Teresa Giudice’s Home Damaged By Hurricane Sandy

Posted on November 5th, 2012 at 11:08 am

RumorFix has learned that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice's beach house was damaged by flooding during Hurricane Sandy.

PICTURES: Teresa Giudice Working It Out

Joe Giudice had parked his boat in the front yard of their Beach Haven West property after taking it out of a nearby lagoon for safety. As you can see from the flooding, the boat was lifted off its trailer. There was also condensation on Teresa's home windows which show flood damage from inside the home.

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Teresa's street is still lined with garbage from every home that was devastated after Hurricane Sandy hit.

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  • 11 Responses

    1. Grace Catherine says:

      I see the boat being off the trailer but I don’t see damage to the house. I hope you do more fact checking on this because to me damage is broken windows. houses off foundations, and roof’s being taken off. Wow really!

    2. Pghemtchick says:

      Agreed. The truly damaged homes are ones people can’t Live in. Is Tre putting out another fluff piece? She’s a victim who tweeted 3 times about the disaster until it was brought to her attention yesterday that the Manzo/Laurita’s were collecting donations/using followers to spread shelter news. Boohoo her shore house has some water damage. Tell that to the thousands who lost EVERYTHING!

    3. Gracie says:

      What a whiner! She needs to get off high horse and see the reality of those living in far worse conditions than what she’s in right now…

    4. Sashainct says:

      I am curious how a so called “reporter” got access to the island, because The National Guard is allowing almost NOBODY on, and especially down to beach haven.  SOME homeowners were allowed on, but not many.   I was down there yesterday and the guards were turning nearly everyone away.  I doubt they would let in someone from “rumorfix” and not the homeowners on the island.  Looks like this pic was planted.  There is true and utter destruction on that island. 

    5. Sashainct says:

      that being said…sorry to anyone who has suffered from the storm.  Chances are the inside is a disaster.

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