Porsha Stewart: My Husband Kordell Stewart Is Not Gay

Posted on December 19th, 2012 at 10:26 am

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart is defending her husband against allegations that he's gay.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart was rumored to have been caught performing a sexual act with another man while living in Pittsburgh, but was never arrested because authorities didn't want to out him.

Kordell has denied the rumor in the past, but his wife was asked about it directly during a recent radio interview on New York’s Power 105.1.  "There's lie out there on the Internet about everybody," the reality TV star explained.

"One thing I do know is that my husband loves me and he puts it down and I will be with him forever. And you know what? He's more man to me than I have ever met. So for me gay is just out of the window."

You can check out Porsha's full interview below where she also reveals whether Kim Zolciak called her the "N" word during an argument on a recent episode.

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    1. Aisha says:

      umumumumum she is so rude and her husband is arrested

    2. Anonymous says:

      I think Porsha protests too much – there are a lot of “beards” in Atlanta and she may be one of them.

    3. Bailee says:

      I had to laugh at this naive pathetic wanna be! SHE has a great husband but We All Know he is gay! WHAT IS REALLY Obnoxious is her talking about her grandfather as if He were in the league of MLK! Hosea was also a coat tale riding wanna be! IF YOU KNOW GEORGIA HISTORY AND GOSSIP YOU’LL FIND THAT HER GRANDFATHER WAS NOT THE GREAT MAN SHE BRAGS ABOUT. HE ACTUALLY WAS NOT MUCH AFTER KING DIED! HE WANTED TO BE SO HE DREW ATTENTION THROUGH BREAKING THE LAW AND CONSTANTLY BEING ARRESTED ON TONS OF VIOLATIONS EVEN TO A FELONY LEVEL! IT SEEMS HE THOUGHT MORE OF HIMSELF THAN SOCIETY DID OR HE FELT IT WAS OK TO HIT AND RUN ! THE LAW DIDNT FEEL THE SAME WAY THOUGH. HE WAS ACTUALLY AN EMBARRASSMENT IN MOST CIRCLES! PORSHA SEEMS TO BE FOLLOWING IN HIS FOOTSTEPS! Thinking she is some wealthy socialite! AHHHH! NOT SO MUCH! She doesn’t realize that true socialites come from bloodlines and breeding( as bad as it sounds) but you also have to have a bit of inherent class, which she does not possess ! SHE IS SO TRANSPARENT AND SEEMS TO BE SOMEWHAT UNINTELLIGENT ! A LOSER ALL THE WAY AROUND!

    4. Don’t know about her husband.Do like her cap!

    5. SofiaExx says:

      She’s so fake til it’s unbearable @ times. The more I c her; the more she looks like a horse to me. Her ‘husband’ and Kenya are the same age. I only mention this since she loves to throw out ‘I was a kid when she (Kenya) won.’ Girl BYE! So that means her azz was playn n the sandbox when Kordell’s scandal hit. I distinctly remember that ish. Left PA in shame. Somebody done told her wrong (Martin’s voice)!

      • Red says:

        I never heard of Kordell giving a man blowjobs in some gay park and I watched Sportscenter all the time back then and now. Kordell can’t say it was just a rumor because the story came from the cop that saw him giving a blow to that guy in the park. I cannot believe am just finding this out now.

    6. Shinn says:

      I have never…….read such…. jealous remarks. Why not be happy (or remain silience. It not OUR business) for Porsha and avoid envy. She is blessed with a husband who takes care of and loves her with their MONEY (they are united and one) regardless of his and soooooooooooooo many other’s past. While we downgrade ones, we really are downgrading ourselves. Try the descent path in life. You may receive the peace that it offers. Speak kindly or nothing.

      • MsZ says:

        They are not jealous…I am a native of Hotlanta and know Mr. Williams all to well he was a drunk .. Meanwhile, his daughter made the feed the homeless big and do not think they don’t get rich off of some of the donations plus they constantly ask all of the volunteers to give money…If you don’t have any you pretty much will not be participating…I spoke to one of the secretary’s for the organization…I asked her “how it felt to be a part of helping others?” She replied to me by saying she just works there not interested in helping anybody ….Mr. Williams only started the whole thing because he got so many DUI’s that he could not do anything else…

        I hate to say this but when I was in the eight grade at a function he flirted with me…I was just a teen that sucks and so does his family I am not hating because store your riches not on earth but don’t help people for the wrong reasons….justsayin

    7. brandy says:

      You ppl are hating on this couple. It doesn’t make since that the cops didnt arrest him because they didnt want to out him but then outed him. And even if it did come from a cop who says he’s not lying like cops dont lie. Some of you ppl on here talk about these ppl as if you know them personally. If there happy why do you all care what there doing?

    8. jeaboo says:

      Porsha is young, but she is holding her own. What ever she know or don’t know is between her and her husband. I like her because she is fresh spirit on the show. If she like the way her husband is that’s her life, live and let live. I hope she stay on the show.

    9. Joker Chick says:

      …gay rumors ignite again in 3, 2, 1…..

    10. Keno Jersey says:

      Kordell might be gay now that he is gone. He had no qualms about your feelings or trying to disgrace you. Remember that when he pretends to be your best friend and asks for your support against the rumors

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