing stocks? LOL. That’s a good one. Unless you actually live in France, I don’t see how you can say anything. You likely got that from a tabloid. And, if that’s the case, that would make YOU the laughing stock.

        • skanks-r- us says:

          hahahahhaa. obviously you are blind , 12 years old or never heard about photoshop ! good luck kid .

    3. diaper rash says:

      kimode ain’t pregnant either numbskulls ! lol

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