Jeremy Renner’s Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend Sonni Pacheco Moves In

Posted on January 24th, 2013 at 5:56 am

Here's evidence to help substantiate claims that Jeremy Renner's ex-girlfriend Sonni Pacheco is pregnant with his child. These are images of movers hauling Pacheco's belonging into Renner's Los Angeles home.

According to reports, Renner is expecting his first child with the Canadian model and wants to make sure she's taken care of by letting her move in. The actor's mother Valerie supervised the move in.

Renner, who remains extremely private about his love life, has declined to comment on whether or not the pregnancy stories are true.

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    1. Mindy Saini says:

      Ahem. It isn’t true.

      Firstly, he’s having a new baby sibling. It’s a well-known fact that Lee Renner (his father) and Lisa (his father’s wife) are expecting their child next month or so. You want proof? Watch the end of this interview where he states it:

      Secondly, Jeremy will be flying OVER to see his Dad and step-mom Lisa when she gives to give birth so he can see his new baby sibling.

      Thirdly, the only reason Eva was shocked at the news was because at 42 years of age, Jeremy is still having more siblings.

      This girl, Sonni? She isn’t pregnant. Recent photos of her PROVE that she isn’t pregnant. The last photo with Jeremy was around August last year, which would have made her, what? 4 to 5 months pregnant? She’s definitely not showing and that means she isn’t pregnant and the media is blowing everything out of proportion as usual.

      Please, as a gossip site, have MORE respect for Jeremy and stop writing crap and lies about him which obviously aren’t true.

      If you learn how to get actual evidence (instead of overhearing conversations with no proof), watch his interviews closely. He’s having a baby sibling soon. That’s what he was and was always referring to.

      I laugh at anyone who believes these lies without knowing the actual truth. All media make things up as usual and your ‘sources’, are invisible people disguised as ‘so called friends’. I feel embarrassed for you ‘gossip sites’. You’ve all made a fool of yourselves.

      • The K says:

        Amen sista! And these pics. Someone buys something brand new and has it delivered and it’s supposed to be proof someone is moving in? LOL

        • Mindy Saini says:

          Exactly! How silly is that? 😛 Jeremy had been planning to move anyway (he says so in his interviews). It’s unfortunate that people like ‘IHateHuman’ resorts to cruel remarks for no reason at all. Clueless bastard.

          • rennerbaby says:

            sonni and Jeremy did have a baby Is that proof enough
            If you did research before slamming, you would know they met in Vancouver while filming MIP October 2010. go to rennerbaby on tumblr,it shows all their media photos togheter or the past 3 years……….enough said, His publicist announced the birth on March 29th stating Jeremy Renner and girlfriend Sonni Pacheco are thrilled over their new born baby girl.
            FACT CHECK PEOPLEi

      • WTH? says:

        as much as I want these rumors to be untrue…Im just not sure what to think….and NO ONE knows the truth except Jeremy and his family…so to come on here and say that it is his dad and act like you know 100%that Jr is not going to be a dad (and yes, he did say in that interview his dad is having a baby and I have known that for months now…) it is still a POSSIBILITY that Jeremy is expecting as well…he hasn’t come out to confirm nor deny…so with that action from him, it makes me think there is a little bit of truth to this story..(about the baby). Why wouldn’t you want to come out and say no its not true if it isn’t? This is a BIG RUMOR going around and would you want to clear this up if it weren’t true??! I would..but that is just me…I know JR is a very private person and IF this story is true and IF this girl is due next month..then he did a damn good job hiding it…just my opinion of course…

        • Mindy Saini says:

          I am 100% sure. I just posted all the evidence there and yet you still don’t want to believe it? If you watch his latest interviews, he says himself that he’s having a baby sibling VERY SOON. Please do more research before you think I’m making this up. I wouldn’t say it otherwise. If you know how the media works, then you’ll know that it’s like a domino effect. Once a rumour starts, it builds up and changes and then ALL the news/gossip sites spread it around without knowing the facts. The media is just making this up for more ratings. Trust me. I work in the industry. I know how they operate.

          • yahright says:

            No you are not 100% sure unless you KNOW JEREMY! Which you don’t! So stop claiming that he is not going to be a dad just b/c of one frigging video of him saying he has another sibling on the way…you were not on the smoking patio when whatever story was being revealed! For gods sake why is it so hard for people to understand that he MAY infact be expecting a baby as well as his dad’s wife! A women who interviewed him last night at the LA premiere of H&G asked him about the baby and he “politely declined to answer” as she put it…that in itself may mean that it is true and he just doesn’t want to talk about his personal business to the media! And since she asked him, that was his opportunity to its not true…but he didn’t…so NO ONE knows what the REAL story is unless you are JR or a member of his close knit family or group of friends….so quit going around and saying that you are 100% sure b/c you are STUDYING journalism! Jesus….

          • yahright says:

   you want to take back your words now honey…proof is in the pics…have a look….I told you so…his dad and Jeremy are expecting babies….now im f-ing sick….

          • iHateHumanTheOneLikeSaini says:

            if the industry havu working for them, they’ll bankrupt soon :))
            I told you, to check with your crystal ball. and oh wait.. you’re practicing witchcraft, you should be burned 😛

      • Filmchick says:

        Mindy, stop spamming your false agenda. Please realize you are full of cr@p.

    2. roxy says:

      these pics must be old…. this house is the one by runyon canyon….on kimmel jeremy said he moved out of this house because of the stretching class…..

      • dawnscasa says:

        Maybe it is his Mother’s home the one in Modesto, where she is pictured watching them move the furniture. It does resemble the house in Modesto that the tree fell on. If it is the Prestige (sic) house he is living in, I cannot believe they could get that close to get those photos.

    3. iHateHuman says:

      true/false is none of our fucking business. and Mindy Saini, you really talk a lot don’t you? you don’t even know him at all!! no wonder the ugliest always the loudest. STFU

      • Mindy Saini says:

        Judging by your name and terrible comments, you’re a truly horrible person. Interviews by Jeremy himself is fact enough that he’s having a new baby sibling. So if you learn to do your research instead of believing the media, you would not look like a fool like you did just now. You’re an idiot. Congratulations.

        • iHateHuman says:

          did I said I believe the media?! you’re just a stupid delusional fan. get a life instead doing research of things that’s none of your fucking business. ugliest the loudest,if you’re not loud people won’t see ya 😛 pathetic teenager.

          • Mindy Saini says:

            Naaaw, you poor thing. You can’t even tell how old I am. Why don’t you stop being sensitive, stop being a troll and actually learn to get along with people. I feel for people like you, you love lies being sprouted to your face. Stop being delusional and if you don’t something, then don’t comment. It’s as simple as that, mate. 🙂

            • iHateHumanTheOneLikeSaini says:

              now who’s the idiot?!? :)) congrats for being idiot Saini 😛
              the pictures of the girl is now around the internet.
              I’m not being a troll, I just wanna show to the world, how pathetic you are 😉

            • Mindy Saini says:

              Nope, still not proof enough. Do you have a paternity test to prove it? I think not. Don’t believe everything the media says, mate. Congrats for being gullible. 🙂

        • iHateHumanTheOneLikeSaini says:

          and oh, why don’t you check it from your crystal ball? LMAO

    4. The K says:

      Looks like they’re making a delivery rather than moving things. I know they sure didn’t wrap my things like when I moved. lol

    5. dawnscasa says:

      That is his mother in the picture with the striped blouse I agree with “The K” they sure do look like it is a delivery. One pic looks like a twin bed & box spring. Why is everyone getting so upset, people have every right to voice their opinion…being called fools and names to one another…Lighten up ……..the picture was taken in August of 2012, she may have been 2 o 3 months along, so the dates do add up. However, I am totally shocked by people’s reaction, almost manic over this………If anyone saw his Jimmy Kindell interview, he say’s he has a 6 month old brother Theodore, that he got to meet at his sister’s wedding. He was promoting Bourne. Wish the name calling would stop. PEACE 🙂

    6. Daisy says:

      Sorry peeps, as much as I don’t want the rumor to be true, I believe it is and these are the reasons why. 1) While Jeremy does seem to allude to a new sibling on the way, on one of the late night talk shows (Kimmel I think) he seemed to say he didn’t see baby brother Theo for the first time until his sister’s wedding. So why would he “fly in as soon as” his father’s wife’s water breaks this time? 2) Go back and watch the YouTube video. The house the tree fell on does not look like this house. And the guys moving the furniture in the pictures are clearly wearing MOVING company shirts and not FURNITURE store/delivery shirts. Jeremy’s mother does not look very happy. I feel for her. I’m sure she is very concerned over the whole situation. I think it’s pretty hard to deny that Sonni is indeed pregnant – I highly doubt the pics are photoshopped. 3) It’s all too coincidental that Jeremy allegedly told Eva Longoria that he is expecting a baby with his ex girlfriend and that she is living in his house in L.A. and then his ex from Canada just happens to be spotted pregnant in L.A. the following week. 4) Neither Jeremy, his publicist or Eva Longoria have denied their conversation at the Golden Globes, nor has Sonni Pacheco denied her baby is Jeremy’s. 5) The pit in the bottom of my stomach is telling me the rumor is true.

      I think if the rumor is true, Jeremy is doing the right thing by not trying to deny it. It would be so hurtful for a kid to grow up and read somewhere that his parent initially tried to deny any connection to him or her (like John Edwards did with baby Quinn). And I think it’s admirable that Jeremy is a kind hearted person that wants to be involved in the whole pregnancy and make sure Sonni is taken care of. I know the truth is that it’s really none of our business but I am such a fan I can’t help but obsess about it and share my thoughts. That reminds me, if Jeremy hasn’t already quit smoking, sold his motorcycle and gotten rid of his sports cars, I hope being a parent will encourage him to do so. He should watch the movie Nine Months, lol!

      • yuppers says:

        Jeremy doesn’t live at that house that is pictured above anymore….he owns it still but lives in the Hollywood hills…so if she is indeed moving in, it is in his guest house that is on the property….so, technically, she is not living with him but in one of his homes he owns….and yes…I believe that she is carrying Jeremy’s baby…some people on here are so delusional that it puts them in denial still….blows my mind!

        • Daisy says:

          Right. I wasn’t necessarily thinking in terms of them being back together (I know some people think they are). I was figuring that they are basically going to live like roommates and coparent that way. I agree, some people are in MAJOR DENIAL! I’m not saying Jeremy isn’t going to have a new sibling soon but I think he is going to be a daddy soon too.

      • Filmchick says:

        Daisy, it is true and you will find out in April. He wants some privacy is all but would be better if he just made a statement.

      • Missy says:

        First off, the shirts say Home Delivery and Moving Services…could simply be stuff delivered that was bought cause 2nd, where does it say it’s her stuff? It doesn’t. Everyone is just speculating and if the man is going to be a dad but wants to keep it quite, he doesn’t owe us clarification. As for him not seeing Theo until his sisters wedding, family discord or his super busy work schedule could easily be the answer. Same for why he’d be willing to be there for the birth of the second one.

    7. a fan says:

      One possibiliy I’ve not seen anyone mention is it could be that the reason he has neither confirmed or denied the rumor is because he’s not certain the baby is his. He may be waiting for a paternity test when the baby is born. Just a thought. Not that its any of our business.

      • Daisy says:

        These days they can do paternity tests prior to the baby’s delivery. So if he really told Eva he is going to be a daddy, then he probably already knows.

    8. Eden says:

      First thing off: I am a fan of his acting and most movies. I don’t really care if he is going to be a father or not. I am not in some sort of delusion that one day he and I will meet, although that would be cool. With that said I have to say that I am rather amused that gossip sites can give us a picture and tell us that it is so. Like the belly is real, and it is Mr. Renner’s baby, and this is her stuff moving into his house. I can’t tell, can you? I don’t believe they are still together, but i could be wrong. I can’t believe anything I read in comments from people who “know” Sonni personally because all of them contradict each other. In conclusion: I guess we will have to wait til some infant shows up to know the truth.

    9. Eden says:

      First thing off: I am a fan of his acting and most movies. I don’t really care if he is going to be a father or not. I am not in some sort of delusion that one day he and I will meet, although that would be cool. With that said I have to say that I am rather amused that gossip sites can give us a picture and tell us that it is so. Like the belly is real, and it is Mr. Renner’s baby, and this is her stuff moving into his house. I can’t tell, can you? I don’t believe they are still together, but i could be wrong. I can’t believe anything I read in comments from people who “know” Sonni personally because all of them contradict each other. In conclusion: I guess we will have to wait til some infant shows up to know the truth.

    10. PKitty says:

      I’ve seen reports stating that Jeremy got Sonni pregnant when working on MI: Ghost Protocol…which was filmed in 2011. If this is the case then it’s a rather long pregnancy, don’t you think?

      • Missy says:

        If he got her pregnant, it was when he was filming The Avengers. They hooked up twice but nothing serious.

        • anon says:

          uhh..I think it was more than twice!

          • MissTiss says:

            “Hooked” up is a relative word. They were together while he was here in BC, supposedly. Considering how long a movie takes to film…you get my point. Truth is, it’s ALL speculation. Even the Babies R Us registry, anyone could create that and boom they have tons of presents his fans think are going to them. I’ll believe it when he comes out and says it. I’m in the camp of if he’s going to be a dad, he’ll be wonderful and I respect that he’s so private. Saying those pics are of her of stuff is not proof since we know he flips houses and furnishes them before renting/selling them. Let’s remember he hasn’t been home in 2 yrs and perhaps he’s simply getting his stuff out of storage. There are so many scenarios that the “proof” means naught until HE shares it with people. Personally, I’ll swoon…cause he’s daddy material 😉

            • anon says:

              Jeremy doesn’t even live at that house anymore…he owns it still but lives elsewhere up in the hills of Hollywood…IF she is actually living there it is most likely in the guesthouse since Kris lives in the main house…and word on the street is that since Jeremy was spotted on a flight Tuesday from Boston to LA it was for the birth of his baby..BUT his stepmom gave birth early that morning….I still believe that Jeremy is going to be/is a dad though…I highly doubt he flew in for his siblings birth..just saying..

        • nope says:

          He filmed avengers in the summer of 2011! so no..he didn’t get her pregnant then…he met her on the set of MI4..she was a “stand-in” of the most humiliating jobs for wanna be actors..! HA! Figures! Way to pick em’ Jeremy! idiot!…

    11. Missy says:

      I don’t care if he’s going to be a dad or not since it’s something he wants. However, I’d LOVE to know how everyone “knows” that’s her furniture…and their shirts say “Home Delivery” and “Moving Company”. Anyone who has watched him in an interview would know that he moves all of the time & flips homes – hence furniture being g delivered. So I’m just curious as to why people are assuming it’s all true based on them and her pregnancy pics. That’s not proof, it’s speculation, gossip and assumptions. IF she was 3-4 .months along in August, baby would’ve been born. I live in her hometown, trust me, it would be all over the place here :S If she wasn’t as far along…we gotta wait with the rest! I’d love to see him as a dad, but does it REALLY matter enough for all this nastiness??

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