Is Hillary Clinton Battling Brain Cancer?

Posted on January 2nd, 2013 at 6:18 am

The National Enquirer published a nasty rumor regarding Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, claiming that the former First Lady is suffering from brain cancer.

Last month, Clinton experienced a concussion after collapsing in her home. She was then checked into a hospital this past weekend after a checkup revealed that she had developed a blood clot from the concussion.

Despite doctors claims that Clinton would make a full recovery, National Enquirer's brain cancer rumor gained more momentum. Fortunately, a spokesperson for the Secretary of State has dismissed the rumor, calling it "nonsense".

    • If it’s in the Enquirer there’s a better chance it’s true than reading it in the NY Times.

    • CJ

      Inquirer is not rag paper. They are usually right on. NY Times will always protect the Clinton’s.

    • G L

      I learned about Retin A 30 years ago in the Enquirer YEARS before it started being used
      It’s probably true

    • wolfen244

      when I read it in the N.E. a few minutes ago I not only knew it was true but I also cheered out loud!!! I can’t be happier.