Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s Spin-Off Will Have Lots Of “Mom Drama” — Exclusive

Posted on November 17th, 2012 at 6:00 am

Although Teen Mom has finally come to an end, Farrah Abraham announced that her reality TV days are not over as she's preparing for her very own spin-off. And RumorFix sat down exclusively with Farrah who gives us a preview on what to expect.

Just as the 21-year-old expressed relief that Teen Mom is over, Abraham is jumping right into her next television venture.  She tells RumorFix, "The show will be more or less about my culinary background since I got my degree in that, and [the show will be about] some other products that I'm putting out."

OK, Farrah, that sounds interesting and all, but where's the juicy drama stuff?!  The mom-of-one reveals, "And then of course [the show will be about] my mom drama--I love my mom but then there's just that natural hemisphere of drama." Yes!

But that's not all the ambitious young gal is working on -- she filled us in on some other projects in the works, "There's a children's book I'm writing about Sophia [my daughter], and it's actually about her pacifier, so I think mother's will really enjoy it. And we're also making some cute baby-mommy music so other moms can do baby music time with their children, which I think is really nice because I started doing that with Sophia. And my next parenting book coming out."

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    1. Sarah Henderson says:

      It’s nice to know that Farrah is pursuing her passions beyond
      the “Teen Mom” realm. I think that a new show about her journey would be very
      interesting to watch. A coworker at DISH and I have been discussing the show,
      and we decided she was one of the best of all of the moms featured. She started
      off a little shaky in the first season, but after awhile, she really adapted to
      her mother role. So I will definitely be watching for her show to premiere, but
      for now I have been watching her in older episodes using my DISH Hopper. I have
      many of the old seasons recorded on my DVR; the 2,000 hours of recording space
      is more than enough room. It’s interesting to watch the older episodes to see
      how far the mothers have come. It seems like Farrah will be very busy in her
      life after “Teen Mom,” so I really hope to see her succeed in her many

      • Gcdickson says:

        Farrah does work hard and she probably is one of the hardest working Teen Moms, but sadly she is one of the most unlikable. She has a huge chip on her shoulder and the disrespectful way she talks to her parents. I have never heard such rudeness like it. I know her mother is over the top but there is no need for the disgusting way she talks to her and always has since day one. Then she expects her parents to drop everything and do what she wants at an instants notice which they always do. She is such an unlikable person. She makes me cringe. Thank God my daughter is nothing like her!

    2. Mike Abraham says:

      Sarah thank you for your kind words. Farrah does work very hard and many people do not give her creidit but Sophia and her family know the truth. She know she has to work hard to be able to take care of Sophia. I’m proud of Farrah.

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