Max George: Lindsay Lohan Always Brings Vodka

Posted on December 8th, 2012 at 6:40 am

It's Day Three of the Lindsay Lohan tour with The Wanted.

The Liz & Dick star, who is on the tour bus with the band as they travel from city to city for Jingle Balls, was videotaped giving Max George an intimate huge backstage at the Madison Square Garden Friday night.

Max, who is rumored to be fooling around with Lindsay, joked to a Z100 DJ, “I think we’ve proved to ourselves, if we can stay out of trouble and keep her out of trouble this week, then we’re obviously outstanding citizens of the community and we’ve managed to do both, so I’m quite proud of that.” Bandmate Jay McGuiness interjected, “Aside from the first night,” making  reference to Lohan’s nightclub fight a week ago.

Lindsay, who has instantly become The Wanted's number one fan, has traveled with them from Philadelphia to Boston to New York.

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Max did make one more joke saying, "She always brings vodka to the table." It probably wasn't the best timing considering reports that alleged Lindsay guzzles two liters of vodka a day.

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Lindsay is apparently fun to be around -- none of the boys seem to mind having her around -- and she's a good sport with fans even giving autographs and taking pictures.

After the concert, Lindsay and Max arrived together at the Dream Hotel for an after party.


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