“You’ll See Me Kiss Multiple Women,” Says Reported Born-Again Virgin Sean Lowe

Posted on December 15th, 2012 at 6:15 am

Apparently you won't see much bedroom action on the upcoming season of The Bachelor. This is because Sean Lowe is a born-again virgin...Or is he?!

In an interview with the reality TV hunk, RumorFix asked Lowe how it worked out for him in the Fantasy Suites since he's reportedly practicing celibacy. A bit confused, he says, "I don't know who wrote that article [about me being a born-again virgin], but they didn't speak to me!

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Earlier this month it was reported that Sean “has had sex with four women in his life. But he rededicated himself to God and hasn’t slept with a woman in years.”

But maybe Mr. Lowe isn't as innocent as people think he is, or maybe we will never find out, because the former model tells us it all took place off camera. "I wanted to use the time in the fantasy suites as time alone off camera nd uninterrupted. It's valuable time and time I didn't want to bypass."

The 29-year-old admits, "You'll see me kiss multiple women."

The Bachelor premiere is January 7.

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