Joanna Krupa Accused Of Causing Yolanda Foster’s Divorce

Posted on November 26th, 2012 at 11:50 am

Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster have a dirty little secret, according to Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis.

Joe, who says he dated Joanna and her sister Marta, is fired up because Joanna said she would never date Joe because he is  "old" and "ugly."

So, the GGW mogul felt the need to retaliate by revealing exclusively to RumorFix that Yolanda Foster caught Joanna with her former husband, Mohamed Hadid, causing their divorce.

PICTURES: NSFW: Joanna Krupa's See Through Top

It should be noted that a source close to Joanna denies the accusations saying Joe is a known liar. Yolanda's camp has no comment.

Joe says he first met Joanna in 2002 when she lived in Los Angeles and she allegedly had an affair with Mohamed for about a month.

Mohamed, who is a real estate developer worth $100 million, supposedly was driving his Bentley on Sunset Plaza when he saw Joanna and pulled over to give her his number. At the time the multimillionaire was living at 100 Carolwood, which was Michael Jackson's old house.

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Joe says Yolanda found Joanna and Mohamed together "and that was the end of their marriage."  Joe says Mohamed asked his former pal "to take Joanna off my hands."

Joe explains, "Sometimes I would send a girl his way and he would send a girl my way."

Joe put Joanna in an infomercial and says they dated for about six months, then he moved on to her sister, Marta, and saw her for about a year and a half.

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  • 13 Responses

    1. RationalOne says:

      Joe Francis is a vile human being.  Totally disgusting.

    2. Jill says:

      I believe this story having seen Joanna and every week see seems to go lower and lower, she is now beyond the trailer park and living under a tunnel in my thoughts

    3. jill says:

      JoAnna is gross to me having seen her in action on the Real Housewives and I question her morals.  I take that back I don’t believe she has morals having seen her in the Miami show.

    4. Huntertoller says:

      Why do you think they call it LaLaLand?

      • trusmee rancide says:

        H.P.V. is a sexually transmitted disease. It causes genital warts that if left untreated can cause cervical cancer. if you have slept with Mohamed you should have yourself checked, he sleeps with very skanky women.

    5. Patricia says:

      I believe Joe Francis!!!  

    6. Blondiekurth says:

      Whatever happened to women having morals and respecting
      their bodies…not just sleeping with someone because they have money or the
      person knows or might know so and so…I think they call that prostitution, whatever you want
      to call it it’s disgusting.

    7. Oliveoil810 says:

      joe is a liar and just wants attention..

    8. Janice90210 says:

      The story is true. Joanna was sleeping with Mohamed while he was married and living with Yolanda.

    9. Truthtalks says:

      According to this picture.. seems like Yolanda and Joanna not only shared this guy Mohamed, but also the same botox procedure! Shame Joanna, Yolanda could be your mother!! Stop imitating her..

    10. trina lesmann says:

      Both Johana Krupa and Kasia Wolejnio slept with Mohammed hadid, Yolanda caught him with Johana only but who knows who else was in the picture. They are all gross. Hadid sleeping with womens his own daughter’s age? The ONLY one with dignity is Yolanda! of course they want to be and look like her!!!! what they don’t know is they are light years away!

    11. Wisegirl says:

      Joe Francis talking about trading girls like baseball cards makes me sick!

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