Is Khloe Kardashian Jealous Of Kim’s Pregnancy?

Posted on January 10th, 2013 at 6:11 am

Khloe Kardashian is jealous of her sister Kim's pregnancy, so claims the folks at Star magazine.

According to the tabloid, Khloe is green with envy over her sister's fortune because she wants to start a family of her own. Star goes on to say that Khloe's been trying to start a family with husband Lamar Odom for some time now, but with no success; she's even had fertility treatments in hopes of helping to conceive a child.

While we do not dispute Khloe's desire to start a family, we find it highly unlikely that she's jealous of her sister Kim's luck. Khloe's older sister Kourtney has had two children, and during those pregnancies there were no rumors of Khloe being envious ... so why would it be any different for Kim?

The truth, according to a close friend of Khloe's, is that the reality TV star is not jealous. "This couldn’t be further from the truth. Khloe loves her sister and has been so excited for her," a Kardashian insider tells us. "They’re sisters and have a true bond, so of course there’s no jealousy!"

    • well i am guessing that Khloe is thrilled to death for her sister and has nothing but excitement and support..but that is for the public. Sadly Khloe knows without Kim no one would give a crap about her and if she made Kim mad enough she might not even have a job so being a coat tail rider can be a full time job when the need to always be gracious and accepting to the queen is required. Now behind Kim’s back and in Khloe’s ginormous head I can only imagine the envy..not just about the baby, but Kim being mama’s fav, papos only ever wanting to ask Khloe about Kim, just knowing that she has to take all the crap kim can muster and keep smiling will be an interesting book when the day comes that the pretense of total family unity is up. Trust me, sibling rivalry exists big time in the kardashian famly…big time.

      • Anonymous

        Gwen, this is why I use the term conspiracy theory with you so much. A few of the comments you made here are exactly that. So you can get inside Khloe’s head? If so, you are really amazing!! Hopefully you won’t get in my head. For the record, they have a sisterly bond, a very strong one. It’s not for the cameras, it’s not phoney, it’s legitimate. Perhaps you don’t get along well with your siblings if you have any? Stop blaming the Kardashian girls for that and making up another conspiracy theory. While I agree Kim made Khloe famous, are you saying Kim decides who goes on the show? I imagine when Kim and Khloe had that big argument a while back, things didn’t change, the show moves on. Besides, the show is not just on Kim’s life, it’s a family affair. It wouldn’t be the same without Khloe and Kourtney, even if Kim is the main star.
        Anyway, in my opinion, it’s very likely there is no jealousy whatsoever. Kim is 32, Khloe I believe is 27, she has plenty of time left, I doubt she’s worried. It’s the tabloids doing what they do best, creating drama out of nothing. Like they stated in this article, if she wasn’t jealous of Kourtney, I doubt she’s jealous of Kim.

        • the show is scripted…

        • by the way I have 8 siblings and I was my dad’s favorite. But we are close family who suffer from rivalries like any other family but would I ever tolerate my sister calling me up while I am driving just because I woke her up to see if she wanted to come with me and hear her call me a troll for waking Khloe has to take that treatment because her job and her status in that family depends on it..I am sure u are familiar with that episode and to ensure there is no mistake I do not watch the show but I admit to seeing moments of some of the episodes before switching the channel to something with intelligence like 2 1/2 men. I jest. I enjoy the old movies when stars were really stars. Bette Davis, Lauren Bacall, Lana Turner, Liz Taylor etc., but two watch this family and we all know how they came to be and who and what they really are is such a sad commentary on what a mindless society we have become when this family is considered reality royalty. It is truly very sad.

          • thenicewife

            gwen0007, for someone who doesn’t watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” you sure do know a lot about them. There’s nothing wrong with having guilty pleasures…heck, I watch “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” but if I told my co-workers that, I’d probably never get another promotion! 🙂

          • thenicewife

            gwen0007, for someone who doesn’t watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” you sure do know a lot about them. There’s nothing wrong with having guilty pleasures…heck, I watch “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” but if I told my co-workers that, I’d probably never get another promotion! 🙂

            • considering I read and enjoy reading the gossip sites I can’t get away from them so yep I agree with you. I know far more about them then I would ever want to but due to the management and public relations one cannot help but keep up the Kardashians. They have ensured they are everywhere and I have strong opinions about a family of narcissists who let tweens, loners, losers, overweight girls etc., believe that this family has one iota of interest in their fans. You know they call these ppl “dolls”. That in itself is creepy. It is the lonely and the weak that are the fans of the Kardashians and I cannot sit by idlely and not say anything when the life of the Kardashians is not what it seems and wanting to be like a Kardashian should worry everyone as they are uneducated, narcissistic, selfish, liars and haters. These tweens should aspire to an education that they will be proud of; not buying a camera phone so they can pose like kim, send her the pic and hope for a response. Have you ever gone to Kim’s website to see all these kids begging for kim to just say hi to them. Give your head a shake.

            • Anonymous

              Gwen, they aren’t everywhere. You can avoid them very easily. If you listen to the radio, I rarely ever hear Kim’s name even brought up on the radio. For TV, if you don’t watch the gossip shows, and don’t watch the E! network, they can be avoided. The newspapers rarely mention them too. As for the Internet, you can avoid them online too, just don’t click on any of their articles. The only area you are left with is the tabloids. Honestly, if the tabloids interest you that much, you have a problem anyway. You whine that Kim is everywhere, she isn’t, it’s your excuse as to why you talk about her so much. Plenty of celebrities are more exposed than she is, among them, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, George Clooney, etc. The list goes on, yet I avoid those people as much as I can, since I don’t care for them.

            • I have every right to watch gossip shows as I have done all my life and I have every right to voice my opinion on a band of ppl that have given nothing back in their lives and have only taken. Since they are on gossips sites (alllll the time) and since they themselves call paps to let them know where photo ops are, that gives me even more of a right to comment. Yes, it is widely known that those who read tabloids really deal with some pretty deep mental issues but I have managed..thanks for the care. Anyway, until these w.hores own it and pay it forward I will continue to find the dispicable. I find that they know that their draw is young lonely little girls who probably have few friends, probably low income, probably some r overweight etc. but the life of the Kardashians to them must seem like a dream. In a few years when these children get older and realize that they idolized a woman who well u know what she is really known for, these now grown kids will wonder what they were thinking. Tell me why is Kim not getting this legal matter with Kris H dealt with. What is she so worried about when she gets examined by his lawyers? Could it be that she may take swearing on the bible seriously or is she concerned she will be caught lying about the how legit her show is and will be charged with purjury? As for these other celebs, Taylor Swift is harmless and I guarantee she isn’t calling the paps to let them know where she is at any given moment and she was very classy when some dogfaced fool came up their to proclaim his love for Beyonce. Justin Beiver is an idiot at best, got lucky but drives the most identifiable cars around and then complains that he is being chased but the upside he will be gone like most tween idols shortly. Ashton and George just live their lives…more later have other things to do..

            • Anonymous

              You are now judging Kim’s fans? Give me a break! For the record, from what I have read, the majority are young adult females. I’m not sure where you claim they are kids. Late teens to mid 20’s, that area, that’s what I’ve read at least. If I were to judge the haters, I think my description of them would be a bit harsher than yours of her fans, but I think I’ll resist the temptation.
              As far as the courts, Kim has been trying to finalize this divorce for over a year, it’s Kris that’s stalling. I don’t think she has anything to be afraid of. If the truth of her show came out, I think it’s your kind that would be surprised.
              It’s funny that of the four I mentioned, the only one who has gone out of his way to defend Kim is the one you hate, Bieber. Don’t care for his music, but at least I know he’s not a conformist. He could have taken the easy route, and denounced Kim, but he has more class than that. Taylor Swift can’t sing to save herself. I have to put up with her far more than you do Kim, her music seems to be on the radio at least once an hour, maybe more. Not sure what her appeal is, her early stuff was OK, but her last few songs have been complete garbage. Proof that you don’t need talent to be a musician. Clooney is one of my least favorite actors, the one who preaches left-wing politics quite frequently. I remember when Bush was in office, he denounced him often, especially the war. Since a Democrat is now running things, his anti-war stance seems to have softened. I can’t stomach people like that. One of the reasons I love Kim, she doesn’t preach politics, like so many others who do.
              As for your claim that Kim calls the paparazzi, again, just another conspiracy theory. I’ll believe you when you actually show me evidence. It’s not surprising that the one article you have posted on here was pure speculation. I can claim things about you, make them up, and state them as the “truth”, it doesn’t make it so. Until the day you can actually prove 99% of your claims, I’ll question them.

            • seems this site is censoring and I will not rewrite what was already a long know where I stand.

            • oh and your comment on what is true or not, maybe kim should go thru with her deposition and maybe you will sadly hear some truths you probably wouldn’t or couldn’t accept. She is avoiding for a reason as there is nothing stopping her from facing Kris H’s lawyers.

            • Anonymous

              What are you talking about? Kim is “avoiding” what? Kim’s been the one pushing this, it’s Kris that isn’t. Again, I don’t think Kim has anything to fear. Kris’s lawyers have openly stated they have no proof for their claims. They’ve had over a year to show the proof, and nothing.

            • well, I think Kris H is trying to prove he was part of a reality show not a love story or wedding. He never fit in with that family and as much as he tried to stand up for his woman it must of been hard for him as she seems awful childlike in her tantrums. “khloe’s a troll” example..still, I do know that she did not want him moving his stuff into their apartment so after the wedding that seems a little strange and to the average viewer or anyone who reads about it; the first thought is, Why wouldn’t a happily married woman want her man’s stuff in their apt.? Why because she was under the impression he would be off playing basketball and she could go about her business. It isn’t like I have never seen the show I have watched minutes but I would take the down home honesty of June and Honey Boo Boo over a family that has to much time and to much money and the topper, Kourtney pooping on Kris Humphries’s bed. Between the two families which ones are really low class trailer trash…the liars and cheats or the family just being themselves.

            • Anonymous

              Again, making Kris into a victim. Not reality. He caused many of the problems himself, maybe if he treated Kim’s sisters with more respect, he would still be with Kim?

              It’s funny that you make it look like Kim is the one stalling with the courts. I read recently that Kris has stated the divorce won’t be settled until after the NBA season, which would be May/June, depending on how far the Nets go. He’s got his team to worry about, which is understandable. It’s funny that you go after Kim, when it’s obvious Kris is the one pushing this back as far as possible.

    • so my last post was not fit to be printed but in response to your post I am telling you with a 1000 percent certainty that sibling rivalry and jealous runs rampant in that family. They are still just a family but the difference is the favorite one is high profile and Khloe and Kourtney are just ppl who happen to be related to her. Even the press is or has posted that Kris J is excited about her first grandchild and whether that was written by accident or not there is no way that comment would have gone unnoticed by both Khloe and Kourtney. No I don’t think there is jealousy between Kourtney and Khloe because they are both in the exact same position play second fiddle to kim. Its kim’s shows and Kim’s world and they both get to live in it because Kim lets them. Kris J is all about kim to the point the woman is surgically trying to alter her appearance to look like her own daughter and that has not gone unnoticed. Her behavior is that of someone who clearly would die to be kim but is thrilled to manage her. Kanye may be a problem if she cannot get a hold of his private parts and jar them like the rest of the Kardashian men but that is another arguement. Remember when Khloe wanted to dye her hair blond and it was not allowed and yet who was allowed to color her hair Kim!! There is no way in this world that when those two coat tail riders get off a plane and are attacked by paps only to be asked about their sister that it would not bother them. Not a chance. If they really make kim mad they know they go right back to anominity as no one really cares about them. They are window dressing at best. They are someone for Kim to play off of and there is really no other interest or need for them. In other words they are disposable and they know it. Kris J is grooming the teens because as odd as their heads are they do have killer bodies and as teens they can again grab the attention of the lonely tweens so in time those two girls will be envied by Kim when her time is up but hopefully by then we will all have had our fill of Kardashian narcissism and greed. Again, don’t be foolish by thinking that their fake smiles and their pledges of love and allegience is anything other than two women who without Kim would be nobodies…and are forced to play the game. I await the book where one of them will admit life in the shadow of Kim was hell.

      • Anonymous

        Gwen, throughout your rants, you have given nothing but conspiracy theories. No facts, just a bunch of hateful theories on how you think things happen, when you clearly have no clue. I would think you know the Kardashian girls personally, based on what you write, but I’ll bet you’ve never met any of them even once. Khloe and Kourtney both have around 8 million Twitter followers, not nearly as much as Kim, but still holding their own. They do make up a good part of the show. Kim is fortunate, in a way, it’s her big family that is the reason the reality show even exists in the first place.

        You claim the show is scripted? I hear this all the time, yet never once have I seen someone actually prove it. Another conspiracy theory. I guess when the Hollywood stars you love so much are living in a world of plastic, you just assume everyone else does too. Actors are the most fake people in existence, one of the reasons I can’t stomach Hollywood in any way. It’s nice that there are some alternatives to that trash. It’s funny that you defend Hollywood, Hollywood has been known to have lousy morals for decades now. Actors literally sell their soul to the people who control things. When you said 2 1/2 men has intelligence, was that sarcasm? That show is one of the worst of all, an example of Hollywood at it’s worst.

        If you don’t like Keeping Up, use your brain, and simply don’t watch it. Instead of whining and nagging, like you seem to love to do. If you have cable, you have at least 100 different options to choose from.

        • you do not have to know anyone personality to make an obvious observation. Human nature is human nature. There smiles and high fives showing unity is for the public.
          Why would u be privy to a scripted show. The wedding was a fake and millions know it and many posted about it. They got busted both Kim and her mother redoing a scene in a limo and it was reported on these sites. google it. The dog show where Kim found a stray only to have her mother and sister insist that she take it to the vet as kim quickly feel in love with the dog only to find out it needed to be put down. That dog belonged to the producer and they used that dog for that episode. That dog went home at the end of the day with the owner but how many animal lovers must have shared in Kim’s sadness and pain and it was all a put on?
          As for the 2 1/2 men comment, yes that was sarcasm. As for watching the show I guess you have to go allllll the way back to the beginning of this debate and I stated I do not watch this show. Caught a few minutes here and there but have enjoyed reading the rags and entertainment sites for years. All of a sudden there is nothing but dumb pics and articles about these klowns so they are to in our faces to ignore it. In looking into who and what they are it became clear they were ppl who would sell their children for a buck starting with their oldest daughter tape. Kris Jenner got an online certification as a minister so she could start a church that they could donate their money into which would make those donations tax free. Yet you get a lot of Kim praying for ppl but she very slow to open her cheque book.
          By the way giving opinions and observatiosn isn’t whining but telling ppl that they are whining bcause you don’t enjoy the fact based posts well; that kind of makes you the whiner…

    • win

      Khloe Kardashian maybe should realise now that she is not a real kardadhian and should find her real father and seasch from there why she cant get preg. cuz a real kardashian GETS preg;-)

      • Anonymous

        Kim’s 32. How many women have gotten pregnant before 32? Plenty! Khloe is a Kardashian. Just because she’s 6 inches taller than her sisters doesn’t mean they aren’t related.

        • Uhmmm, No. Actually DNA proved that Khloe is NOT a Kardashian by blood. She was raised as one, and is accepted as a Kardashian but she does not share the same biological father as the rest of her siblings.

          • Anonymous

            Are you kidding me? I remember the show where Khloe was questioning whether she’s really the daughter to Kris. She had her DNA tested, it turned out she was certainly a Kardashian. People only make a big deal about it because of the three sisters, she has a definite different look to her. I have two brothers, one a twin who obviously looks like me, one is a little older and doesn’t have much resemblance, different hair color, that sort of thing. Does that mean we aren’t related? I don’t think so. There are a few claims made about Khloe which are laughable. Among them, the claim that she is a hermaphrodite, and of course, the claim that she isn’t a Kardashian. Please, get real!

    • Matthew 518, get over to Radar online, wow, seems to be an awful lot of Kim hating going on and talk of her fakeness. I think they need your insite and input…

      • Anonymous

        Are you surprised? We all know the haters are very vocal. Nothing better to do with their lives than whine that someone is rich and famous, and they’re not. Been on that site before, can’t stomach it, hate it to the same level I hate Yahoo omg. Both sites are a joke. They both push out story after story to make Kim look bad. Half of the stories have been proven to be lies, the other half are very likely lies too, but not proven. Let the haters hate, as long as they keep coming on these sites, keep typing Kim’s name in the search engine, she’ll be around for a long time to come. The joke’s on them.

        • welllll, sorry but i don’t think that it is really that hard to make Kim look bad. Her total disregard for anything that isn’t about her already makes her look bad. Kudos to you though, gotta say you are fighting the good fight but msg boards are loaded with ppl who are just plain sick of the whole family. Since Kim is ground zero and the others are coat tail riders she does take the most flack but it is all well deserved. I would love to be a fly on the wall when you realize that you are a fan to a woman who could care less about you and even if your related she still could careless about you.

          • Anonymous

            Gwen, I can say the same about you and your favorite actor. Do you think they care about you? They care as much about you as Kim does me. When you are a famous celebrity, and have literally millions of fans, it’s hard to care about all of them, especially since you’ve met only a small fraction. For the record, Kim is suppose to be good with her fans, known to be friendlier with her fans than most others are.

            • gee matt, i don’t expect my favorite actors to care about me but I do feel they have some social responsiblities to pay it forward and so far none of my favorites actors and actresses have not disappointed. Of course they don’t alert the paps while doing acts of kindness and that is where my faves differ from the Kardashians…whose acts of kindness and generosity is at best a prayer from Kim. Ha

    • Cakes

      I don’t think Khloe is jealous per se. I would say that she is disappointed. To me, looking back at the older episodes, Kim was bitching and complaining about being 30 and not having a kid or being married. She felt like the odd ball out out of the three sisters. I think it’s kind of a slap in the face to Khloe, knowing that she has been trying for years to have a kid with her husband. Notice, Kim is still married which makes her an adulterer. In a court of law, the courts would favor Kris because of this. Idk what the real story is but from my perspective, I see all you guys point of view. There is sibling rivalry in that family. Is Khloe jealous? It could be possible but it may not be in the sense that everyone thinks. As far as her “riding” Kim’s coattails, truth be told, Kim wouldn’t be famous if she had never been filmed swallowing Ray J’s kids.Let’s just be honest. No one knew who she was before that. I mean yea, she was the friend of Paris Hilton but she was still a nobody. I just think this could have been handled in a different way. I personally wouldn’t want to bring my first child into the world while still being legally married to another man but in love and living with it’s dad. Plus, I don’t think she is really ready for kids. There was an episode where she watched Mason when he was a baby and she was disgusted at changing his diaper and how much attention he needed and all that comes with taking care of a baby. I’m not saying that she won’t be a good mom. She probably will be but I think she is more career oriented and that’s her main focus. I’m sure we will see how it all pans out. I’m not a Kim hater, I’m just not a fan of hers. I am a Khloe fan but I can admit when things are not right and I can say that there could possibly, without a doubt, be jealousy on Khloe’s behalf regarding Kim’s pregnancy.

      • Anonymous

        You forgot to mention, if the sextape didn’t come out, Khloe would not be famous either, neither would anyone else in the family. The courts would take Kris’s side? Why? Wasn’t he the one who slept with Myla quicker than Kim did with Kanye? Isn’t he at least just as guilty, if not more so? I’m not sure what you mean by “taking his side”, but as far as the prenuptial agreement goes, they certainly won’t. I’m not sure why you blame Kim, she’s been wanting nothing to do with Kris for over a year. In other words, because Kris has kept them married, Kim should let Kris control her life? It’s probably because Kris is keeping Kim and Kanye from getting married as to why they even decided to have a kid in the first place. Plenty of couples who aren’t married would make much better parents than some who are married.

        • hey we all know that Kim would have jumped into bed with A rod, Ray J or whoever else she could have gotten her hands on but none of them want her anymore. The night whitney died Kim was all dolled up and it was clearly to attract Ray J or make Whitney feel old.
          funny Matt for a guy who doesn’t buy into tabloid fodder here you are repeating what your read in a tabloid.

    • Sadia

      I can’t say for certain that Khloe is jealous but it would be a natural reaction to feel a little down on yourself cuz her and Lamar have been trying to conceive for a few years and he’s been vocal about how much he wants a baby. Lamar even made mention of how much he wants another baby when Kourtney was pregnant the second time. Infertility pots a strain on a marriage. I really feel for Khloe, as a woman the most naturally and womanly thing you want to do is give your husband a baby and when it hasn’t happened it makes you question if its meant to be. In my option, the way Lamar left his first kids mother high and dry, karma is a b**ch.