Lindsay Lohan: Storage Locker Not Up For Grabs –EXCLUSIVE

Posted on December 13th, 2012 at 12:05 pm

It's just one thing after another for Lindsay Lohan.

The latest rumor is that the troubled starlet isn't only losing her reputation, but she's also losing what could be some very valuable items she has locked away in storage. TMZ is reporting that the storage company where Lohan has been keeping her assets are threatening the Liz And Dick star to auction off her stuff if she doesn't pay the $16,000 in locker fees she's racked up.

We know the 25-year-old has encountered some money issues since the IRS froze her bank accounts for failure to pay taxes, but is Lindsay so broke she can't even afford to keep a storage unit? A friend close to the actress says the story is not true. The insider tells RumorFix there will absolutely be no auction, or no risk of an auction.

Close call, LiLo!

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    1. Michael says:

      Darn, I was hoping to see it auctioned off on an upcoming episode of Storage Wars.

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