Watch LeAnn Rimes Bizarre Barefoot Performance

Posted on December 6th, 2012 at 12:52 pm

While there was a nasty feud going on between LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville, the country star had a bizarre barefoot performance  at the Civic Arts Plaza in Thousand Oaks, California Wednesday night, and RumorFix has the exclusive video.

The 30-year-old was wearing a tight black leather dress and appeared unstable in her high heels.

Later in the evening, LeAnn, who complained about her tight shoes, took off her heels and sat down on a rug on stage to finish her show. She said she felt like the stage was her "living room" -- she even laid out her musical notes in front of her as 1,800 people watched.

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LeAnn's comments were often rambling and she even made what appeared to be a reference to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star: "Anybody ever been pissed off at some point and you just couldn't get it out. And if you did, you actually might dig yourself a deeper hole, so you just let the other person dig themselves a hole?"

LeAnn, Brandi and Eddie Cibrian are feuding over whether one of Brandi and Eddie's children ate a laxative belonging to LeAnn thinking it was candy.

The show was close to home so LeAnn's mom and hubby were in the audience.

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    1. Carol Lee says:

      Bizarre was putting it kindly

    2. Brit2008 says:

      um britney spears? 

    3. jen says:

      There was nothing wrong with this. Her feet hurt so she got comfortable. Lots of other stars have done the same thing. People need to quit making something out of nothing.

      • Beazly Manchester says:

        except that she does the exact same thing at the end of every show to sing Leonard cohen’s Hallelujah.  Staged and fake just like her life.  She puts the lyrics on the floor because she cant remember them EVER. Watch every video of this song on youtube.  She says my feet hurt and then sits on the floor and sings this same song.  Her life is one big PR stunt after another….PHONY as they come.   

    4. lee says:

      i feel bad for her!! She needs intervention and no one is helping her!!! 

    5. TRUTH says:

      Her two biggest enablers – Belinda and Ed.  They both care more about her financial support rather than her mental health.  LeAnn’s kind of crazy needs to be institutionalized before she really hurts someone.  

    6. Steve says:

      There is nothing authentic about LeannRimes except the sh*t on the bottom of her feet.  This girl is ugly inside and out.  Not relevant in 2012.  

    7. Cam says:

      He he- It is amazing watching karma at work…

    8. Britney says:

      I was at that show and she was fine. Big deal out of nothing!

    9. Jay says:

      Drugs are bad LeAnn

    10. Janet357 says:

      Bizare. And she seems so cocky. 

    11. Megan says:

      In her defense, I would kick those heels off and relax too! At least she is not lip singing and putting on a ridiculous show with pyrotechnics. LeAnn puts on a real show and acknowledges her fans. I realize she might be going through a rough patch in her personal life, but as far as her professional career she is one of the greats so lay off.

      • betty says:

        Kicking her shoes off I can see but sitting on the floor.  PULEZZ!!!   Most artist have a stool. Tickets cost money and if she wants cozy like a living room you can stay home and listen to a CD or whatever.for free.

    12. Julene says:

      I feel sorry for her. Does no one care enough about her to get her some help?

    13. Janet357 says:

      Real life Country Strong?

    14. Carol says:

      What is wrong with that?  I have been to five concerts I can think of where the performers are barefoot and relate with the crowd like that.  People read so much into things it’s disgusting. 

    15. sam says:

      So her feet hurt and she took off her shoes, big deal. She still has an unbelievable voice, I couldn´t care less about the personal life drama, that should stay private. As for what she was saying – I think too much is read into everything this girl says/does.

    16. Carrie says:

      She is heading downhill fast! What will Eddie do when brandi has more money than Leann? I think he will try heading back to the beautiful and sane one , brandi!!! Leann is just so fake!!!!!

    17. Lelecries says:


    18. 341244 says:

      I was at this concert and she was fantastic, she likes a comfortable setting toward the end. It’s her thing and comes across great if you are there. If you were not there don’t post junk.

    19. Sammy Beau says:

      I was at this show and Leann was fine. She looked great and her voice is awsome. If you ever hear her live, you’ll know. I really enjoyed the barefoot on the floor singing. She is a good person, those who think she’s not, believe too much junk on the Internet.

      • Jane says:

        Sorry, but “good” people don’t destroy families. They don’t date married men with children then claim those children are hers-all the while, endangering their lives. That’s NOT the definition of a “good” person.

        • Anonymous says:

          She didn’t destroy ‘families’. Eddie destroyed his family, not Leann. And, she never claimed the kids were hers, when she said ‘boys’, she meant Eddie, too. 

        • lp says:

          Oh Please whose life is she endangering,and I suppose you’;re Polly Purebread

    20. Islamoradagirl47 says:

      I agree with you Cam. I wouldn’t trust her with my kids or pet for that matter. 
      She’s a mess.  How low she has stooped

    21. Kelly says:

      I’m sorry but this performance wasn’t amazing. People were commenting that she seemed “off” or on something. She was playing with her hair in a really odd fashion and seemed fidgety as well.If you compare LeAnn in concert now to what she was like say, seven years ago, there is a big difference. My sister has been a HUGE fan and I’ve been dragged to many of Le’s concerts over the years and her on stage behavior has definitely become odd. Now there’s lots of rambling to the audience even while she’s in the middle of singing, she seems over emotional and unstable, both physically and mentally and you can’t understand the words of the songs.She kind of warbles them now. She used to sing really clearly.  Sorry but lots of people were saying that after the concert. It’s not like people were insulting her, they were more worried for her than anything else. She does sit down at her concerts for certain songs but this was just weird.

      • Brit2008 says:

        now that is the truth, anybody who watches a concert video of hers from recently would have to agree. she just rambles on and on. I have seen video of her crying through her own songs that she just ‘LOVES’ so much. she acts totally bizarre and she normally has a cup in her hand that one would have to assume is booze because she acts like shes trashed. not exactly what you expect from a country singer. i would have to agree with the post above that said ‘real life Country Strong’ 

        • Kelly says:

           I have to tell you, my sister is the fan, not me and I know that people really seem to hate LeAnn now, but as one “human” to another, I am very worried that something bad is going to happen to her. If her husband and others around her can’t see that she’s unraveling, they are either blind,in denial,  or don’t care about her.Her concert venues and audiences are getting smaller and smaller. Her voice is not even close to what it once was.The crying through songs is getting more common and she seems to be using her concerts to vent her personal issues over and over again. She keeps saying she is so happy but sure doesn’t look or act like that is the truth. I was looking at some concert reviews this morning and others thought she was drunk or drugged as well. Plus, she keeps cancelling concerts. She cancels a lot and it is costing her fans.

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re so obviously lying. You give no specifics, just repeating what was in the article. No examples, just blah blah, ‘rambling’, blah blah, ‘odd’. Nice try. 

        • Kelly says:

           Excuse me, I’ve been to over half a dozen of Le’s shows over the last decade. My sister has probably been to at least a dozen and she IS a lot different while performing now and was at the Civic Center. People are correct in saying she always sits down at the end of the show, so that wasn’t weird to me. Justin Young kicked off the show and she did ramble on and on and does that a lot now.I don’t hate the woman at all. I think it’s sad that her venues are getting smaller and smaller, her sets are getting shorter and shorter and she doesn’t look well. She used to literally glow when she was on stage. Her hair is one thing I’ve really noticed changing. It used to look so healthy and shiny and now it looks dead and she plays with it in a really weird way. She also looks almost shaky and unsteady a lot on stage. Unlike others, i choose not to attack her personal life, but she does seem to be using her performances to over vent. She used to talk about her songs and share experiences but not like she does now.She DOES cancel shows a lot. Especially in the last few years. My sister has traveled to shows that have ended up being cancelled last minute. Not everyone want to see LeAnn fail and saying I think that she’s definitely having some problems doesn’t make me one of her haters either. I actually hopes she gets it together and gets her career back on track. Lots of other concert goers were saying the same things I am. I’m sorry if you are such a mega fan you think she’s beyond reproach but people pay to see her and deserve a lot more.

      • Susan says:

        it is weird, all the talking/rambling.. I go to concerts to hear singing.. not idle chit chat 🙂

    22. Supagirlk says:

      is she on cocaine? that nose be wide open, and her behavior is never calculated.

    23. Anonymous says:

      Come on Rumor Fix. 
      It would have taken you 3 minutes to learn that this is part of her show.
      Did you even watch the video? She’s not ‘rambling’ at all and she frequently ends shows by kicking off her shoes at the end to finish her show. 

      • elle says:

        Making something out of nothing. If they went to her shows before Brandi showed her butt or read interviews of her talking about her shows they’d know that. And Brandi had the balls to RT this article. But Brandi’s the victim. So much so that after asking people not to talk about “them” anymore she RTs and passive-agressively subtweets LeAnn-related mess. 

    24. Mary says:

       What a waste of my time watching this video. 

    25. Jillian says:

      This woman is ugly beyond belief and I have never purchased her music or watched anything she has been on.  Now she is a home wrecker I will stand by my standards and spend any money to support her.

      • LP says:

        Wow Jillian, what “Standards” exactly do you have??Dont judge someone because they sin differently than you do and before calling people “UGLY” take a long cold hard look in the mirror first as I dont recall any Miss Universe winners being named ‘Jillian:).

        • Wanda Full says:

          LeAnn? The misuse of the apostrophe is giving it away

          • LP says:

            Wanda you’re too funny Sherlock.The misuse of the apostraphe comes sheerly from being a rotten typist.Sorry to burst your bubble.For what it’s worth I dont even follow LeAnn on Twitter,just wish eople would be kinder to one another life is hard enough

    26. lp says:

      I think this woman has taken more than enough of abuse & bullying to last several thousand people’s lifetimes.Enough allready.If any of this concert seems emotional to people its because she put her heart and soul into writing the music,and was really the only way she can have any voice at all in all thats happened.Really the only people who should be involved in this mess is the parie’s it affected which was excerbated innever seen before by Social media.I’d be a total wreck if I was her too.Also,is your backyard clean??think about that before you post hateful stuff.and for what it’s worth,I really like Brandi too but e she rt’ed this article after asking people to drop it,big mistake.Brandi,you have scores of people who have your back,we get it,but you need to stop leading a stampede against this woman,this is your battle

    27. susan says:

      Wishes that “I granted’..    Geez, talk about tooting her own horn.  

    28. Jere Stringer says:

      LeAnn is definitely unstable.  That’s what happens when a child never has a childhood.  She has been working since being a little girl.  She is so needy because of it.  She has no trust in her father who robbed her and she will never trust Eddie!

    29. Jere Stringer says:

      The poor girl is unraveling and those close to her don’t seem to realize it.  She feels guilty about her infidelity and she will never trust the man who cheated on his wife and left his family for her.  It will not last and she knows it…….I pity all of them.

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