Hipster Anne Hathaway On Poop Patrol In Brooklyn

Posted on January 9th, 2013 at 11:21 am

This is why we love Academy Award-nominated actress, Anne Hathaway: not only does she walk around the streets of New York looking like some hipster hobo, but she even picks up her dog poop.

Add this with the fact that she chills in Brooklyn rather than that pretentious place across the bridge and it's no wonder she's one of America's sweethearts.

Anne and her husband Adam Schulman were photographed walking their dog on Wednesday morning in BK. And while Anne wasn't busy picking up Esmeralda fecal matter, or chatting with her hubby, she was reading a book titled, "Dinner With Lenny."

That's your cue to go to Amazon.com, order the book and make Anne look like some sort of prophet ... so get to it. We don't judge.

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    1. Lil Stevie Baumer says:

      I have to assume this entire article is some snark written ironically by a hipster in the most pretentious of boroughs, (hint they now have a public urinal/ basketball stadium)

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