Farrah Abraham: Lots Of The Teen Mom Stars Are Very Not Intelligent

Posted on November 24th, 2012 at 11:03 am

Considering how many private issues they discuss amongst themselves during reunion shows and such, one would assume that all the Teen Mom gals are the best of friends, supporting each other through thick and thin. But according to cast member Farrah Abraham, this is not the case.

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Just when Farrah needed friends the most to support her during her recent plastic surgery, one thing's for sure-- She can't count on co-star Jenelle Evans to have her back, or possibly any other Teen Mom star for that matter.

“Only 21 years old and went under 3 plastic surgeries already?! That's insane if you ask me!” Jenelle wrote on her Sulia account just a week after Abraham debuted her new face.

RumorFix sat down with Farrah to get her reaction to Jenelle's comment: “Oh really?! Because she got a boob job after I did!”

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The reality star says she's not surprised with Jenelle's diss, revealing that she doesn’t expect much out of the MTV Teen Mom's. “There are lots of teen mothers on MTV who are very not intelligent. And I'm one of them [Teen Mom cast member] who really works hard, who really educated myself and really cares about people. And lots of the time they call me a b*tch and then act like my friend, but that's normal because I think that's what the world has become. But [the drama] is just not in my life.”

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  • 5 Responses

    1. Anonymous says:

      Wow…she’s one to talk! “Very not intelligent…” smh

    2. RationalOne says:

      She’s an idiot and I feel sorry for her daughter.

    3. siriusthecat says:

      A lot of the teen moms on MTV are not that intelligent and I am one of them. How honest a statement by Farrah. Oh wait, that was supposed to only diss the other teen moms. Ahhhh. Beauty fades little girl, but dumb is forever. I bet Jenelle knows not to start every sentence with and. How is that educated? How is that caring about people? How smart is spending 30 grand on plastic surgery that needs to get redone every 10-15 years when you are a single parent of a toddler? I guess we can assume Sophia will be pregnant by 15 and won’t need a college fund, but most parents want better for their kids. Jenelle seems like the type that would smash up your new nose and chin for talking trash, just sayin’ again, not smart.

    4. I cant stand Farrah. She is a spoiled little brat and her daughter needs to be spanked because Sophia is just as much of a brat as her mother is. Farrah really doesnt have any room to be talking about anybody. Farrah has the worse attitude ever and thinks everybody should be catering to her every need and want. I wish somebody would give her a reality check and I really wish Farrah would realize that nobody likes her so she can quit acting like everybody worships her because I promise they DONT!

      • siriusthecat says:

        I find myself thinking if she were my kid I’d beat her, but then I remember she called the cops on her poor mother. Too bad she didn’t know she was going to jail, she could of made it worth her while. If ever a kid needed to get popped in the mouth. They spoiled her rotten. I’ve never heard of anyone not wanting their parents to be together, unless there is abuse. Even then, half of them want the patents together. Such rotten parents focussing on each other when they should be focussed on their adult child. Then the jealousy of her own kid. That’s a scary trait this late in the game.

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