Is Jenelle Evans Engaged?!

Posted on November 14th, 2012 at 4:37 pm

On Wednesday Jenelle Evans, infamous for her tumultuous relationships, put a picture on Instagram of a very suspicious ring on a very suspicious finger.

The diamond ring and matching band look like an engagement ring fitting nicely on her ring finger.

In attempt to stop engagement rumors from starting the Teen Mom 2 star wrote:

"Coutland felt like spending money.  Lmao he is inside the store for 2 hours and comes out and BAM! HOLY S**T.  Just a gift nothing more."

She continued to put pictures on Instagram another with the caption:

"Hahahaha GOD I'm so happy with my life right now.  Pretyy sure I found my soulmate. <3"

We're happy she's happy.

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    1. It’s THIS ring from Dillard’s . . .  There's a Dillard’s in Wilmington’s mall where he supposedly went to Zale’s.  No denying it – the ring’s an EXACT match.  $20 special.  JE and her trashy BF are masters at lying, or maybe he just told her it was real to impress her.

    2. Rational says:

      I’m in the diamond biz and even though this is a picture on a gossip site, something about the rings look fake, both metal and stones.

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