Proof Rihanna Really Loves Showing Off Her Nipples

Posted on November 19th, 2012 at 8:52 am

If we only know two things about Rihanna, they're that she loves smoking blunts and has no inhibitions when it comes to sharing her nipples with the world. Just days after her topless GQ spread was released, this image of the Barbadian beauty popped up online.

The picture shows Rihanna backstage at one of her "777" concert stops. Rocking a see-through tank-top with a marijuana leaf on the front, Rihanna's nipples are fully exposed while she spends some quality time with Puff the Magic Dragon.

The photograph has been circulated all over Tumblr this morning, despite claims from other websites that the image is exclusive.

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    1. RationalOne says:

      Disgusting waste of skin.

    2. Gina Arauz says:

      A – When will the media stop this “Bajan/Barbadian beauty” thing? There are other ways to create alliteration without lying.
      B – ALL the times she’s done this, in public, (I can think of THREE of the top of my head) and those are the only two pictures you mention?

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