Octomom’s Rep: Michael Lohan Did Not Put Her In Rehab

Posted on November 1st, 2012 at 9:41 am

Although Michael Lohan is telling the press that he helped Octomom get into rehab, Octomom's rep, Gina Rodriguez, tells RumorFix that's not true.

Lindsay Lohan's dad is running a nonprofit in Florida that stages interventions, but Gina wants to make it clear, "Michael Lohan did not put Octo in rehab. There was no intervention. He didn't plan anything, he wasn't even aware who my client was who wanted intervention."

Gina says she did call Michael and ask him for a number for a rehab center because of his involvement in the field.

"Nadya [Suleman] went in on her own after I got the number from him," Gina says.

Ironically, Michael was one of Gina's clients.

UPDATE: Nadya sent this statement to RumorFix early Friday morning:

"I chose to seek treatment after consulting with my manager regarding my recent use of Xanax, which was prescribed by my physician for panic attacks. There were no other people involved with me entering treatment other than my manager and myself. There was no intervention that took place. I am working in therapy every day with my doctors and therapists regarding the origin of these attacks so as not to have to rely on medications to handle it. I am paying for my own treatment. I am finding my voice here."

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    1. Rational says:

      He needs some serious help, mental help.

    2. Mona Stenzel says:

      The whole bunch of them are bottom feeders. An anal porn queen manager and her stable of Z-list undesirables. Fluck ’em all. May they rot in hell for using the octuplets for media wh*ring attention.

      This story should be about the children instead of a bunch of fame wh*res vying for attention.

      Time to put a stop to it. Take the octuplets and put them in a home where they are loved and well cared for – let the rest of these creeps slither back under the rocks they slithered out from.

    3. Arlene S says:

      I am starting to think nadya’s manager (google Demi Delia) is sicker than her client…..There are 14 children “Home Alone”, Nadya is supposedly in rehab…..& vaGINA seems to be making this all about herself….she is spending all her time contacting numerous media outlets…is it really important in the grand scheme of all this mess who got her to go to rehab……fact…people are coming forward who saw vaGINA giving nads the pills…fact…vaGina took nads out drinking to a club 2 weeks ago, many pictures tweeted, nads stumbling drunk in Palmdale…fact…vaGina told several people that nads was an alchoholic & drug addict months ago…& now she is concerned by her welfare….vaGina & client lie as easy as I breathe…..how can this mom of 2 not stop for a second & think about these kids….she has turned octomom into the worlds worst human disaster….she will never be able to turn around the huge response of hate, ridicule that is going to hit octomom when she is released……..vaGina was probably already scheming octo’s public release….how I overcame xanax dependancy….maybe Barbra Walters would want to get the 1st interview….Octomom is more now than ever looked upon as a lying,scamming grifter,narcissistic, birthing unit  who does not care for her 14 lovely children……this is about money not the real story, the octoplets who are seriously neglected & abused..Gina, as a mom & all moms who are reading this…you disgust me!!! Besides that your claim to fame is being a nobody used up pornstar, you are now is the business of exploiting Nadya Suleman…A really tiny bit of me almost feels sorry for Nadya she has a mind of a 13 year old…..& you spend every waking moment hungering for publicity…..making sure your name is is everywhere….this is so going to backfire on you….even TMZ made a statement about your ummmm…stability…..yelling alot at the office, eh??? In the PR world that you hunger for recognition, you are water cooler ” joke…Somebody should write a book on ” what not to do do to become a successful PR giant…just google GINA Rodriguez Media Firm…..remember there are 14 children who one day will read every press release you gave….this about them, not you overly inflated ego…

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