Exclusive: Octomom Already Back In Rehab After Shooting Video Spoof

Posted on November 6th, 2012 at 12:22 pm

A rep for Nadya "Octomom" Suleman is firing back against allegations made by RadarOnline that the troubled mother of 14 "doesn't seem to be taking her rehab stint very seriously."

The gossip website claims that Nadya ditched rehab to shoot a country music video spoof, which is true, but a rep for the tabloid star says Radar's story is misleading.

"When Nadya checked into rehab she had two bookings she could not cancel: one is Deeyoon.com (who is still paying Nadya for her weekly debates but is going to wait to continue them until she is out of treatment) and a Country Music video where she was doing a cameo appearance," the rep explains.

RumorFix is told that there was someone by Octomom's side for the entire video shoot from the rehabilitation center. "We had discussed this with Chapman House prior to admitting Nadya into treatment. The production company was also aware and they paid for a counselor from Chapman House to travel with Nadya and stayed in the same room as Nadya. They flew in late Sunday night and she is already back in Chapman House. "

Octomom recently checked into rehab for help with stress, exhaustion and drug addiction.

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    1. Stacey says:

      hey gina, how’s that suspending twitter account working for ya. LMAO.

    2. Ron Vergandy says:

      I wonder whats in the cup? 

    3. Anonymous says:

      So now the spin is Deeyoon is NOW willing to wait for further debates till after she’s done with rehab but they couldn’t wait the first week she went in? But the “production company” couldn’t stop the world for her and wait but they could pay for a rehab counselor to escort her from California to Tennessee and back-yet only paid Octo $1,500 for a “cameo” appearance? Yea, right. Oh and Octo couldn’t wait a few days to file a TRO for the safety of her children but had to send some unqualified stooge to do it? Want to buy some ocean front property in Utah? 

      • Another Crazy OctoTrash Story says:

         Can’t backdoor Rodriguez come up with a BETTER story than that?
        These positive spin cleanup stories are ridiculous.

    4. Singingtree01 says:

      More media rabble babble babble bulls&t lies from Demi Delia PR.

    5. Alvin says:

      That’s an out and out lie!  I just confirmed that Nutso was still in the motel room in TN as of this morning.  Also, people on the set of the video said there was NO ONE from Chapman there to supervise this drugged-out, alcoholic, mother of 14.

    6. Alvin says:

      I guess I did more research than RumorFix did!  LOLOLOLOL

    7. Octomomlies says:

      She is only in  outpatient rehab but trying to make it look like inpatient. Her manager and her are such lier’s. Rumorfix you would think you would have learned your lesson about believing Octomom and her skanky anal fing rep. Really it would have cost more to send someone with her than she got paid.

    8. AYFS says:

      She is NOT IN REHAB, she is confirmed to be in Tennessee as of 10am this morning she was still there. Stop all the LIES Demi Delia! You are learning bad habits from your client!

    9. Alvin says:

      Explain this RumorFix: 

      Amber Goodhand – Radaronline


      @GrandmaB_ As of 10am PST she was still at the hotel…that’s Tuesday afternoon in Tennessee. #confirmed

    10. Mahopinion says:

      Tsk, Tsk,Tsk. You call yourself rumor “fix”, yet you don’t even do any checking with sources other than Octoho’s paid mouthpiece. Pretty shoddy reporting. Is someone on your staff getting blown by one of Va-Gina’s porn stable? Is that why you believe everything the ho feeds you?

    11. Mahopinion says:

      BTW-were you aware that the so called “rehab” center that Octosank is supposed to be at is actually a CLIENT of Hershey Highway Gina Rodriguez. Nepotism? Coincidence?


    12. Ron Vergandy says:

      How can she be in 2 places at once Eric?   Sounds like you need to do some fact checking and just not take someones word for it.  There goes any credibility you may have had.  The key word is may.

    13. Bruno says:

      Swami is going to predict the next fake bombshell produced by Octoho and Hershey Highway Rodriguez: In a couple of day, Nutya will have a “breakthrough” in therapy and tearfully declare to any media that will listen that she was molested as a young girl by her father, Half-Dead Ed. She will claim that this, and not her being an only child of a cold hearted mother, is the reason she had so many children. She wanted to recapture the innocence of her youth before Hairy Eddy piped it away from her fragile psyche. Mark my words people- this will be her next move in a ploy for public donations and a reality show. You read it HERE first.

      • Another-Crazy-OctoTrash-Story says:

         And ya wanna KNOW something?

        I have always suspected that is true.

        BUT who would believe Octo even if someday she actually told the truth about something?

        How many times CAN you cry wolf?

      • donedonedone says:

        Wrong. it’s going to be a dead neighbor or relative. 
        And Angela, dabich– she knew all about it………

        Toxo still needs Ed to go grocery shopping and make excuses for her. 
        Who else will do it after Backdoor GinaR. stops wasting her dwindling funds on zero return. 
        20 percent of $1500?  BGR could have made more selling popcorn at the multiplex.

    14. Barb says:

      This is a Rumor Fixed? Or Rumor Trix?

    15. Perhaps Gina “I’m Really A Pornstar” Rodriguez should stick to plugging every orifice and taking facials

    16. donedonedone says:


      Are you onto some new type of journalism where your  apparent goal is to print the all disinformational spin that’s fit to spit from delusional bottom-feeders and leave it to readers to position the real story correctly in the comments.?

      If so you really cannot keep calling yourself Rumor Fix. May I suggest Fixed Rumor instead.
      What a waste of an innovative chance to tell the truth you guys are tuning out to be. Just more of the same old same old. Why do we need another one? Aren’t  there too many already?

    17. You people are truly sick when it comes to Octomom. Is someone there getting blackmailed or is Octomom the closest thing you have to being a celebrity & you have no other news??? I heard that Tom Cruise may have farted the other day…I’d rather hear about that than see another story where you’re gushing over someone so dispicable. How about a story about 14 children left with whomever while muther takes yet another vacation to avoid answering all the questions about her “parenting” style. When’s the last time the little ones went to a doctor? Nevermind, you birds of a feather keep flocking together. You’re just a joke like she is.

    18. Anonymous says:

      No inpatient rehab out there is going to let someone live their regular lives while in rehab.  Rehab requires a 100%-commitment.  She’s more committed to those debates and any time in front of a camera she can get.  She’s living her normal life minus any involvement with her kids.

      The rehab place can’t talk openly about her, so they can’t dispute her claim of having an employee with her.  They can’t tell the world that their inpatient center is men only, and that the one she could be involved with is an outpatient facility.

      She wants us to believe she’s in inpatient, but that’s not possible. Call any inpatient rehab and just ask as a general question if they’ll let their inpatients take vacations or is remaining in the center is a requirement for remaining in the program.  It’s called doing some research.  

      I miss the days when graduating out of jr high was required for journalism.  In my elementary school we were required to do more research than professional journalists these days and to cite our sources.  

    19. Anonymous says:

      Suleman’s puppet master…opps “source’ claims Suleman made prior arrangements to continue with Dial A Loser and this little gig in Tenn.
      Funny, the source didn’t mention anything about Octomom making arrangements to spend Halloween or Thanksgiving with her children.
      Keep on printing lies, you are only hurting the kids. If you ever reported the TRUTH, then maybe something could be done for those children.
      How many people are going to continue to make money of the backs of these children.
      The truth as to how these kids live, are not allowed to eat, leave the house…that is what you should be writing about not this fake rehap crap.

    20. Anonymous says:

      I guess no one that writes about Octomom realizes the first one to write the truth, break the story will have more clicks, more attention than they ever dreamed possible. If for nothing else, be selfish and post the truth..for the clicks, the ads…doesn’t matter..just print the truth . ALL OF THE TRUTH.
      Trust me, this would be worth the effort.

    21. Oz says:

      Seriously, does RumorFix fact check at all?  Even the Enquirer staff investigates a little.  At least add some commentary if all you’re otherwise going to do is publish the self-report of D-grade megalomaniacs at face value. 

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