“Saved by the Bell” Star Lark Voorhies Denies Bipolar Rumors

Posted on November 9th, 2012 at 8:08 am

Former Saved by the Bell star Lark Voorhies is fighting back against allegations that she's battling a mental disorder. Voorhies, 38, tells our friends at Entertainment Tonight that she is not seeing a doctor, is not bipolar and does not hear voices.

Last month, Voorhies' mother Tricia told People magazine that her daughter has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Her former co-star Dustin Diamond also revealed to the magazine that he felt Voorhies "wasn't the Lark [he] knew" when he met with her in 2003 to record commentary for a Saved by the Bell box set.

"I have no worries myself, nor do I exude, exhibit or possess within my living stratus any reason why someone should worry [on] my behalf. ... It's completely fictional," Voorhies tells ET's Christina McLarty.

"I can only come forward to correct and state for the true record what is in fact factual," she adds.

McLarty, who conducted the interview, says that during her chat there were moments Voorhies would ramble. You can watch a portion of their sit down below.

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    1. Guest says:

      what happened to her -_-

    2. David Anderson says:

      Poor Lark. Her hardrive is fried.

    3. Truthfully Spoken says:

      No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper. Every tongue that shall rise up against thee in judgement thy shalt condemn. For this is the Heritage of the servants of the Lord and their righteousness is of me, says the LORD.
      #be of good courage, for the Lord WILL shut the mouths of thine enemies!!

    4. Truthfully Spoken says:

      Furthermore my dear sister, you are truly still beautiful. For the love of GOD has not departed from thee. Be strong in the power of His Might, for he shall protect and preserve thee!!

    5. Truthfully Spoken says:

      All things work together for the good to those who love the Lord and those who are called according to His purpose!!

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