Levi Johnston’s Wife: “I’m Tired Of Bristol Palin’s Lies” — Exclusive

Posted on November 1st, 2012 at 11:07 am

Now that Sunny Oglesby is officially Sunny Johnston -- she is on the attack -- and the target of her double barreled remarks is Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston's first baby mama.

"I'm tired of Bristol's lies and put downs to make herself look better," Sunny tells RumorFix exclusively.

Sunny came to RumorFix to set the record straight about Levi's finances, child support and his visitation with his three-year-old son, Tripp.

PICTURES: Levi's New Family

The 20-year-old newlywed says despite media reports Levi does have a real job "he had for months and works as an electrician five to six days a week, eight hours a day now."

PICTURES: Mrs. Levi Johnston

She says he has turned down TV offers, because he wants out of the media. He is making an honest living, but not making what he used to. "He does not owe even close to what Bristol says in child support," Sunny tells us, "and the only reason it's not paid yet is because he needs to figure out how much he owes now that he makes less than he use to. They are basing his income off the peak of how much he's ever made in his life and that hasn't even been close in years."

Sunny is referring to the year that Levi was reportedly paid more than $100,000 to pose nude in Playgirl.

Mrs. Levi Johnston tells us that Levi is looking for a lawyer, but the best one around wants $15,000 just to get started, "which he can't afford right now."

But she says her 22-year-old husband 'asks for Tripp everyday."

She says Levi dropped out of high school to take care of his son, but he's not "uneducated," she tells us, "He has and has had his GED for about a year."

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    1. Anonymous says:

      Pay your child support, deadbeat.

    2. Rational says:

      Sunny needs to shut it!  At least Bristol got out before it was too late!  Sunny must be a moron.  Has she actually seen paperwork from any attorney regarding what Levi owes or has paid?  Not so much I bet.

    3. Bkhawk says:

      Dear levis new trashy, smack talking wife, if he wanted out of the limelight, then he wouldn’t exploit your baby and he wouldn’t sell his wedding. Ugh this tramps hypocrisy hurts my head. She doesn’t realize that the more she uses the media and exploits her life, the more hypocritical she is. She’s so young and dumb.

      • donalddump says:

        okey dokey willow

        • Ami G says:

          This person speaks common sense. You really don’t see that? You cannot say someone is over the media and sell your wedding and newborn’s pictures to a rag. But this is coming from a girl who was proud of her boyfriends and his sister’s playboy stints. 

    4. donalddump says:

      Bristol Junker needs to quit holding her son hostage no matter what disputes her and Levi  are having.  The kid will hate her later on in life if she keeps it up

      • Ami G says:

        Tripp will hate his father for bullying his mother’s family, trashing them, all while his mother was starting a life for him respectfully and away from the media. Levi doesn’t think, but he is just a young boy.

    5. JS says:

      Sunny sunny sunny, bristol hasn’t mentioned anything about her private custody issues publicly in a long time. Know why? Its private and not even something YOU are involved in legally. You’re such a hypocritical grifter. Read below with what Blake said. You can’t say levi wants out of the spotlight and explouit your newbaby and wedding for money. Grow up girl. And don’t have anymore children while you still have a childs mentality.

      • donalddump says:

        Na, she only trashed him on every episode of her failed reality show.  Poor innocent Bristol Palin, bully/victim.  The whole palin clan loves to bully then claim victimhood. 

        I suspect most of these comments are made by bristol, sarah, willow or tubb, trog, or tramp palin anyway.

        • Nadine Lockhart says:

          You betcha!

        • Ami G says:

          Wow, you’re literally forgetting HIM trashing them long before he was EVER denigrated publicly. He wrote his whole, sad media asshole personality himself. He couldve told media outlets back then, “no, that is my son’s family and I refuse to say anything negative about them out of respect to my son.” He did not. Sad. Sadder that his whole family is just as malicious and equally or more dishonest. Bristol, in the recent past, responded to Levi’s immaturity. Obviously she wishes she never wouldve met him and his nastiness. Remember, when he was playing media pawn, she was living lowkey, working respectfully. 

      • Nadine Lockhart says:

        Not true. Since Bristol has left DWTS and doesn’t have job or school, she’s been reported to be on his case in Alaska. You might not see much of it because some is mentioned in local news there, AND she’s probably calling them and vice versa due to the child. Here’s a link to recent Bristol harassment of Levi, but it’s all drama on both sides, though I think the Levi’s are more in response to Palin circus, still–they are all connected, and foolishly so: http://www.wetpaint.com/dancing-with-the-stars/articles/dwts-all-stars-bristol-palin-harassing-newlywed-levi-johnston-report

        • Ami G says:

          Levi only has his ex to make real money. He may have a job but he still sells himself, which definitely makes his wifey’s comments hypocritical. And yes, Bristol has a job. Don’t believe everything you read in tabloids, given by anon sources. Ask any celeb that. 

    6. Smalley says:

      Would like to see what she has to say in a year…. I just bet she will be left to care for her daughter alone just like Bristal is with her son.

    7. Ami G says:

      Sunny sunny sunny. A good father does NOT drop out of school AND quit a job to raise his son. He GOES TO WORK. He quit his job because he was unqualified for it. But good for him for getting his GED and staying away from media. Oh, except, didn’t I JUST SEE his nasty mug on my tv briefly as part of his tacky shotgun wedding that You two were PAID FOR????

      Stop lying stop saying he’s earning an honest living. If he were, his book of proven lies wouldn’t exist and he wouldn’t have trashed half his son’s family for years. Levi, you wrote your own reputation with your own words. It’s time to own your mistakes and take responsibility.

    8. Anonymous says:

      donalddump is the only one who’s defending the Johnston’s. Hahaha Must be lonely at the bottom, dd. Sunny is a naive girl who is going to have a rude awakening in the not-too-distant future. It’s her own fault. She was warned.

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