Anderson Cooper Says Kyle Richards Stirs The Pot With Lisa Vanderpump

Posted on January 9th, 2013 at 12:57 pm

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star co-hosted Anderson Live on Wednesday and found a surprising ally in Anderson Cooper, RumorFix is reporting.

The star to two reality shows (RHOB & Vanderpump Rules) is being raked over the coals for her turbulent relationship with Kyle Richards.

But, Anderson, who's co-host two weeks ago was Kyle, told Lisa that he thinks it's Kyle who "stirs the pot" on the show.

It's amusing how this war correspondent is so enthralled by the lives of the Beverly Hills socialites.

RumorFix spoke exclusively to Lisa who says, "There's still a friendship there, but it's been an arduous journey." She tells us that viewers will see several heart-to-hearts between the women on the show this season. "You'll see us both be totally honest," she adds.

And to prove they are still friends, Lisa makes sure to plug Kyle's latest project: "I support her I’m excited to see her on Fox's Stars In Danger tonight."

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  • 8 Responses

    1. The idiom is “raked over the coals” not “racked over the coals” sheeesh…journalism…

    2. jillian says:

      Kyle is a real pig of beverly hilll. She should take a look at her shallow self.

    3. Emmett says:

      im sorry who is raking her over the coals? Everyone is on Team Lisa and thinks she should ditch Kyle ASAP!

    4. human being says:

      o g all these women are white trash, u can wear Chanel but that don’t give them class, Lisa is now starting a show about ppl sleeping with each other, that’s gross and slummy.

      • Lisa says:

        I am not a fan of Kyle Richards. I really do not know who she is?????????
        She is always stirring the pot and truth be told; she needs to work on herself. I do not mean physically. Her integrity could use some buffing. She seems to be happiest, when someone is having heart ache. That is really sad. I am tired of looking at her smirky face and fake personality. “What is fake and what is real”; isn’t that her verbal play off of the ladies??
        Maybe a hard look in the mirror, might work?????

        • amanda lukacs says:

          kyler richards is a has been child actor who thinks she was better that she actually was. and her sister is also a has been who did a few movies and is now a drug addict and alcoholic who is never allowed to stand on her own two feet and will continue to have problems because her family continuely bails her out

    5. deborah jean says:

      Wow that is an ugly dress Kyle and looks 2 sizes too small.

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