Taylor Murphy: I’m Not Afraid Of Jail, My Life Has Been Misery — Exclusive

Posted on December 14th, 2012 at 12:49 pm

New York firefighter and calendar model Taylor Murphy is relieved that he was cleared of charges that he beat his former transsexual girlfriend, Claudia Charriez, but he could still go to jail for violating a protective order.

PICTURES: Taylor Murphy Modeling Pictures

In an exclusive interview with RumorFix, the 28-year-old underwear model, explains the only reason he called Claudia after the restraining order was to ask, "Why the f**k are you bringing these allegations against me?" He's accused of contacting her more than 1,000 times. "I did do that," he tells us. "So I can't deny it. It is what it is."

PICTURES: Police Photos Of Claudia Charriez

But, if convicted, he could go to jail for four years. "That's out of my control," the 6'5" 250 pound hunk tells RumorFix. "It's not something I'm scared of. I've been in misery for about a year and a half."

The firefighter is still hoping for the best and is trying to turn a negative into something positive for the gay community.

"To everybody it's a joke, it's a Jerry Springer show. Claudia is thinking this is real fame, I'm trying to take it from that to bring some awareness."

Although Taylor says he was falsely accused of beating a transsexual, he wants to help send a message that "abuse of anyone  especially of transsexuals is not allowed."

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  • 6 Responses

    1. Kathleen says:

      He is so full of shit….he has a reputation in the ts community for hitting his gfs. His current flame does porn and is an escort under the name of vanity bucci. Ohhh and did he forget to mention he uses her as his “tranny hit squad” to threaten people since she was wanted for murder in 2004 under her given name of Fernando Batista see link

    2. Guest says:

      OMG !!!!.. Just following the story Im so happy the truth came out and he was aquited of all the false allegations…

      I read the story when it first came out and i feel so sorry after looking at the pictures how the tabloids ran with this scandal and made up story, until the truth came out.

      Please if anybody know what issue he came out in Playgirl this year please

      email me !!!

    3. The Queen is here says:

      OMG !!! can’t beleive this is the same story i read last year and the tabloids ran with this made up scandal of a story till the allegations were proven false …

      does anyone know what issue of 2013 Playgirl he shot this year ???…. email me please

    4. The Queen is here says:

      Well now the truth is out let’s get to the real T when is this boy coming out

      with his next calendar ….

      I am sorry but i can understand how a fish can lose her mind over him never the

      less a queen.

    5. daddy yess says:

      Im sorry but i don’t feel sorry for the boy if i was a fish i would lose my mind
      if i lost that boy, never the less a queen…

    6. Boi Wonder says:

      They Both are a mess This story is old and tired blah blah blah

      He seems like a nice guy from T.V. but he get’s no street credit with me

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