Brandi Glanville: Adrienne Maloof Is A Hypocrite!

Posted on January 30th, 2013 at 3:07 pm

The drama just never ends for the ladies of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In most recent news, Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville are going head to head in a battle over Glanville's alleged "friendship" with Maloof's ex-hubby Paul Nassif.

In an interview with Life&Style magazine, Adrienne claims that Brandi has "reached a new low by getting close to Paul [Nassif]," which Adrienne views as the "ultimate betrayal, and extremely hurtful."

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Maloof reveals, "I believe getting close to Paul is a ploy on Brandi's part to make herself more relevant. I feel the sudden friendship with him was thought out and vindictive. [Brandi] ruined my family."

These are some pretty strong allegations on Adrienne's behalf, so RumorFix reached out to the former model to see what she had to say about Adrienne's  comments.

Brandi tells RumorFix exclusively, "It's ridiculous. It's not like Paul and I are ever hanging out." Adding, "When I see him I say 'Hello how are you?'"

The mother-of-two adds, "Once when I ran into him at Polo Lounge [at the Beverly Hills Hotel] he [Paul] referred me to the surgeon who took a tumor out of my chest. He [Paul] texted me after my surgery to see if all was well. That is it. That is the extent of any friendship. And I will continue to be kind to him if I by chance run into him again."

The reality star continues, "I am not plotting nor scheming or trying to hurt Adrienne in any way. She is the one who clearly needs to attack me in order to get attention. Such a hypocrite."

    • Gretchen

      Maloof reminds me of miss piggy face in the above picture, does anyone else see Miss Piggy in her. I am so over Maloof and would like to see Bravo terminate her alone with stinky smelling splits, MoGreasio, CrayCray Kim and their friends the redneck, etc.
      I enjoy Brandi, Lisa, Yolanda, Marissa and wish the show would focus on authentic people who are beautiful inside and out instead the trash I mentioned in the previous paragraph. It’s true money just gives some people money.

    • Anonymous

      Brandi, please stop trying to create drama. You use Eddie & Leann, now The Maloofs family for your fame. Get your own life!!

      • Anonymous

        She has her own life, Leann stole her hubs and A must have told others of the big huge secret as the others already knew it.

      • Dearie, Maloof is the one posing in every tabloid talking about Brandi.

        • Anonymous

          Brandi is always talking about Eddie & Leann. She cant stop it. What he did was wrong, but thats her kids father & step-mom. Move on, get therapy.

    • Yasmine

      Brandi did have her “own” life unfortunately someone decided to “borrow” it and not give it back.

      • Anonymous

        Her “own” life was a disaster!! He was already sick of that old vagina that he was cheating on her way before Leann came along!! You can’t “borrow” anything from someone that doesn’t want to be “borrow”!! Brandi just needs to have some dignity and move on!!

        • PennyMissMoney

          Anyone referring to someone as “that old vagina” has no business telling people to have some dignity.

      • Guest

        Um if it wasn’t LeAnn, it would have been someone else. The man no longer wanted her. Period. Brandi and people like you need to get over it. This is life. Sh!t happens!

    • Paul called Brandi repeatedly, then Tweeted to her several times. He PUBLICLY apologized. Brandi did not contact Paul.

      More lies from the Hoof.

    • Guest

      Adrienne is right. Brandi is being vindictive and Paul as well. Brandi is a conniving, low class beyotch.

      • BHillsfan

        How exactly are they being vindictive? Sure – it wasn’t Brandi’s secret to share and she shouldn’t have said anything but it’s not that big of a freakin’ deal that she used a surrogate! Who cares?!? Adrienne blew this way out of proportion. And now she’s trying to put part of the blame on Brandi for her divorce? It’s not like her husband wasn’t aware that she wasn’t carrying their own children so there’s clearly more to the story with their marriage.

        • pattikerr28

          Camille’s children were carried by a surrogate – everyone knew that and it was never a big deal. She seems annoyed that one of the couple’s friends dares to talk to her ex – they all need to grow up if only for the children.

    • There is no need for a photo THIS LARGE and this CLOSE to the Hoof, yikes that frozen visage!!!

    • AD Carmen

      Adrienne and Paul filed for divorce way before the begining of this season. Neither viewers nor tabloids had a clue of what had happened between them and Brandi until mid last December when the episode where Kyle baits Brandi into oversharing aired. Adrienne and Paul’s divorce was almost final (if not final) by then and what people were talking about was Adrienne’s allegations of Child/spousal abuse against her soon to be ex husband, Paul, who’s also the father of her children. As a matter of fact, no one was really sure the surrogate story was the ‘secret’ until Adrienne just now said it was. The only one with a vindictive agenda in this whole mess has always been Adrienne.

    • Gross! Adrienne has had too much pulling and tucking. She looks like a dude.