Watch Megan Fox Give A Kiss to Glee Star Josh Sussman!

Posted on November 16th, 2012 at 12:59 pm

It's every guy's dream to get a kiss from sexy Megan Fox, but that's usually reserved for her husband, actor Brian Austin Green.

It was Glee star Josh Sussman's lucky day. The actor, who plays magnificent geeks, got a sweet kiss from the sultry actress while shooting a scene on Wedding Band the TBS show starring Brian Austin Green.

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Josh plays a sci-fi blogger who is cyber-bullying Tommy, Brian Austin Green's character.  Megan guest stars on the episode and she tries to make peace between the two by planting a big kiss on Josh's forehead,  forcing him to pass out!

RumorFix spoke to Josh Sussman exclusively about his experience and he says, "The night before I was at the Golden Globes and when I was on set I felt exhausted.  When I looked at the call sheet I saw Megan Green's name and didn't put it together that it was Megan Fox.  When I saw her from a far I thought wow that girl is really pretty!  When we set up the scene to shoot to rehearse I didn't realize it was her until after.  Then I thought  wow, oh my gosh Megan Fox just kissed me this is awesome!  The executive producer even joked with me saying,  'I bet you didn't expect this to happen today?'"

This is the first time we have seen the married couple working together on a TV show and wondered what they were like together. Josh says, "Megan and Brian are amazing they are such a sweet couple, they are really happy together. I had a blast working with them and would love to go back on the show."

Josh's girlfriend was surprised when she heard about the scene, but he tells us,"She is always supportive about my work so I'm sure she'll laugh it off."

To check out the full episode you can watch Wedding Band on TBS Saturday at 10 p.m.

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