AP.9 on Coco Scandal: “I’ll Beat Ice-T’s Old A**”

Posted on January 7th, 2013 at 11:46 am

Oakland rapper AP.9 claims that he has pictures of himself being intimate with reality TV star Coco, pictures that will "shock the world." In a radio interview, AP.9 reveals that he doesn't like the way he's been portrayed in the media since pictures emerged of he and Coco getting cozy inside a Las Vegas nightclub.

"Don't get on these [web]sites and make me look like I'm some ... superfan or some stalker," he revealed.

Coco has denied that anything happened with the rapper, saying he was just a friend she posed with in a picture while clubbing, but AP.9 argues the contrary. "A picture is worth a thousand words ... I'm going to shock the world. Just stay tuned ... it is what it is."

The rapper then went on to threaten Coco's husband, saying he'd "beat his old a**." "Ice-T don't want no problem with me. I'll beat his old a**. That n*gga don't want no problems with me because he already knows what it is."

RumorFix has reached out to Coco who tells us there are absolutely no pictures of her being inappropriate with AP.9, so we gotta ask: who do you believe?

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    1. kelly says:

      Yikes! I guess gotta go w/ the rapper. Pics already shown were inappropriate. Feel bad for Ice T

    2. AP9 better watch it. Ice T has more street cred than you ever gonna have. I would be very careful making those type of threats. Some of us know him personally. He doesn’t PLAY!

    3. BINKY04 says:

      He looks foolish Even if there no pics of her in bed the pictures that i have seen should have been enough for the pimp to lay down the law

    4. mooby says:

      gotta grab some popcorn for this one.

    5. RationalBlue says:

      Ap9 sounds like a full blown idiot who’s looking for trouble, literally! Don’t mess with the T! Ice has been around long enough that he has a ton of friends who will have his back on BOTH coasts. Ap9 is playing with fire…..and Ice.

    6. BayAreaLove says:

      Y’all kno zero about ap9 he ain’t no fake ice T rapper he’s really from Oakland where bullets fly and people die. Ap9s whole torso is scar tissue from bullets ripping through. I been following all Bay Area rappers since I was young he aint no joke, listen to his music it’s the real stuff on the streets not fake raps.

      Ice T is old and reality based.
      Ap9 is a real hood Oakland rapper who’s all about his money and playin dumb goes like coco. Ice T got played face it people. I seem all the photos she was all over Ap in MANY pics

    7. Kim Smith-jones says:

      I’ve seen the pictures of Coco on APs phone. So pics don’t lie. If you look at all the pictures of Coco and AP9 they both had on different cloths like they had been hanging out over several days. I love Ice T but, coco did cheat on him.

    8. mackadoshis says:

      AP been in the game 4 a long time, everybody talkin they dont kno who dude is and shh hes 1 of the Mob Figaz, Jacka, J. Klyde, Husalah, FedX, get up on it real hood shh no fake ass mainstream wannabes. Bay Area Stand up, Rip mac dre cougnut killa keise Staight Mob

    9. 187bitch says:

      The jacka is ashamed str8 hood? Ap bumped his head too much coke probly

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