Exclusive: Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Baby’s Picture Could Fetch Over $1 Million

Posted on January 2nd, 2013 at 9:36 am

The first pictures of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby could fetch the couple over a million dollars several industry insiders tell RumorFix.

"Shiloh Nouvel, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s first biological child, fetched $4.1 million dollars from People and I think about $500,000 for Jessica Simpson's baby ... so maybe $800,000 to over a million for Kimye's kid. That's probably where negotiations will start," a journalist at a prominent celebrity magazine tells us, requesting to remain anonymous because of possible negotiations with the Kardashian clan.

Another source adds, "A People set up may be worth a million dollars easy."

And while Kanye and Kim could make a killing by going to a magazine with their baby pictures first, some lucky paparazzo might also be able to land themselves an early retirement if they get the highly coveted first picture.

One photo agency expert tells RumorFix a photog could bank $100,000 in a second off Kimye's baby. And a Pacific Coast News photo editor seconds that notion, but says it's unlikely, "Knowing those two, they probably will not leave the house. They'll for sure do studio shots of the baby."

Still, another magazine industry insider tells RumorFix $1 million "is like nothing to Kanye and Kim." And adds that Kanye might not sell the pics because he'll want to keep his child's life private in the same way his friends Jay-Z and Beyonce have managed to do with their daughter, Blue Ivy.

    • Disconnect

      There’s gonna be a clash between these two! Momma Kris already has big plans for the baby. $$$$$$$

      • RationalBlue

        Yeah, Kim and Kanye are both control freaks. They will definitely butt heads over raising the baby. I agree. Sit back and watch the show………..

        • Anonymous

          Rational, I think Disconnect was stating the clash will be between Kris and Kanye, not Kim and Kanye. Kim and Kanye actually seem to get along on most issues very well.

      • I see Kim & Kanye not together in 5 years. WHY? because Kris Jenner can not stay out of Kim’s business! Kanye is a control freak! Kim is a “yes” person. This is going to be one war! Just sit back! and I’ll pop the popcorn!

    • Anonymous

      If you can get the money, why not? You people that judge Kim and Kanye would do the same thing. It’s the way our society is. You might as well take advantage, get a wad of cash for it.

      • RationalBlue

        Matt, you are an idiot. “You people” is you as well. The fact is you, Matt, DON’T know what anyone would do with millions so STFU! Close minded people “like you” are a BIG epidemic in this world and “you people” ALL need to be neutered.

        • Anonymous

          I’m an idiot? LOL. I’m not the one telling someone to STFU. Are you ten? I understand human nature pretty well, obviously better than you. For any one person who gets millions and does good with it, there are a minimum of 10 who will keep it and spend it as they wish. For starters, I don’t see a problem with that. Second, I don’t know why people make a fuss over it, why is it your concern anyway? In a Capitalist society, the rich have earned it, they should do with it as they please. I’m no socialist, I despise Socialism and Communism with a passion. If we live in a society where an extremely hot woman can produce a sextape that people actually want to watch, and get paid big bucks for it, so be it. What’s the complaint? Kim has earned what’s she’s made, and should have a right to do with it as she pleases. For you people to even care what she does with it shows that you people are a bunch of losers.

    • hey matthew, i would take the cash because I am not filthy rich but I can tell you that even with a million dollars I would without any doubt do what I can for less fortunate as I do now with the funds that I do have available. If they get any money for that kid it should go to charity, every cent. They don’t need the money and if they are going to pimp their kid out at birth for millions than pay it forward. Not a concept that the Kardashians are familiar with. Since she is still married to Kris Humphries I believe his name goes on the birth certificate as well.

      • Anonymous

        So the woman has no choice in what name the kid gets? Didn’t know that. Since it’s Kim who is delivering, she should get the choice. Does that mean the same with Kris and Myla, is that baby going to be a Kardashian?
        Gwen, you can talk all you want now about what you’ll do if you had money, but if it came, you’d likely change your mind. It’s like politicians making promises before they get elected, yet not delivering when they get in. If you’ve never had $1 million, you can hardly talk about what you’d do if you got it. Money changes people. I’m not talking about a small minority, but most people. I’ll ask you, what business is it of yours what Kim does with her money? Why do you concern yourself with that? We both know, if she does give it away, you’ll find a way to discredit her anyway, like your kind always does. You won’t give her any credit, you never do. Kim’s in a no-win situation, as she usually is. If she keeps it all, she’s “selfish”. If she gives it all away, the haters will just claim she does it for “PR”, as you always do.

        • well just for the sake of it why doesn’t she give some away and maybe i will find a way to discredit her or maybe I will have the same attitude towards her that I do for any celebs or wealthy people who go out of their way to give back. The Kardashian’s are takers..lets not forget she did steal how much from Brandy and R Jay’s mom before getting caught. She is a leopard who won’t change her spots. Once a ho always a ho, once a taker always a taker..

          • Anonymous

            Gwen, Kim’s given a ton to charity. If you don’t give her credit for what’s she done, you won’t give her any in the future. You’ll discredit her, as you always do. She stole from Brandy and Ray J.’s mom? Where did you hear this from, the National Enquirer? To this day, Brandy has defended her, if that tells you something.

            • showing her butt to paps is not considered donating a ton to charity.

            • Anonymous

              Do me a favor, Gwen. Research her work with the Dream Foundation. She’s done plenty for them over the years, they’ve praised her for it plenty of times.

            • so when u say she did “work” does that mean she made an appearance and stayed at expensive hotels and then enjoyed an overpriced dinner so others could donate. No, I want to see checks to people with Kim Kardashian’s name on it actually giving. I mean actually separating herself from some money for those who could use it. Not sit at a night club or an event with the idea that her presence will raise funds. Need I remind you that instead of giving Kris H is share of wedding presents etc., she wrote a cheque to I guess the dream foundation with the idea that is going to make up for all the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of items she didn’t want to give back. Is that the donation your talking about. People actually wanted their gifts back and they were not given a say about what charity they would have preferred since KK was not about to part with a thing.

            • Anonymous

              Gwen, do you even know what the Dream Foundation is? Based on what you said, I doubt it. I would suggest looking it up. It is sort of the equivalent of the adult’s version of Make-A-Wish. Money is part of it, and certainly helps, but a part of working with them is helping adults out who are dying. Usually, they have under a year left in life, cancer patients, that type of thing. The organization has praised her numerous times, not just the money, but the work she has done. I would suggest you look them up before opening your mouth.

              As far as the donations, I believe it went like this: Kim and Kris got $100,000 worth of gifts for their wedding. Between them, they gave twice that to the Dream Foundation, a total of $200,000. It’s funny that you ridicule Kim but not Kris when both had a part. In other words, you’re crying that she gave money to charity, instead of giving them the gifts back? LOL. That’s a good one, Gwen. To give to charity is to give to charity. Kim didn’t have to give any of it back, but she did. It just shows the agenda you people have: no matter what Kim does, you’ll find a way to ridicule her regardless.

            • tell u what Matt, since Kim is so generous there is a guy who she is requesting donations for a transplant. A transplant she could easily pay for. When she stops praying for these ppl and starts paying for their treatment I am sure I and others will see her for more than the vapid air head and highest pd hooker the u.s. has ever seen..k

            • She is all about SELF! That has been her goal from day one. She knows the fake wedding ruined her little empire. The show is losing it’s ratings and her Q score is nadda now! So what does the little gold digger do? Starts dating Kanye West! Then to insure her lifestyle because she is ruined. She gets pregnant. Remember the injections on KUWTK? Well those very injections made her fertile myrtle. And people are acting ‘AS IF’ they’re surprised she got pregnant. This was no accident. Only half the world is stupid. The other half knows what time it is. Matthew is a jerk-off!

            • Anonymous

              First off, Kim’s wanted a family for a long time. If you were to take two seconds out of your pathetic boycotts and actually try to do research, you’d know this. She has talked about this for a while, it didn’t surprise me in the least.
              Also, you say the show is losing ratings? What numbers are you going by? From what I’ve seen, the ratings for this recent year were higher than the ones for the previous season. You idiots keep making these claims with absolutely nothing to back it up. Her Empire is going down? Not really. When it comes to the haters, people will usually say anything to make it look like the celebrity they hate is losing popularity, like their “15 minutes” is up. A year ago, someone said this about Nicki Minaj, yet here she still is, putting out hits. Likewise, Kim’s going to be around for a long time to come. Her popularity isn’t fading, her Twitter account just hit 17,000,000, steadily increasing and putting her as one of the most popular of all celebrities. Any of you ever had 17,000,000 followers in anything? I doubt it. To think of how much 17,000,000 is, just take your friends, and multiply them by 17,000,000.

            • i don’t keep track of her followers but I do think that those numbers have dropped. Whether you like it or not she willl be irrelevant at some point and that is inevitable. Personally I don’t care how much money she has other than the fact that she has done nothing to pay it forward. Her downfall, the thing that will destroy her is time itself. If the paps were honest with Kim there is no way they would be telling her she has a banging body. She is a short, chubby woman with her cartoonish butt and breasts. Her face is looking overdone and with the pressure of her teen sisters up and coming this woman will go to greater lengths to try to stay relevent. Hey I hear Lamar is finally getting sick of being a Kardashian puppet and is stepping out on Khloe…

            • Anonymous

              Gwen, unlike you, I follow Kim on Twitter, look at the numbers once in a while. Trust me, they aren’t dropping, they’ve been increasing for some time now, just recently passed 17,000,000. As usual, you clearly know nothing of what you’re talking about. Along with her show’s ratings still doing well, those are the two benchmarks I use to figure if her “15 minutes” are up, and I would say a definite no on both accounts.

              Kim is fat? I cannot believe you can make a comment that stupid. Seriously? To say she’s short, I can understand, about 5 foot 3, but because a woman has a large chest and a large booty does not make her fat. Kim’s weight is probably in reality ideal, not too skinny, not too fat. She could be a stick-figure like so many out there, she should be admired because she isn’t.

              You claim Lamar is getting sick of Khloe? Is this another tabloid story? Haven’t they been preaching this for the last year? Drama, drama, anything to create drama. That’s the tabloids in a nutshell. Hopefully the day will come when people stop believing in this nonsense.

            • no she is fat. she did not factor in ageing when she pumped up her butt and it is now looking large and laughable.

            • as for Kris, just for the shear torture he went thru getting sucked into the Kardashian crap do I think this man deserves every cent he can get. For god’s sake that idiot Kim made no plans to have his parents picked up to attend that ridiculous ceremony and that was no mistake it was a statement.

            • Anonymous

              Poor, poor Kris. Tell me, did you know who he was before he met Kim? I doubt it, I follow the NBA and still didn’t know him. Far from being a victim, his career actually went places with Kim. If Kim never came along, you’d be saying, Kris who? Look at him and his morals: first, he didn’t get along at all with Kim’s family, disrespected them many times, then you wonder why the divorce. A disrespect towards Kourtney and Khloe is like disrespecting Kim herself. Look at what he’s done since: people bash Kim for going with Kanye in March/April, about 5-6 months after the separation, yet Kris was with Myla in January, and people say nothing. Wasn’t he supposedly heartbroken? Yeah right, that’s the lie he espouses. He moved on quicker than Kim. His relationship with Myla is on again/off again, he seems to have problems with keeping a girlfriend. Now, I hear he’s hitting on some DJ, while still with Myla. Hopefully Myla dumps him, throwing him to the curb, she deserves better. Kris sleeps around more than Kim, yet people say almost nothing about it. The double-standard is obvious. This man doesn’t deserve sympathy, he’s trash by every standard.

            • hey if kim didn’t spread her butt wide open for ray j or let herself get a golden shower we would all still be wondering who that woman is that is trying to ride Paris Hilton’s coat tail.

            • Anonymous


            • Anonymous

              Totally agree. That shocked me, I could not believe they had all the wedding planners in place and “forgot” to organise a car for Kris’ parents” definitely a statemen

            • onemore thing in response to the gifts..she had every responsibility to give every gift back as the wedding was a farce. Those gifts were given under the guise that ppl believed this tramp was once again in love and getting married. It was for her television show just like the episode where she pretended to find a stray dog only to learn it had to be put down. How sad for Kim but lucky for the dog as it was a prop that belonged to the producer of the show and they used it as part of a touching storyline.

            • Anonymous

              Gwen, they are gifts. There is absolutely no requirement to ever give them back. Besides, are you telling me they’d want the gifts back? LOL. From what I’ve read, the gifts were unusual items that the givers wouldn’t want back anyway. If I were in that position and was friends with Kim and gave her a wedding gift, I would not expect it back, and I would thank her for donating $200,000 to the Dream Foundation. No matter what anyone wants to say, that’s a nice gesture.
              Regarding your story about the dog, do you have any proof? So, you know what goes on behind the scenes of her show? This is what I hate about you people: you make up the most laughable stories, pass them along as “truth”, and expect others to fall for it too. It’s like with season one, one of my favorite moments was when they helped the homeless man Shorty get back on his feet. That’s a much better gesture than just handing him cash, and watching him buy alcohol. A homeless man who was down, whom Kourtney and Khloe helped get back on his feet. Yet I’ve heard a few of you claim it was “scripted”, that it was all for show. The proof, of course, is nil. We both know you have none. You’ll say whatever you can to tear Kim and company apart.

            • Apparently, you know nothing of what gift giving means. Kim ruined her own reputation. If you believe you are doing her a favor wasting your time attacking other posters you are wrong. The Kardashian’s were boycotted when the FAKE <–read those words FAKE marriage transpired. She is upheld by losers who feel her toxic way is the way of the new world. Insanity. She's pregnant with one man's child and married to another. Shameless! You have an excuse for everything Kardashian. I beg you to come to our Facebook forum. We will tear you to shred's. BOYCOTT the KARDASHIAN'S!

            • Anonymous

              It looks like I have another moron to argue with. I’ll bet you’re one to defend Kris Humphries. Kris screwed around with Myla, now I hear he’s hitting on someone else. At the same time, Kim has been with one man, Kanye. Do you see the difference? It’s funny that you haters always attack Kim for sleeping around, yet don’t go after someone who’s much worse, and in fact defend him. LOL. Does the term double-standard ring a bell?
              Gwen has been attacking me as much as I’ve been attacking her. Another double-standard. When a hater takes personal shots against Kim and her fans, that’s OK, isn’t it? You are among the biggest hypocrites of all.
              You talk about tearing me to shreds. Do you think I’m scared of your kind? LOL. Threats and intimidation don’t bother me, I laugh at them. How are your boycotts going? I’m sure the people at E! are going to listen to you idiots. Yeah right. I remember, after her separation with Kris, one of her former “friends” stabbed her in the back, claimed her marriage was a “sham”. When Kim threatened to sue, he took back his claim, admitting he had no proof. What a loser! He was the one who got the boycotts going. What have they gotten, 100,000 signatures? That’s nothing, considering how hated she supposedly is. Obviously most people aren’t bothered by her show enough to care. Your boycotts are a waste of your pathetic life, they aren’t going to put a dent in Kim’s fame or popularity.

            • Kim was so upset to see one of her ex’s A rod maybe, not sure who when she was out with Kanye because he was with his pregnant gf. If Kim didn’t cheat on Kris H it is only because the men she wanted no longer wanted her. She ditched Kris, stole his share of the profits from that fake wedding and publicly humiliated him. I remember the announcement about how she battled with the idea of divorce yet two days before the announcement her twitter site boasted of how life was great and she had the best sleep ever. That doesn’t sound like a woman who struggled and to use her dead dad as her final inspiration that she was making the right decsion was pathetic and obvious. From what I had witnessed of Robert Kardashian I can only imagine what this man really must be thinking from beyond the grave.

            • see what you’re doing? You can’t make it in the real world with your narcissism. You’d be in a garbage compactor in 2.2 seconds saying that to a persons FACE! Get Real

            • Actually, that is FACT! National Enquirer also reported Kim was pregnant and just 1 day later it was announced. I think Matthew is Kris Jenner. It also busted many others. How dare you talk down to anyone who voices an opinion. Seek Help! for that narcissism! Kim is a FRAUD! America knows it. You seem to be the only one drinking the kardashian kool-aide. What flavor is it? LMAO gwen007 has the right of Free Speech. How dare you talk down to her or anyone who poses an opinion different than yours. You need a LIFE! And not a life on the Internet trying to put out fires the Kardashian Klan started. Charities? WTF ever! You speak nonsense.

            • Anonymous

              So you listen to the National Enquirer? LOL. That’s a good one. Hey, when you get it wrong 30 times, you can always try the 31st, surely eventually it’s going to be correct. It’s people like you that keep those trash magazines in business, so they can continue spewing lies that you’ll likely believe.

              It’s funny that you’d talk about freedom. First off, Gwen takes personal shots against me quite frequently. Secondly, you’re doing the exact same thing, bashing anyone who defends Kim. Third, your pathetic attempts at boycotting the show shows how little you care about freedom. How would you like it if someone started boycotting a show, demanding it go off the air, a show you happened to watch? I don’t think you’d be happy. Why does it bother you that other people watch what you don’t like? There are plenty of shows I hate, I watch only a little TV, but would never, ever think of getting it off the air. If someone wants to watch Maury Povich, a show that splits families apart, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. People will watch what they want to, it’s none of your concern what other people do with their life.

        • RationalBlue

          Hey Matt, guess what? Your little buddy Kimmy PUT HERSELF in situations that have discredited her. Not me, not you, and not Gwen. She brings it on herself because her MONEY will always save her ginormous butt. There are plenty of famous people but the reason so many hate the Trashians is because they show absolutely NO HUMILITY and behave like entitled brats. She puts herself out there every day by posting pics of herself. She is the MOST CONCEITED person and doesn’t deserve any fame at all. She’s a selfish PIG who is STILL profiting along with her entire family, from taking it in the butt and putting it on the internet. You Matt are one delusional dude and “your kind” are laughable yet ignorant. Good luck with that brain of yours.

          • Anonymous

            Brats? Sorry, don’t see it. The reason people hate them is because they are brainwashed, that is pretty much it. The press can get you to hate anyone, all they have to do is start smearing a certain person, and the lemmings fall for it. If they wanted, they can get you to hate Mother Teresa or Ghandi.

            You are clearly the usual prude. She posts pics of herself on Twitter? OMG! The world is truly going to end. I’ve seen plenty of other celebs do the same. There’s a few hip-hop models who wear as little as Kim does, and post often, but you prudes seem to not have a problem with them. Seriously, with people hating any celeb because of that reason shows how sad our society really is. Christianity still reigns supreme. The day people accept human sexuality, and stop hating the human body will be a day of progress. Until then, our society is in trouble, big time.

            • the press would have to pull out a tape of mother theresa doing ghandi before I would even consider doubting the love that these two people have had for the world. The Kardashians are one of the largest contributors to the paps and car chases in California because they cannot and i repeat cannot bare not being in the spotlight. Again, it is not about the money with them. Bruce is loaded so that was never an issue. Take away their fame and you will have Kardashians dead at their own hands because I dont think they could live a minute without the spotlight. Hollywood does not like these ppl and dont kid yourself, just because most of them show common courtesy it doesn’t mean they want a ho at their dinner table. If she manages to get around a lister by means of that up and coming loser Kanye so be it. She won’t be there because everyone needs a Kardashian around.

            • Anonymous

              For the record, Gwen, there have been millions of dollars of unaccounted money that was sent to Theresa as donations, that no one knows what happened to it. The claim that Theresa and Ghandi are these great human beings is more a media myth than truth. People will believe anything the media tells them.
              A celebrity who likes the spotlight? Who knew? Gwen, you single out Kim, when in fact many celebrities are the same way. What makes her worse? Because she posts pics of herself on Twitter? Again, plenty do that, it only seems like a few get the negative attention for it. Until she was 27, Kim wasn’t even in the spotlight, so your claim that she needs it is bogus. When their fame does come to an end, likely many years from now, they’ll go back to running their businesses, doing what they did before the fame, just with a bit less money and more privacy.

            • helllooo…I don’t like this woman. She is over exposed in every sense of the word. SHe is a liar, user and a theif. Her moment of joy and happiness will end with her own selfishness that a narcissist like Kanye will not even be able to stand so what is it that you don’t get. This woman is what is wrong with our society and they won’t go away and since their mugs are everywhere and I have always enjoyed reading the rags I find it irritating that this nobody manages to be everywhere. When she and her no good family pay it forward, help others without the expectation of publicity or the expectation that an appearance is enough then perhaps only then will I think she has a slight redeeming quality. You right kim wasn’t in the spotlight but I do remember her following behind paris hilton waiting for her moment and she came on scene with a bang. I stand by my words, she needs the fame. I believe that without it she would go to the nth degree to get it and if the paps stopped following her she would most likely wither and die. She is addicted to it and her mom is working overtime shoving her nothingness in the faces of the world. Not to help but to be seen. I feel sorry for you as you must be a vapid and empty as a kardashian to find these ppl as your project to promote. How sad are you that you think that you can act like you have researched mother theresa, ghandi etc. and even use those names in the same conversation as a woman who was at one time a no name hooker.

            • Mother Teresa or Ghandi. surely you have lost your MIND! You need to sign yourself back into the nutt house you escaped from and give the cell you’re typing these outlandish messages on BACK to it’s original owner. You are INSANE in the membrane! media had nothing to do with Kim’s decline. She’s is solely responsible for it herself. Fake wedding- Fake marriage! Oh but she learned didn’t she. Get pregnant with a Rapper’s baby and she’s set for 18 years! 18 years! Listen to the song Gold Digger..Kanye knows them well! He’s with one.

            • Anonymous

              I’m not the one wasting my life whining about a celebrity. Talk about someone who needs help. My comparison with Theresa and Ghandi was simple: if the media wanted to, they can make you hate them too. All it takes is the usual smear campaign, and voila, they are hated. The media controls people’s minds, few realize how much they are being brainwashed. Look at Iran, they talk and talk about that country being a “threat”, and people buy it, despite the fact that Iran has had one whopping war since 1980, a war that likely wasn’t even started by them. That’s how easy it is for the press to brainwash people. Here we are in America, warring with every country who we deem a “threat”, yet we are claiming Iran is a threat to the world? B-R-A-I-N-W-A-S-H-E-D!!! The Kim haters are the same way, you buy anything and everything about Kim, as long as it makes her look bad. Look at Gwen and her 1,000,000 conspiracy theories. Look at you with your “fake wedding” claims. Unfortunately for you, you have no real influence, unlike the press. You try and try, but you still can’t influence more than 100,000 to buy into your idea of boycotting everything Kardashian. Just like your life, it will fail.

            • i don’t have conspiracy theories….everything about the Kardashians is public knowledge. If your talking about the idea that they steal designers ideas tell me what fashion school did these women go too and why if Kim is such a fashion icon did she let a homely looking bf/fiancee/baby’s daddy get rid of all her clothes. Kim makes herself look bad and treats her fans like idiots. Do you really think that by taking an x ray of her butt that we are all going to believe that that thing is natural when everyone knows that if you implant your own fat that it will not show up on an x ray? Do you think that Kris J humiliating that huge daughter by taking a dna test wasn’t for some kind of ratings? For what end would that have accomplished anything by even bringing it up. My god, what mother would do the things she has done to her daughters so that she could be a celebrity. Kris Jenner is a full blown sociopath which means she has no concept or care that she is doing harm to her own children. The first one to kill himself will be Rob.

            • Anonymous

              Gwen, I would suggest looking up the term conspiracy theory. It simply means a claim that has never been proven. How many of your claims on Kim have been proven? I would imagine a minimum of 90% of what you’ve said has never been proven. For instance, your claim that the dog on her show was a pet of one of the producer’s. I’ve asked for proof of this numerous times, you haven’t given me anything. Which tabloid preached this garbage anyway?

            • Anonymous

              Lest we forget the episode with the therapist. When Rob broke down and left the room, there was not a single maternal twitch in Kris Jenner’s body. She just sat there with her stupid tranny look, never went to console her son and you know why? Because he is not a money spinner for her, that’s why. She would have to be the most evil mother. I cannot stand her, I have always believed that your face reflects you true personality – she has a hard, ugly, mean, bitchy face. There is no softness there.

    • RationalBlue

      If she hasn’t already, Kim’s gonna have to buy 2 seats on a plane for her massive butt.

    • Already saw this coming, you know Kris Jenner will be like CHEQUE PLEASE, I need my 15% percent!!!! gossipwelove-com lol

      • Anonymous

        Get it right, it’s 10%.

        • poor matthew how sad. I should tell you that it is highly unlikely that the Kardashians are reading this site and will never know just how you are fighting the good fight for them. (unless they highered you and others to try to build them up but since its just u I doubt it) you are clearly obsessed, totally uninformed and just because I am a nice person I hope that they someday appreciate a nobody on a site like this trying to build these people into more than what they are which is nothing more than the wealthiest family of prostitutes ever..

          • Anonymous

            Gwen, if I’m obsessed, what are you? You post negative comments regarding Kim quite frequently. It’s much more natural for a fan to post in favor of a celeb they like than one who hates that same celeb. We both know, Kim’s done nothing to you. She’s a harmless celebrity. If her fame were to end tomorrow, life would go on, our society would still be messed up. Things won’t change, you’ll just find the next reality star to hate.

            • matt, sad to say but you are coming across as a little bit more than a fan. My distain for this family is based on their narcissistic selfish behavior. The fact that their reality show is in fact scripted and that they steal design ideas from young people who hope that the Kardashians will put their designs up in one of those dash stores but get “rejected” so that the Kardashians can those designs tweaked enough to call them their own and sell them thus screwing the young trusting designer out of a commision. My disdain also stems from the fact that Kim and the two sisters who are only coat tail riders do nothing for society, call paps to cause chaos so that they can stay in the lime light. They do nothing for the human race and sadly ppl like you seem to enjoy watching their excess and selfish nature as they rip each other apart for the camera and the pretend that they are closer than close. I don’t know any family who would enjoy being stopped and mobbed by reporters only to be asked about one sibling. I also find it dispicable that they will do anything to ensure publicity including releasing video of their daughter even though it shows her getting peed on. I guess what I am saying is they have no lows and they don’t pay it forward but hey, keep watching them because like I said, they would step over your cold dead body to pick up a dollar.

            • also i need to respond to the idea that someone like Kim and her family are harmless. Just how she came to be a celebrity shows the moral decline of our society. Do you read her website where lonely tweens and teens beg her to respond to them and are willing to do anything to be like them. Would you want your daughter behaving like a Kardashian or would you rather your daughter was educated, respected and caring enough to really help her fellow man. Your idea of harmless is frightening. When a family that has no care for anything but their next magazine cover, their next red carpet appearance or the signing of a contract to pimp out the latest baby and don’t do anything more than send prayers to those who are really suffering concerns me. Trust me Robert Kardashian would never have allowed this behavior and I believe he would have put Kris Jenner in her place in plenty of time to stop Kris from allowing a sex tape of his daughter to be sold. I have no doubt that an educated man expected to have educated children. His mistake was he married a woman who is nothing short of a sociopath.

          • slyfox

            SORRY, THEY DO Read the comments, trust me…….all celebrities do read the comments behind their postings…BEST BELIEVE THAT HUN.

            • well all the better for me…hey kim, your losing your looks and your butt is heading south..,

        • Kris, I mean Matthew it’s OLD. Speak via your show. Not on these boards where WE don’t care to hear your stupidity. Trying to put others down for having an opinion different than yours. Surely you jest?

    • Anonymous

      The professional nobodies are asking $1M for 3rd generation of professional nobodies?? Lol.
      The professional nobody’s claim to fame seems to be the huge caboose that is held up by a hard-working, extra-strength, extra-extra-large spandex girdle. Lol.

      Sadly, Ryan Seacrest will be shoving the 3rd generation of professional nobodies at us.

    • Anonymous

      I am curious, are you any of you haters the racist bigots? I go on a few sites related to Kim, I see that all the time, some racist jokes, talk about how “horrible” it is that a white woman would want to be with a black man. I’ve been on these sites for about six months now or so, haven’t seen this much racism in a very long time. You people should be proud. I wonder if many of you came from a Klan gathering. Maybe the day will come when people will try to get along, obviously that day is far away. You talk about trash, yet judging someone on the color of their skin is among the most trashiest things you can do. I am getting so tired of you people, I’m not sure how much longer I even want to post. It’s the same thing, over and over, like a broken record.

      • why r u trying to make this a racial issue. I guess we should target Madonna and Brad and Angelina for adopting black children. How dumb are you really. Now you have me convinced that other than being some kind of stalkerish fan you have no legit arguments so bring race in. You have lost all credibility not to mention almost all your facts have been so off, made up or just wrong.

        • Anonymous

          Gwen, I’m not the one making this a racial issue, just curious. I’m not sure if you go on any other sites, but I’ve seen racist comments quite frequently. I do wonder, if Kim only was with white men, would the hatred against her be alot less? I bet it would. It’s sad that our society is still like this, it’s like we’re living in the 50’s all over again. Lots of bigotry out there.

    • Anonymous

      Who cares? It’s a baby for goodness sake !! Unless of course it is born in a stable at midnight. Really? $1m for baby pics… What if it is a really ugly baby, would there be a discount ??