Jenelle Evans: My Best Friend Stole My Victoria’s Secret Attire!

Posted on November 7th, 2012 at 3:34 pm

Who knew the drama could follow Jenelle Evans from her hometown in North Carolina all the way to New York where she filmed a reunion show with Dr. Drew last week?

On top of the Teen Mom 2 star ending up in a NYC hospital due to a burst cyst, Jenelle also got betrayed by yet another one of her "close friends," Allison Lester.

Several reports claim that the gal pal's hung out in NY but it only took a day for Ali to dump Evans as friend, claiming the reality star stole her clothing.  But the mom-of-one is coming to RumorFix to clear the air, tellling us that her ex-friend is actually the one who stole clothes from her.

She laughs at her friend's bogus claim, revealing to RumorFix, "No she stole my clothes. [She stole] my Victoria's Secret jacket that's $80, with sequins on the back."

The teen mother also took to Twitter on Tuesday to call out her friend, "I kicked out Allison, packed her s—, and kicked her OUT. She stole my clothes."

Sounds like a pretty awesome article of clothing to get snatched.

We hope you get your favorite hoodie back, Jenelle!


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