Elizabeth Reaser: That’s Not My Vagina, Perves!

Posted on December 14th, 2012 at 8:01 am

Twilight actress Elizabeth Reaser is fighting back against tabloids and blogs who are accusing her of going commando at a promotional event for Twilight. There are several photographs of the actress circulating online showing what some are claiming is her private region. Radar Online writes:

"Just days after Anne Hathaway's extremely embarrassing privates flashing incident at the New York premiere of Les Miserables, Elizabeth Reaser, who plays Esme Cullen in The Twilight Saga franchise, exposed herself in a super short mini dress at a Hong Kong press event ...

Despite keeping her legs tightly closed during her interview with an Asian news outlet, the 37-year-old's lace mini dress was just too short, resulting in a truly mortifying moment for the star."

Well that moment wasn't really that mortifying ... because unlike Hathaway, Reaser is clearly wearing underwear. But, we guess that's the truth just isn't sensational enough for the Radar staff.

"Nothing against going commando, but I was wearing underwear you silly pervs" Reaser tweeted.

And there you go!

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