Rita Ora’s “Rob’s D**k Was Whack!” Tweet Not Legit

Posted on December 4th, 2012 at 5:42 am

Rita Ora has been quiet on Twitter despite some rather strong allegations being made about her character by ex-boyfriend, Robert Kardashian. The reality TV star claims that Rita had unprotected sex with roughly 20 men, and if you believe one tweet being circulated, Rita provides a reason:

"@RitaOra Rob's d*ck was whack. I had to go get it somewhere else."

Ouch! The mysterious tweet was circulated on Twitter on Monday and Tuesday, but there's one problem: it didn't come from Rita's account. It appears that someone else manufactured the message to make it appear as if it came from the British singer, but it didn't.

We guess someone didn't tell Rob because the singer then fired back, claiming that at one point he had impregnated his ex.

This situation is just all kinds of messy.

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