Kris Jenner Responds To $155 Million Divorce Rumors

Posted on November 15th, 2012 at 4:45 pm

Every week, the tabloids has one of the Kardashians breaking up -- and this time it's Kris Jenner.

The mom-ager couldn't take it anymore so she immediately denied that she's in the middle of a $155 million divorce with her husband of 21 years, Bruce Jenner. Kris confirmed what RumorFix reported earlier on Thursday.

"Life is so good right now," Kim Kardashian's mom tell ET. "They’re crazy.  We’ve been dealing with this weekly for the last couple of years. You just have to take it in stride.  I called him this morning and said, 'Honey, I think we’re getting a divorce. This is crazy!  This is the new rumor.'"  She continues to say, "We were laughing.  He goes, 'I’m at the hobby shop, can you leave me alone with this crap?'  It was very funny."

Kris  adds, "We can laugh about it.  We’re strong.  We’ve been such a tight knit family for so long...It’s the craziest stuff.  To keep addressing them every single time just gets old."

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    1. gwen01 says:

      well to bad for Bruce Kardashian..I guess he hasn’t had enough and clearly losing the reputation of being an Olympic hero and replacing it with Kardashian fool is good enough for him. It boggles the mind that even Bruce will sell his reputation for the all mighty buck and keep his step children in the public eye. What a trooper. I think they have an open marriage and seeing that lard ass kim sitting on Bruce’s lap makes me wonder what is really going on under her big butt. Can she even feel the guy getting a hard on with all that fat she had injected. I also wonder if Kris Kardashian isn’t attracted to women because who else would have a cosmetic surgeon turn her husband into what looks like a transexual.

      • Michellemcclellan1 says:

        wow,,,ur a piece of work.. gwen01..its funny ppl like u”r called HATER’S…ur pathetic

        • gwen01 says:

          hey I wouldn’t be a hater if these people contributed more than pics of their breasts and facelifts and dumb looking fashion. People are suffering out there and the Kardashians are takers who give very little. I don’t hate Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, they give. The Kardashians made it with a trashy video and they are trashy ppl who will have to meet their maker one day and sadly  there will be no paparrazzi where they are going. All they have to do is stop thinking of their next dollar, stop posting dumb ass pictures of themselves on twitter and help the needy, not try and figure out ways to help the needy or send out their useless prayers for the needy. I am talking open your wallets and really help the needy. Oh and I stand by my comment that bruce has the hots for KIm.

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