Kim Kardashian Gets Kissed By A Little Boy

Posted on November 9th, 2012 at 5:50 am

A little boy in London put millions of men to shame on Thursday night when he planted a kiss on Kim Kardashian's cheek.

The hip looking kid put the moves on Kim at her clothing line launch in Central London. Kim and her sister Kourtney went to greet fans outside when a little boy leaned in and planted a big kiss on Kim.

That kid has game. We hope Kanye didn't see that.

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    1. gwen0444 says:

      well kid, welcome to your first exposure to something that probably has a sexually transmitted disease. I hope your mom wiped off any spit that loosey Kim may have left on you. You should be proud because Kim has no lows when looking for a new love interest. Did she ask for yur number?

    2. Fenix178 says:

      @gwenn – really? Oh, since you sound kinda, … healthy? May I have your number? It’s in Europe, Belgium, but what the hell, true desease-free love doesn’t know any boundaries!

    3. gwen0444 says:

      well fenix I think I sound healthier than you do..What is your post about because the way I read it you promote love and the no boundries thing; does that include children, animals etc. Non the less get some help because everything has boundries freak.

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