Jenelle Evans: Kieffer’s Mom Does Drugs, Just Wants Fame & Money

Posted on December 11th, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara Evans, are fuming after the Teen Mom 2 star’s ex-boyfriend’s mother, Vicki Delp, recorded a phone convo between herself and Babs.

Not only did Kieffer Delp’s mom record the call without Barb’s consent, but she also put the conversation on YouTube –a conversation where Vicki alleges that Jenelle does heroin.

Although Vicki claims that Jenelle (who has no comment on whether she did drugs herself) did heroin with Kieffer, Jenelle tells RumorFix exclusively that it’s actually her ex’s mom who did the drugs with Keef.

“She [Vicki] is the one who was on drugs with her son. His [Kieffer's] mom is all about trying to get her fame while she can or try and make money off  me. I honestly thought she was very mature and I liked her a lot, and we got along great, but then she does this to me?! I left [her son behind], obviously he’s the one in the wrong!”

Shortly after the recording was leaked online, Jenelle tweeted on Monday, “My mother is very upset with that video and thinking about taking legal action. She was videotaped against her will and without her knowing.”

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    1. Anonymous says:

      Anybody who believes that lying junkie has to be on drugs themselves.She needs to be put BACK in the looney bin and kept there. In the recording, you can clearly hear Jenelle’s own mother, Barb say that Jenelle is doing heroin. And Jenelle’s sister says that Barb had her committed to a mental institution after walking in on her shooting up heroin. Her friends now are acknowledging that she shoots up heroin and have stopped covering up for her.

      She is a junkie. A lying junkie. And it’s a shame that she even has a platform to spread her lies.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Just when I think she cannot get any more disgusting, she just gets worse

    3. RationalOne says:

      Jenelle is the WORST PARENT ON ALL OF THE TEEN MOM SHOWS! She is most selfish and one day Jace is going to know all of this Jenelle! Just wait and see.

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