Octomom’s “Roctuplets” Book First Public Performance

Posted on November 24th, 2012 at 7:13 am

Whether Octomom is in or out of rehab, she's doing charity work with her famous octuplets, RumorFix has learned.

The three-year-old octuplets-- who are singing in a new Christmas video along with five of their older siblings-- are now doing a public appearance.

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Nadya Suleman's rep tells us the kids have booked their first gig as "The Rocktuplets" for free. They are hosting The Ruth Moore LAUSD Christmas Party and Giveaway along with their mom and musician Romeo Holloway.

The party is for children from kindergarten to fifth grade, who have excelled in school this past year, and is taking place on December 17.

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Recently the kids released their first Holiday single I'm Ready For Christmas, which is now available on Amazon & iTunes.

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    1. donedonedone says:

      This is actually very good news for people who care about the fate of these 14  trapped kids. The more the public gets to witness how uncontrollably dysfunctional this situation is, the more people will be aware what wretched lives these kids are stuck in. And how incapable a narcissistic sociopath — who has defined herself as the fifteenth child in interviews– is of nurturing 14 kids

      And it can only make ti even more obvious when it’s right out there and not hidden behind locked doors that Nadya Suleman has no mothering capabilities whatsoever, and it will be seen 14 times over that her kids are visibly neglected.. Her first six were raised by others, these sad tiny eight seem to be trapped into learning how to raise themselves.
      Not the way any child should ever have to live. Best news possible is that she is going to put that on public display. Even better is that there is a miraculous solution in the form of a remarkable woman, Gina Bryson, who cared for them for free while Octomom kept fraudulently pocketing their welfare entitlement money while Gina raised them in her own home. All documented, by the way, Rumorfix.
      Gina Bryson and her loving family wish to adopt those kids who as you can see in every video she took bloomed so much under normal family circumstances they re almost t unrecognizable as the tiny herd of inmates in the prison photos that Suleman is peddling.
      That would of course leave Suleman free to mother the six she has so far dropped into the laps of her indentured parents while she lives out her porn fantasies and explores being the world’s oldest tween.
      Her alternative is to keep displaying how she can further circle the bowl– swirling ever deeper down. While her feral oldest kids are just hitting the age when they can do maximum harm. 14 times over–year after year. Suleman’s future  judging just from her eldest  son’s recent behavior, is likely to include becoming a fixture in the juvie lobby. I guess that qualifies as all what counts most  for her. Not having to be home with her kids and away from the public eye.

      • donedonedone says:

        I forgot to add that it might be a good idea to set up an online petition site to The Ruth Moore LAUSD Christmas Party management requesting them to not have them participate in the exploitation of 14 impoverished  kids for the ultimate  financial benefit of a pair of porn performers who have been the cause of their impoverishment. 
        You could add a link to Home Alone.
        And another to Gina Bryson’s online interviews.

        Or even just make up a form letter that each person could sign individually, as an option if you don’t want to do that on line and refer top do it privately.

        Enough people making them aware of who and what these bottom-feeding scum are up to should fix things fairly quickly.

    2. Mahopinion says:

      How sad for these poor kids to be trotted out to sing for their supper, yet again.

      • MsSarcia says:

        Those kids make me want to cry.
        They always look so miserable.

        All Octo’s back door p0rno queen manager can do is try to smear others but she can’t clean up her filthy, disgusting client and her terrible reputation.
        There are too many videos, photos, interviews out there.
        There is too much evidence on what Octo really is.

        There is no way to clean up a hideous, festering cesspool.
        Though it is interesting to see somebody try (and fail).

    3. Mahopinion says:

      “The party is s for children from kindergarten to fifth grade, who have excelled in school this past year, and is taking happening on December 17.”

      -Was this article written by children who are failing elementary school? Absolutely pathetic.

    4. Anonymous says:

      As if the video isn’t bad enough, these poor kids how have to witness ridicule.  Young kids haven’t learned to plaster convincing false smiles on their faces.  They’ll show how they feel, and will openly cringe.  I’m disappointed that the LAUSD is allowing this to happen.  Schools need to protect kids, not to allow them to be traipsed out for exploitation like this.

    5. Anonymous says:

      Also the writing in this article is appalling.  That article stands an an indictment of the education system in this country, and parents are a part of that.  The writer thought this article was great, an editor didn’t pick up on major errors, and the lay-out person didn’t notice.  

    6. donedonedoneanddone says:

      Get to know Gina Bryson. 

       3:88-mj-01142-RCM-1 USA v. Bryson, et al
      Date filed: 03/04/1988
      Date terminated: 03/24/1998
      Date of last filing: 01/05/1993 COMPLAINT as to Gina Mae Bryson & Evon Joan Bryson (cts) 21:952,960,963 – IMPORTATION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE; 21:844(A) – POSSESSION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE Magistrate Roger C. McKee (dkt clerk)Need money much? Over $140 in unpaid tax liens. Filing Date: 7/13/2012Amount: $2,011Certificate Number: 12181240645STATE TAX LIEN Filing Number: 2012000398023Filing Date: 7/13/2012Filing Office: ORANGE COUNTY – RECORDER OF DEEDS, CASTATE OF CALIFORNIAFiling Date: 5/11/2012Amount: $13,387Certificate Number: 12116997900STATE TAX LIEN Filing Number: 2012000270376Filing Date: 5/11/2012Filing Office: ORANGE COUNTY – RECORDER OF DEEDS, CA
      STATE OF CALIFORNIAFiling Date: 2/16/2011Amount: $7,995Certificate Number: 750640111FEDERAL TAX LIEN Filing Number: 2011000087346Filing Date: 2/16/2011Filing Office: ORANGE COUNTY – RECORDER OF DEEDS, CA
      INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICEFiling Date: 9/25/2008Amount: $24,078Certificate Number: 472358908FEDERAL TAX LIEN Filing Number: 2008000449394Filing Date: 9/25/2008Filing Office: ORANGE COUNTY – RECORDER OF DEEDS, CA
      INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICEFiling Date: 9/25/2006Amount: $35,985FEDERAL TAX LIEN RELEASE Filing Number: 2007000632117Filing Date: 9/25/2006Filing Office: ORANGE COUNTY – RECORDER OF DEEDS, CAFEDERAL TAX LIEN Filing Number: 2006000635315Filing Date: 9/25/2006Filing Office: ORANGE COUNTY – RECORDER OF DEEDS, CA
      INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICEIRSFiling Date: 1/21/2004Amount: $33,985STATE TAX LIEN RELEASE Filing Number: 2005000502609Filing Date: 1/21/2004Filing Office: ORANGE COUNTY – RECORDER OF DEEDS, CASTATE TAX LIEN Filing Number: 2004000044623Filing Date: 1/21/2004Filing Office: ORANGE COUNTY – RECORDER OF DEEDS, CA
      STATE OF CALIFORNIAFiling Date: 12/1/2000Amount: $23,275STATE TAX LIEN RELEASE Filing Number: 20051522416Filing Date: 12/1/2000Filing Office: LA COUNTY / RECORDER OF DEEDS, CASTATE TAX LIEN Filing Number: 001876659Filing Date: 12/1/2000Filing Office: LA COUNTY / RECORDER OF DEEDS, CA


      • donedonedone says:


        AND I DID NOT POST THAT.!!!!!

        would like to ask Rumorfix to take the above post down and whoever is using
        other people’s IDs to post this kind of stuff.
        ask the others posters here to support me in  this.

        I hope Gina Bryson will contact me through Val who has my contact info because I do have some information she certainly can use.

        • donedonedone says:

          I I
          would like to point out that this ID stealing by Nadya Suleman and her crew has
          been going on different sites  since Octorazzi.  Do I have remind you of all the
          numbered galas? I’m guessing Nadya might have read something public about how
          the money gets divvied up way more to Backdoor Gina than to her
          is not best pleased, though.

          BackdoorGina and Nadya Suleman are way past being flushed mediawise. In case you
          didn’t notice. Which is actually the point of why you don’t hire someone this
          bad at PR to rep you, right?
          Easter she’ll be homeless, BackdoorGina will have the pleasure of supporting 15
          dependents for a long, long time with NO prospects and a steep rent . Plus

          the utilities , don’t lets forget. LA CPS is so not Orange County look the other
          way and now there is the perfect witness to tell it all– Gina Bryson.
          cares what the IRS and Gina Bryson are wrangling over? Does it involve 14
          trapped exploited kids and a background of the kind of porn so bad even
          porn performers are willing to be around these scum?
          Bryson cannot just tell the world about this tragedy involving so many trapped
          children but she has
          photo and video validation of what she has seen this kids have to go through and
          how they’ve changed when not in a prison environment
          day someone gives Gina the press she will soon be getting, these bottom feeders
          are going to have to face a hurricane of public disapproval.

          best thing about Nadya Suleman is that she will take down her scummy enablers
          with her. Too bad about Backdoor Gina. Nanya is a sociopath and, to be fair to
          her, she has very limited judgement because of that. BackdoorGina just has
          greedily bad judgment and that will, or rather I would say, already is, shutting
          every door to her. 
          would pick furthering this to be about someone like Nadya Suleman and staying
          quiet about the knowledge she has of the mistreatment of 14 kids. Including
          knowing that their mother drives around drunk at night  with them in the

          thing Gina Bryson could do if she wanted to play by Backdoor Gina’s rules is put
          up BackdoorGina’s internet “escort” record online.. And her prize stable.
          I don’t think she needs to. It already couldn’t be more obvious.
          lets all remind Nadya Suleman of the bottom line here. If she doesn’t want Gina
          Bryson to make her life easier by fixing her biggest mistake, then she will have
          to live with 14 kids instead of 6. For a long, long time after Backdoor Gina
          finds something else to peddle and there is no one to score for her.

      • Ashley Cooke says:

        you are an idiot and i hope further action is taken against you.

      • Ashley Cooke says:

        In case you don’t get it, this is not a personal war but the care of 14 innocent children. WTH is wrong with you? Now bring up all of NataLie doud, guiterez, suleman god knows what names. While she worked workmans comp and doctors against one another to further her selfish gain. THINK of the kids

      • Joey says:

        SO what??? If you want to see some really bad stuff…post Gina R. &
        Natalie Denise Suleman – Nadya Suleman-Gutierrez – Nadia Suleman-Gutierrez – Natalie Suleman-Gutierrez – Nadya Denise Doud… – Nadia Denise Doud
        – Natalie Denise Doud
        – Nadya Gutierrez
        – Nadya SolomomThey make the Bryson’s look like Saints! Very low, sneaky & has team Nadya written all over it! Plus, Rumorfix should be slapped with a lawsuit for allowing this kind of garbage, in my opinion!This is NOT the work of the real donedone but camp Nutbag & should be removed! Rumorfix stinks!

        • Ashley Cooke says:

          AMEN, lets bring out the truth but get the eye bleach for her manager and teens. Not to mention the welfare and student loans that created EACH IVF Natalie had from number 1 child to 14 that she dumped on others to raise while she collected another round of IVF thanks to student loans and disability “for her children” and herself. Bend over folks just like Gina Rodriguiz.AKA Demi D.

      •  Too bad that is a different person so your childish attempts to gossip about Gina B are nothing but libel.

        • donedonedone says:

          And someone should be contacting the OTHER Gina Bryson and let her know her private information is being plastered on the internet.

          And EXACTLY who is doing it. That would be Gina Rodriguez and Nadya Suleman

           I wonder if she has  basis to sue?

          • Alvin says:

            Backdoor Rodriguez isn’t posting Gina Bryson’s personal information because it ISN’T her!  Gina’s middle name is not “Mae”.  Rumorfix should be sued if they don’t take down the offending comment.

      • Alvin says:

        Well, you got the wrong Gina, but it will be interesting when we see this same list except with the name Natalie Denise Doud/Suleman/Gutierrez.

      •  Why is this pitiful attempt at gossip still up? Libel anyone? With Rumorfix as party since they haven’t removed it.

      •  Gina Mae Bryson is 56 years old and is married to Evon Bryson. That is a completely different GMB than the one that has witnessed all of Suleman’s neglect and drunk behavior. Libel.

    7. Ashley Cooke says:

      A mother ” i use that in the ugh, the weakist word and thought possible” gets accused of drinking and driving, child abuse and neglect … runs to manager’s rehab center. Who is with her children? It DOESN”T matter because this loser has not cared from day one. These kids produced this video with strangers, Demi Delia and friends. Leave these kids alone and let them have a chance at a decent life. Yeah, RUMORFIX .. this rumor is fixed. She will and they WILL use those kids at any cost. POS!

    8. casual observer says:

      The Post from DoneDoneDoneandDone is very misleading, and RumorFix has utterly failed to do any fact checking, and should delete the subject post asap.

      A quick check reveals that there are/were TWO Gina M. Brysons in California, and I was able to verify that the person named in the drug case, is NOT the Gina M. Bryson who has been so forthcoming with the information on Octonut.

      And whoever DDDandD is – their math and reading comprehension sucks.  They should go back to grade school, and start over.  

    9. MsSarcia says:

      There is more than one Gina Bryson, even in California.
      However, there is only one OctoTrash and her Buttt F Manager.

    10. Ashley Cooke says:

      Rumor Fix , go to hell with your stupid support of nasty ass Gina Rod and the psycho mom. I hope nobody after this comes to your site again. You fail in every catagory

    11. Dear Rumorfix,
      You have allowed someone to post libelous information. This has been pointed out, but you allow the libelous material to remain. You need to do better oversight of material on your website. Not good. I hope you have good attorneys.

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