EXCLUSIVE: Pilar Sanders: Proof I Never Cheated On Deion Sanders

Posted on December 28th, 2012 at 2:05 pm


It's the nastiest divorce of the year and now there are allegations that Pilar Sanders cheated during her 14-year marriage to Deion Sanders, but Pilar has come to RumorFix exclusively with what she calls proof that she is not a cheater.

Diary of a Hollywood Street King claims that the model was cheating with 22-year-old Derrick Smith aka D-Jo.

The gossip website claims: "Sources say Pilar – who we’re told is looking to break-out as the newest female rapper – attempted to dodge being caught cheating by claiming to manage the young music man while the pair were secretly smashing."

The article also alleges that Pilar is "sexually connected" to a New York City rapper as well.

Pilar denies all the extramarital affair allegations and tells RumorFix that Derrick was just an acquaintance. She provided RumorFix with results of a polygraph test where she answered questions about infidelity. We warn you the language is graphic:

The lie detector expert concluded that Pilar was "truthful" in all of her answers about infidelity.

Pilar's pubicist, Kali Bowyer, tells RumorFix, "This is a feeble attempt to discredit Pilar and/or anyone who even remotely takes her side or comes to her defense. It is obviously a desperate attempt to take the focus off Deion and the abuse my client endured throughout her marriage."

Bowyer goes on to say, "These attempts to defame and slander are just not something Pilar, nor our team will tolerate."

Bowyer says the only one unfaithful during the Sanders marriage was Deion.

Deion's new girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds , says she met Deion after he filed for divorce.

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    1. Sandra says:

      Welp that the end of that discussion lol #TeamPilar

    2. Valerian Davis says:

      If only she had stepped IMMEDIATELY after she had proof positive of him being the low-life dog that he appears to be. A man able to disgrace himself in hopes of shaming his own wife is a discredit to humanity. And noone with a brain that isn’t hating on this beautiful woman, or looking to score brownie points with this azz-clown, is buying that he wants her children for any reason other than to save on CS. Shame on the judge, phuk his attorneys, and screw him. Never liked his immature, rankish, ghetto, stereotypical quasi-literate nikka, fake-Geesus claiming azz. She may have issues with properly respecting other women’s marriage (1st wife, who is now acting the total scorned bytch kiss-a-foul-nikkas-azz to strike a vengeful blow route), but he DID marry her. Pilar, you should have LEARNED something from what this fool did to his first wife, and been prepared to take his azz to the mofo cleaners when your time came around. Had you kicked his azz to the curb, and got your step on, women of all ethnicities- aroudn the world- would have voted you: HBIC!

    3. Mia Aza says:

      Texas child support is not much, even for the wealthy without proof of need, is only 1200 per month, anything above that must be proven. TEXAS has the WORST child support laws in the world!!!! I don’t think she cheated. I think he has not been chaste in any of his marriages.

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