LeAnn Rimes Calls Drunk ‘X Factor’ Rumors “A Joke”

Posted on December 20th, 2012 at 8:20 am

Country singer LeAnn Rimes is brushing off reports that she may have had a little sippy-sippy before taking the stage on Wednesday night's X Factor.

Rimes joined Carly Rose Sonenclar for a cover of "How Do I Live," and while the X Factor finalist delivered a strong performance, Rimes was less than stellar. Not only did she struggle through hitting some of the notes, she also appeared to have a hard time keeping her balance while walking around the stage, leading some to believe she was under the influence.

Rimes took to Twitter on Thursday morning to dismiss the allegations, writing, "I mean are some people for real ... what a joke."

You can check out the video below for yourself and be the judge. Do you think LeAnn was drunk, or are those allegations as laughable as she claims they are?

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    1. anoli says:

      poor carly, she was amazing but leann destroyed whole song! She WAS drunk!

    2. Miss Bee says:

      LIES Rumorfix! LeAnn DID NOT tweet anything about X Factor. And yes she WAS wasted. Clearly VERY troubled. Go back to rehab!

    3. Shelly says:

      She was messed up on pills I guess. Come on Leann please tell me you watched your performance. Something was up. Either that or you were trying to out sing a 13 year old. either way you looked bad.

    4. Disconnect says:

      She is most likely on medication for anxiety which would make her seem “drunk”.

    5. southernbell317 says:

      I thought LR did an awful job… I used to love her voice… but, she sounded terrible & like she was trying to out sing a little girl.. shame

    6. guswetrust says:

      Watched it and I believe and thought she was drunk. Couldn’t sing well and was “tipsy”.Maybe that is why Carly Rose lost.

    7. Kris says:

      Fifth Harmony is the new En Vogue, for those who remember that amazing all-girl group. They set the bar, high!! I think Fifth Harmony really out-sung Demi; the low notes seemed hard for her, and I think she forgot the lyrics. Nonetheless, Demi had a good heart and was into it. As for Leann…she seemed strung out, her performance was disjointed, and she did not “connect” at all with poor Carly. Carly is phenomenal on her own, and def. deserved better out of Leann Rimes. It was awful. It was a trainwreck. Carly kept her side of the duo but it takes two, and Rimes did not show up. How depressing…I pray that Carly still gets a deal out of this and her future will be stardom. She deserves it and perhaps Rimes will be a good lesson on what NOT to do. Shame on Rimes…I pray she gets some help…though she seems in denial. Unfortunately, most stars with that many “yes” people around them (and who depend on her for a paycheck!) take a while for it to happen…but they still hit their low, their rock bottom, like anyone. Then, they seek help. I will pray for Rimes. Let’s all pray for Carly and Leann. What a loss; that performance could have been beyond belief, in a great way, and should have!

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