Sean Lowe’s Season: No Boobs, No Butts, Just Bible Studies, Says ‘The Bachelor’ Source

Posted on December 16th, 2012 at 7:10 am

Ben Flajnik’s  fourth runner up on season 16 of The Bachelor, Kacie Boguskie, will go on to be a contestant on Sean Lowe's season 17.  But sadly for the goody-goody girl, she was dumped by Lowe early on in the game, and now RumorFix can confirm she's dishing to friends that all of Sean's bachelorettes are even more "goody-goody" than her!

Boguskie, whose conservative Christian parents didn't give Flajnik their blessing to marry their uber-religious daughter, tells our insider that she was the "wild one" on Sean's show and that we "are in for a very boring season."

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Anyone who watches The Bachelor knows it's full of seriously drunken and naked craziness, but Kacie confirms to our source that "no one even really drank alcohol," and instead of going on dates where they guzzle back shots and play tonsil hockey, Boguskie says they were instead "always off doing Bible studies."

Even Chris Harrison said of Sean's season, "It's not a crazy, 'Let's get drunk, let's get naked' type of season because  that's not Sean."

Aww, that's no fun!

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    1. eob says:

      this season will be bette without the trash…it might actual be REAL

    2. Lena says:

      Kacie now seems to be a loser. Her parents may be religious, Kacie is probably the opposite; like to be trashy to attract men??

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