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Levi Johnston Turns Down Dancing With The Stars — Exclusive

Posted on November 3rd, 2012 at 8:04 am

I know people who would kill to be on Dancing with the Stars and RumorFix has learned exclusively that Levi Johnston has turned down the show.

PICTURE: Levi’s Wedding Picture

Bristol Palin’s baby daddy has been asked to follow in the footsteps of his ex-girlfriend and join the highly-rated talent competition, says Levi’s new wife, Sunny Johnston.

Sunny tells RumorFix exclusively, Levi turned it down because, “He wants out of the media.”

PICTURES: Levi & Breeze Berreta

She also says he turned down an offer to join Stars Earn Stripes, the show that Jack Osbourne couldn’t get booked on.

The 20-year-old newlywed also says Levi has rejected doing his own reality show. (Our sources say the show was shelved after Sarah Palin decided to stay out of this election.)

Sunny says the former Playgirl model is making a modest living in Wasilla, Alaska as an electrician five to six days a week, eight hours a day.

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    • Tootsie_Gonzalez

      This nobody should just focus on raising and supporting his children and stop procreating.

      • Anonymous

         Yes, that whole Palin family should be sterilized.

    • Anonymous

      Levi is doing what the rest of us are doing. Making a f*cking living like regular people without a TV camera pointed at us.

      How many of you want a camera following YOU around? Do you want all your stupid crap visible to the entire world? What kind of person airs their private life for viewer consumption anyway???

      Think about that for a minute..

      What kind of money would it take for you to allow cameras to invade YOUR privacy….

    • Allise

      He says he wants out of the media and yet his wife agrees to an interview with the media…smh

    • Jan

      If ,”He wants out of the media.”, why has he been on Inside Edition 3 times and The Insider in 2012? Sunny has contacted the National Enquirer and gave her statements more than once. Levi has contacted TMZ selling them photos of him posing in front of the court house a few months ago. TMZ just posted “exclusive” photos of Levi and Sunny in their wedding attire.  It appears that they are working very hard at staying IN the media.