What Did Brandi Glanville Say To Adrienne Maloof?

Posted on December 11th, 2012 at 11:11 am

What did Brandi Glanville say during Monday night's episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

PICTURES: Brandi At Villa Blanca

All the ladies think she has gone way too far with her obviously defamatory comments about Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif. And fans are furious wondering why Bravo bleeped out the comments and keeping this a major secret from all of us? How dare you Andy Cohen!

Well we at RumorFix now know the truth about why it's a big secret.

Brandi exclusively tells RumorFix "I can't [talk about it]! Her [Adrienne's] lawyers made Bravo take it out and me not talk about it."

But we do get a little insight into Brandi's head after reading her blog.

She writes, "I know, It's shocking right? My mouth gets me into a lot of trouble but this time I pissed off the wrong rich person." She goes on to say, "We all make mistakes, and if I could take this back I would trust me! I can't, so now I just have to deal. Boy is it going to be expensive!"

"My frustrations with Adrienne since last season's reunion have been boiling for some time, and I finally reached my breaking point. I understand why Paul was upset with me and he was just defending his wife's honor. But I don't even think Paul was aware [at the time] of how underhanded she could be."

UPDATE: Wednesday 5 p.m. PT: Adrienne breaks her silence telling People, "She seems to be addicted to attention and keeping herself relevant, and I think that’s her goal. Her antics have crossed the line for me."

Adrienne hinted that the comments may have been about her children, "I keep my children out of the limelight and I don’t speak about my children. It's something you don’t even want to address. They deserve to have their privacy, and I am giving my children their privacy. As a mother, I do what I can to protect my children and my family."

Reporting by Erika Pressman

  • 92 Responses

    1. Jillian says:

      Maloof is poop in my book and I can’t stand her and would like to see her terminated from the show.   She was okay the first season but the more I see of her the nastier and mean spirited she gets, what a rich  B***CH.   Bravo needs to terminate Maloof the pigs contract.

    2. Jeanined99 says:

      Maloof is uppity and spoiled and BORING. Brandi is the Truth Cannon…she is a breath of fresh air.

    3. Jillian says:

      Almost forgot Andy of Bravo needs to terminate Kim from the show, she seems looney tunes to me and her sobriety is not a story line.  I believe she should take care of her own business before she seems to try to hurt other.  Kim makes me sick and I suppose I will have to begin fast forwarding anything which she is part of and the same goes for Maloof.

    4. Bettybrant22 says:

      Brandi is one of my favorites.  Leave her alone already.

    5. Ashuismylove says:

      I love how real Brandi is and how she just tells it like it is! Adrienne is a hypocrit, she was hollering that Brandi was a drug addict on her way out of Mauriciou’s event. Brandi should counter-su!! 

      • Methadras says:

        Brandi can’t counter sue, for a multitude of reasons. 1st, it’s because in her settlement, I’m sure there is a clause in there that says she can’t come back at the Maloof’s for this. 2nd, she doesn’t have the money to do it. 3rd, no lawyer thinks she has a case to go after either of them anyway. The fact of the matter is, is that it’s one thing to tell it like it is, but it’s a completely another matter to know when to keep your mouth shut. The idea that one must voice every grievance, founded or unfounded is a popular attitude to have, but in this case, as you can see it is an expensive one. Just because you believe something to be true doesn’t mean that it is and I believe Brandi stepped in it big time by airing this unsubstantiated dirty laundry out in public the way she did. The woman is low class and while I’m not a Maloof fan, I can see how they would be pissed about something like this. Brandi deserves to be sued into oblivion. Either she provides proof of her claim or she eats it and pays up for it. It’s that simple.

        • goodbyekittee says:

          Untrue. They have to prove that Brandi was lying, not the other way around. If she wasn’t, there is no suit. However, Brandi may have a case for slander against them about the whole drug comment UNLESS it can be proven that it was true. Whoever brings the case to court has the burden of proof. Considering the whole “secret” has been edited out of the show, the public doesn’t really know what it’s about and unless they do want the public to know, it would be wise for them to just fume about it in private.

    6. Spoiled1 says:

      Maloof needs to go, she has shown her true colors, anyone with that kind of money suing a single mother with 2 kids is despicable.  Nothing that comes out of her mouth is genuine.  

      • Methadras says:

        Her richness or wealth isn’t the issue. Brandi clearly said something that was unfounded and/or unsubstantiated in public within the earshot of a number of other people. You can’t say that and not have consequences.

    7. Kuflinks says:

      Brandi should be given the boot. Classless and doesn’t know how to act in public. I am sure after everyone has been told what Brandi said, your opinions about Brandi will change.

      • bigfan101 says:

        She wasn’t the one shouting, “you a piece of s~•`” at her friends husbands night. party…. was she. Who could forget what she said about Lisa on their reunion show. Maybe the doctor & his wife are getting a dose of their own medicine.

      • moonbubblestar says:

        I doubt it! She and Lisa are the only two real people on the show. The other chicks are so f**king fake and they are all skanks! Brandi says it like it is, she has no filter. You have to respect her for being real and honest. With a cast of fake bitches. There all just jealous if Brandi. Let’s be honest…

    8. Spoiled1 says:

      Oh and I also agree, Kim should go, how low is she ruining her brother in law’s party for the sake of running to the likes of Maloof?  She needs to go, she has no redeeming qualities and brings nothing to the show.  

    9. Anonymous says:

      All Brandi did was say they were going to separate! Which we will all see in a later episode! They just weren’t ready to announce on tv yet. Just like when Camille said Russell hit Taylor. That’s just my take on it! I can’t imagine what other big secret it could be! ??? Bravo also tries to make it something more than what it is.

      • joy says:

        No she said Adrienne used a surrogate. Its true so why get mad?

        • Lin01915 says:

          Yes, she said that she used a surrogate, And Brandi may be rude and inappropriate at times but she’s brutally honest,

          • Methadras says:

            You are confusing brutal honesty with being brutally rude. Do it somewhere private, not out in a public space at a party hosted by the husband of one of your cast mates.

            • Geedo says:

              Who are you referring to in this case? Sounds like you mean Kim was brutally rude

            • Geedo says:

              Who are you referring to in this case? Sounds like you mean Kim was brutally rude

            • Anonymous says:

              Oh come on. This is a reality show. Don’t want your dirty laundry aired, don’t go on the show. Maloof threatening to use her deep pockets to bankrupt others who have the temerity to tell the truth is despicable. It is not slander or libel in the USA if it is true.

        • siriusthecat says:

          Because she told a dramatic story about delivering her own son. The liar has never given birth. That’s why its a big deal. She may even have been one of the ones saying Camille used a surrogate for vanity reasons in the first season. I’m not sure, but I know Brandi only said something because of Adrienne’s fake labor story. I would have spoken up during the story, not behind her back. That’s the only thing Brandi did wrong. Kim on the other hand, is the worst sister ever for stirring up trouble at Mauricio’s business event. You’d assume Paul and Adrienne would have more class than that. How can you sue for not keeping a secret? Unless Brandi was the surrogate or worked in the clinic, where’s the case? Especially, since Paul seemed to get the housewives in the divorce.

          • Bud says:

            Kim is the pot stirrer on this one. When Brandi told Kim, Kim should have kept it to herself unless she was positive it was a fact. Since it was clearly gossip at the time, Kim just gossiped and stirred the pot when she mention it to Adrienne. Brandi was totally stupid for saying it in the first place but Kim is complicit! And Kyle should have reamed Kimmy for blabbing to Andrienne at her hubby’s event/party

        • Waheenee says:

          Her and Beyonce

        • Anonymous says:

          Maybe more than a surrogate. Camille used a surrogate to carry her egg fertilized by Kelsey’s sperm. Perhaps Adrienne isn’t the biological mother to the boys. Might explain Adrienne’s panic in declaring Paul abusive to guarantee that he couldn’t win custody if he was the only one of the two who biologically is connected to the boys.

      • Justnevermind says:

        Ehh, wrong.

      • Bud says:

        I don’t think it was Adrienne’s gender but rather I agree it’s that the Maloofs are separating and at the time didn’t want that to be made public.

    10. mandadanda02 says:

      i think its about adrianne being a dude.

    11. behindhedeen says:

      That poor singe mother needs to learn how to grow up and shut that stupid uneducated mouth of hers. She is so selfish.

    12. righton says:

      Its all good TV baby!

    13. terry says:

      Brandi takes issue with the fact that Adrienne insists she had her three boys naturally, while Brandi insists Paul and Adrienne used a surrogate.” Thats what Brandi said. So dumb to freak out over that.

      • M says:

        unless her children don’t know. That’s like telling people your child adopted but you have not told your children yet and someone blurts it out in front of your children friends.

        • siriusthecat says:

          No, it isn’t. No one gets adopted by their biological parents. It means nothing to kids. Would kids be bothered by invetro or fertility drugs? Its just a medical issue, really. Its pretty common, probably even more so in California. Its only an issue because it exposes prior lies and hypocracy.

          • Jldjld says:

            Wouldn’t you have a problem finding out that your mother isn’t the one who carried you for nine months? It is kind of a huge deal

            • siriusthecat says:

              No, I wouldn’t. My mothers pregnancy isn’t really my business. If I found out she had to go through that much effort just to have me, I would feel better, not worse. To me it shows just how wanted the kid was. Hearing I was an accident or a mistake would hurt. You do understand a surrogate generally used s mom and dads eggs and sperm, the surrogate is just hired help. I’m sure those kids have plenty of hired help around. Would you be pissed if a nanny cared for you as a baby? Its not much different. I bet a nanny replaced the surrogate or a baby nurse. Adrienne has probably never touched a diaper in her life.

            • lily says:

              She was much too old when she had her kids to use her own eggs. Unless she had previously frozen embryos, they are not her bio kids. Doctors won’t touch your eggs after you’re 43/44 at LATEST (they don’t want to screw up their own clinic’s stats) and she is 51 with 6 yr old twins. MANY people in the infertility world lie about the situation surrounding their child’s conception, even to the children themselves.

              That said, I’m not convinced this is what the accusation was.

            • siriusthecat says:

              I’m sure she had her eggs frozen. No way she would have a baby without Maloof blood. Her family would cut them off in a second I if she ever died. A fertility clinic implanted octomom so I’m sure she could arrange it even without frozen eggs. A 60 something year old was a surrogate for her own daughter years after menopause a couple years ago, the new technology and drugs are so advanced. Her husband is a Beverly hills doctor, they have connections. Woman have babies well into their 40’s now all of the time. 40 stopped being fatal in the nineties, lol.

            • lonelycaye says:

              Only women with a butt load of money have children at that age, it’s far, far to expensive for a woman of modest means. But look at all the celebs that are having babies in their 40’s and how often these 40 somethings are producing twins and it’s obvious they did not conceive naturally.

            • siriusthecat says:

              Actually, woman in their forties are more likely to have twins. Its just ignorance to assume fertility drugs are the cause. Woman who take care of themselves can have babies well into their 40’s.

            • Bud says:

              Are you kidding, a mother is someone who loves and nurtures a child whether they are their biological or adopted child. It doesn’t matter if you gave birth personally, through a surrogate, picked them up at the adoption agency, or the cabbage patch. You are still their mother if you raise, love, and nurture them. If you love your mother, but are upset to find out she did not squeeze you out, you have a serious problem that may require some counseling.

            • Anonymous says:

              Only if the surrogate also provided the egg.

    14. K says:

      Brandi says it best in her intro….” money doesn’t give you class…. It just gives you money…”

    15. DIANA says:


      • siriusthecat says:

        Ask the Kings how rich or ladylike she is? I’d say ask the Palms but they sold most of it off to cover bad debt. The Maloofs are now hood rich. Lots of fancy toys and flashy jewelry but no income to back it up. The only asset left is a team they can’t properly finance. I wonder how many families depend on working for the Kings? Not players, either. I mean the hardworking “little people” behind the scenes. When will they sell the team to someone that can afford it s before its too late? That’s really classy. I doubt Brandi would do that. I dont care for Brandi, but she’s better than that.

    16. Gene123 says:

      Adrienne had her twins by surrogate, she lied during the recent dinner conversation when she mentioned she deliver by c-section, BRAVO has pulled the episode—just try to find it! She can’t sue every person who knows about it!

    17. SurrogateAdrienne says:

      Adrienne Maloof is a “wonderful woman”? Please!! Just ask the City of Sacramento & all its basketball fans how wonderfully unselfish, ignorant & dismissive the entire Maloof family is. She’s a spoiled, narcissistic rich witch. Admit to the surrogacy, there’s no shame in it…unless of course you’re only using one because you don’t have the time to be bothered with actual pregnancies

    18. Coolchick says:

      Let me sign up for a reality tv show and keep my life private. It’s a damn good thing God gave Adrienne money. Brandi might be an airhead but she’s pretty. I can’t for the life of me begin to understand why everyone is mad at what she said. You should all be mad at Bravo. The network should make her wear a bikini every episode.

      • siriusthecat says:

        Is her daddy’s name God? Seriously, her family built a fortune for her and her lazy brothers to squander away. Bravo misrepresented her in season one as some type of hard working business woman. Now they are allowing her true personality to show and she is pissed off. Just like Camille in season one, she’s the villainess this season. Editing helps, but if not for her own attitude and behavior, they couldn’t use her as the villain. Camille had a tough year season one and gave them ammo to air on TV, boy did she learn her lesson. Adrienne should have paid attention.

    19. kaatttlliinn says:

      I have read other articles.. this whole drama thing is about Adrienne having a surrogate carry around her 3 boys! lets see if this is all true next time!!!:)

    20. luckylamb says:

      ADRIANNE and her husband aren’t together anymore….Her now ex was all over some single much younger females at a well known steakhouse a few months back in LA.

    21. Meri says:

      I have always liked Adrianne. She has always been classy and leel headed. However she has been difficult toward the end of last season and this season, which i think is due to going through a tough time in her marriage. People handle stress differently so we should cut her some slack. At least she isn’t fake like Camille, trying to get the viewers to like her.( we all remember the real Camille before she got her act together in front of cameras)
      Brandi is a classless high school girl who is desparate to be accepted into the clique.
      Adrianne has always had class, even when Brandi relentlessly attacks her, she still keeps her poise.
      Brandi needs to switch to Jersey Shore and Adrianne should just ignore all the trouble makers.
      Adrianne and Lisa are my favorite wives. They need to become friends again.

    22. Nena says:

      Brandi is not a truth cannon, she is just rude and nasty. She constantly cusses, flirts with her friends’ husbands, then writes a book about how Leanne stole her husband. Give me a break… She claims to be telling the truth while she just gossips and says ugly things to people just to hurt them and get in the spotlight.
      One thing about Adrianne, she is always polite and classy. She may bicker with her husband but she is not cruel to people around her.If someone told Brandi to ” shut the f up”, she would physically attack them. But she can sit there and tell people to shut the f up because they talked out of turn? Or that they said something Brandi didn’t agree with? No wonder Eddie Cibrian went to Leanne. No one can live a nasty cruel selfish woman like Brandi.
      And, what is wrong with her face? It looks different, swollen or something. Bad botox job? A mini lift? She looks weird.
      Adrianne is 51???? She looks amazing!

      • siriusthecat says:

        If Brandi were going to attack someone for running their mouth, she would have killed Kim and Taylor by now. I find her trashy but Maloof is just as trashy. No wonder Paul left her. I hope by amazing you mean shocking. My mom is 58 and looks amazing. She looks so over processed, botoxed and filled. She looks like a drag queen. If people think Paul did that to her face, he’ll go out of business. The only one on the show more haggard is Kim.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey Bernie!

    23. Trixie says:

      the secret is that Adrienne is adopted.

    24. Myriam says:

      The BIG secret that Adrienne & Paul were trying to keep on the down-low is that Adrienne used a surragate to carry all 3 of her children. Not sure why Adrienne didn’t own the fact; it’s not rocket science. With all the fertility issues women have these days, it’s almost impossible for a 46 year-old to conceive [which is the age Adrienne would have been when her first son was born.

    25. Myriam says:

      The BIG secret that Adrienne & Paul were trying to keep on the down-low is that Adrienne used a surragate to carry all 3 of her children. Not sure why Adrienne didn’t own the fact; it’s not rocket science. With all the fertility issues women have these days, it’s almost impossible for a 46 year-old to conceive [which is the age Adrienne would have been when her first son was born.

    26. InTheKnow says:

      Brandi spilled the beans about Adrienne using a surrogate for all of her kids. She didn’t want “pregnancy weight”, so she payed good $$$ for someone to carry & give birth to her own children!!!

    27. Emma says:

      Although Bravo refused to air whatever was said, what Brandi allegedly said and the story leading up to it has been leaked to the internet. While the ladies were in Ojai, the topic of giving birth to their children came up. Adrienne told the story of how she wanted to schedule a Caesarean section to ensure that Paul, who is a surgeon, could be there. The then said “I went into labor the night before.” Interestingly, Bravo made a point to use subtitles as Adrienne was telling the story, so it is clear to viewers that Adrienne said “I went into labor.” Brandi found it offensive that Adrienne would lie and hide the fact that she did not give birth to her children, that they were born via a surrogate. Therefore, at the Sur dinner, Brandi allegedly said how she was disgusted that Adrienne would lie about giving birth to her children when everyone knows they were born via surrogate.

    28. I dont think Brandi reviling Adrienne having a sergeant was right, but its not worth suing about I mean seriously If I was Adrienne I wouldn’t have gave to thoughts about it and Paul I use to love you to butt you should never get in a women face and yell like that it sent chills down my bk and Brandi last but not least I still kind of like you butt lets pull back just a little bit and stay off twitter.

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    29. Tina Nguyen says:

      Brandi is c u n t! Trouble making drama b i a tch. No wonder why her husband left her for Leann Rimes.

      • siriusthecat says:

        I hope you mean Kim right? Brandi even said she didn’t think these woman would start drama at the event by tattling to Adrienne. Her newest pal Kim nearly broke a leg racing over to do just that. Then it was Paul acting like trash screaming at a female in public. Brandi initially retaliated but quickly tried yo hush it up as it was Mauricio s big night. They didn’t care, self centered trash. If Brandi manages to outclass you, what does that make you.

    30. cotK says:

      In everyday life we common folks have back stabbers, double talkers and general tit for tat spats however we brush it off and keep it moving. Maloof choose to bully Brandi with her money. People are reckless with their words everyday however common folk can brush it off and keep it moving especially if it isn’t true.(Oh, I forgot Maloof isn’t common she is above us all) By the reaction of Maloof I think Brandi hit a live and active nerve.

    31. cotK says:

      I appreciate that we get to peek into the lives of these women and cannot know the deeper levels of their personalities however I believe they show a bit of their true selves each week. Brandie and Lisa seem to hold no punches. You never have to guess how they feel or what is on their minds. I love their honesty. There are no sideway glances and secret looks from them. Kyle is a bully and judges everyone. I guess being perfect comes natural for her. I’m sure she has some very good qualities as she seems to have a very loving and down to earth husband. I wish she would show the viewers that side. I appreciate Kim’s courage in coming clean. I pray she will continue on this path and stop letting her sister bully and dictate how she should live her life. I am seeing another side of Taylor or should I say we are seeing the true Taylor. She is in attack mode with her sites on Brandi. I guess she is no longer the victim but looking for victims. Well enough finger pointing I guess I better start doing some soul searching and clean up my own back yard.

      • Brittney Cavallari says:

        I absolutely agree 100% with everything that was said here

      • Bud says:

        Well said, I totally agree regarding Kyle! And Taylor……..completely phony! Talk about having no class, she’s in a class of her own on that…..low class. I think Brandi should learn how to filter, but I would much rather have her as a friend than Taylor “big ugly fake smile” Armstrong

    32. nickithekid says:

      She “supposedly”said Adrienne used a surrogate to have her kids .
      It wasn’t a big secret as to what was said, al you have to do is google it.

    33. Kate says:

      I think it’s even more obvious that she used a surrogate when Paul says he’s only seen Adrienne “pig out” once in their marriage and even still he couldn’t remember. What pregnant woman hasn’t over indulged our “pigged out” a few times?! Probably because she’s never been pregnant.

    34. Justathought says:

      Maybe Paul is not her baby daddy!

    35. mxmom70 says:

      They all went on a reality show, so there lives are not private anymore, not Brandi’s fault… just my opinion.

    36. Ryan says:

      It’s because Brandi knows the Kings are leaving Sacramento and becoming the Sonics. The Maloofs are broke!

    37. lydiaohlydia says:

      Brandi is a poor trash bag trying to be relevant…she is nothing more than Lisa’s show pony for entertainment

    38. Jazzyg says:

      People are saying Adrianne used a surrogate. Big F-ing deal! If that is what got bleeped whywould she hide that? Maybe she used to be a man and she’s scared people will find out

    39. Brana Sandra says:

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    40. human being says:

      brandi is very ugly on the inside and outside. I feel bad for children to have such d bas as parents. brandi destroying Adrienne’s family life is not her business to do so even if the rumor is true, it does not seem right to have her reveal it. Leeann rimes is a better person, I think brandi is fake crying to get sympathy.

    41. human being says:

      brandi is the most evil on TV right now, she destroyed Adrienne’s family. how many of u think that’s gret? wld u want some random chick telling national TV all your families secrets? this hurts her children because the secret was about them. how can she do that she is also a mom? that’s cruel! who cares if the secret is true it’s not her business to tell it to the world. now I see why Eddie Chet’s on this crazy lady.

    42. Matt Mckay says:

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    43. Thea says:

      I don’t think it has to do with just the fact she had a surrogate. I beleive they adopted eggs and the surrogate carried the embryos, which would mean the children are biologically not hers, only biologically Paul’s kids….Camille had no problem announcing she had a surrogate because she knows they are her children, just had a hestational carrier for the kids….I believe they don’t want the kids knowing they were 1/2 adopted….

    44. Anonymous says:

      No two ways about it, Brandi had no business saying what she did. She violated Adrienne and Paul’s privacy. I am astounded that no one in that group told her she was out of line. I certainly would have told her to STFU and to respect other people’s privacy. She was way out of line. She is a grown woman and should know better. No point in saying, after the fact, “I wish I could take it back”. She knows exactly what she was doing and should make a public apology to Adrienne and Paul. Brandi is a loose canon.

    45. Its about Adrienne talking about her pregnancy when her children were born via surrogates (allegedly). What’s wrong with that? Who cares? Adrienne accused Brandi of lying and said there would be a lawsuit, and in the next breath says that Brandi is on drugs… full of drugs. That sounds like a lawsuit to me! Adrienne is a hypocrite, a bore, and a hag who has had too much plastic surgery, has the worst extensions; not to mention the B.S. stories she has told about her ex-husband Paul. Adrienne has about as much class as the Palms Hotel/Casino… very little.

    46. Dreamjenn says:

      As far as I am concerned Brandi is honest, and brave to confront the likes of Adrienne and Kim. I thought her comments about Kim’s addiction were brilliant and spot on. The situation reminds me the differences between hyenas and lions, who, btw, are natural enemies. Brandi you are a lioness and need to mix with others like you. The women you are trying to be friends with are not on the same page. Your not the problem Brandi – just stop trying to be liked by people who have no concept of real friendship or equal treatment. Remember always your a lion and they are hyenas: you hunt & they scavenge. As a a side note I have never in my life heard of vanity as extreme as not carrying your own children, if it is medically possible – Disgusting. What kind of mother does that????

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