Lindsay Lohan’s First Full Clip As Elizabeth Taylor — How Did She Do?

Posted on November 15th, 2012 at 11:08 pm

We got a sneak peek of the first full clip from Liz & Dick and I've got some observations.

I've met Elizabeth Taylor and Lindsay is no Elizabeth Taylor.

But ... she does have many of her mannerisms and has a remarkable resemblance to the movie icon.

It's hard to judge based on this one clip, but I'm still intrigued enough to sit in front of my TV on November 25 to watch Lifetime. Watch the clip then vote and tell us how you think she did.

View video: Exclusive

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    1. gwen01 says:

      she could have nailed this role but only because its ll and only because Liz Taylor was and is iconic I find it an insult to Liz that Lohan would even attempt to play her. Good god she didn’t even bother to try and mimic Liz’s way of speaking. She sounds just like she is a heavy smoking peice of trailer trash. This movie will do well because as usual everyone likes a train wreck so I hope that the Neilson ppl realize that we are watching because we cannot believe washed up Lindsay was the only person they could find to play liz…just sooooo insulting

    2. Mae Shirlie says:

      I too didn’t think they looked hard enough for someone and the voice is horrible.  But I believe in a comeback but Lohan does not seem to want to take advantage of it.  I for one think that Kyle Richards would have captured LIz as well.  Since Lindsey was able to use her smoking destroyed vocals Kyle could have done it as well and used her voice.  Kyle is woman aging beautifully with a beautiful family.  Kim Kardashian is also beautiful as she ages a bit.  I think either one of these ladies would have done a good a job.  Kyle and Kim are both beautiful!

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