Ramona Singer’s Palm Beach Thanksgiving Getaway — Exclusive

Posted on November 22nd, 2012 at 7:32 am

Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer is spending this Thanksgiving in swanky Palm Beach, Florida at a dinner to die for and RumorFix has all the exclusive details.

The reality star tells us the festivities began Wednesday night with acclaimed chef Michael Rolchigo from Jupiter Island Grill merging with a collector of great antiques and table tops to throw an elegant soiree in honor of Ramona.

Ramona usually hosts a party for 12 to 18 people in South Hampton, but she tells us, "I am looking forward to having someone else host Thanksgiving." On Thursday, Ramona and her family have been invited to a beautiful house party. "My job," she says proudly, "is to make my stuffing -- my daughter and husband love it."  She says chopping two cups of raw onions and raw celery takes hours. "I already brought the sauteed onion/ celery/ crumbled sweet sausage all cooked in my suitcase for my famous stuffing dish too save time," she tells us.

And of course, Ramona couldn't come to a party without bringing her wine -- she says she packed red wine, because Florida already carries her white wine. Wen she found out that her bag weighed more than 50 pounds -- she decided she could do without some clothes, but not without the vino.

Since her parents have passed away, Ramona tells us, "My friends are my family and I enjoy spending the holidays with them."

Friday night it's off to another private party and Saturday another person is hosting a dinner party in her honor in Delray Beach.

The rest of the weekend, Ramona expects to go boating and playing tennis.

Phew! I'm tired.

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    1. Nick says:

      Mario should take more pride in his appearance.

    2. Jill says:

      I like Ramona and look forward to seeing her antics this coming year

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