Lisa Hochstein: Karent Sierra’s Role In Joanna Krupa & Adriana De Moura Fight

Posted on December 20th, 2012 at 5:44 pm

Lisa Hochstein, one of the newest and hottest cast members on Real Housewives of Miami, tells RumorFix exclusively, that Dr. Karent Sierra is partially to blame for the huge blowout fight between Joanna Krupa and Adriana De Moura.

“I think Karent had a hand in escalating the situation when Joe Francis was asked if he had slept with both Joanna Krupa and her sister, Marta Krupa and then she [Karent] told Joanna," Lisa told our Real Mr. Housewife. "I however feel that there was tension between Joanna and Joe Francis prior to my party. I’m sure Joe had in mind what he wanted to accomplish while learning he would bump into her. I wish it wasn’t done at my home and event.”

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Lisa continued discussing the fight between Joanna and Adriana saying, “It seems from the footage that after Adriana chose to walk away but Joanna wasn't having that. I did not see Joanna’s hands based on the camera placement but Adriana quickly turned around and punched or hit Joanna.  It’s difficult to say.  Afterward it was a full on girl fight with both parties involved.”

Regardless of her feelings on the events that night, Lisa did note that Karent and Adriana are two of the Housewives she speaks to most frequently after filming.

Lisa also spoke about another controversial figure on the show, Elaine Lancaster, who had a fight in her home that almost stopped a party. About the drag performer, Lisa said, “I was livid! There was no respect for me whatsoever in my home at my event to raise money for a charitable cause. I can’t believe grown adults could act like this.”

Lisa tells us to check her Bravo blog on Friday, because she's revealing some juicy details!

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    1. Rhonda says:

      Lisa looks horrid and so fake, plastic and this translate to UGLY. I was stunned when she said she was 25 years old to Leah Lisa looks like she is in her 40’s,suppose that’s what happens when you husband is a cosmetic surgeon.

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        I agree! These men who marry these women have no idea what their children will look like! They don’t even know what their wife looks like without all that plastic! Lol

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