EXCLUSIVE: How Octomom Got Out Of Debt

Posted on November 4th, 2012 at 8:13 am

Octomom says she's paying for her own rehab and paying nannies to take care of her kids while she is being treated for an addiction to Xanax, so it begs the question how did the woman who used to be on food stamps become financially secure?

In an exclusive interview with RumorFix before she checked into rehab, she said, "I'm very, very grateful to be given certain job opportunities such as debating -- that's a new one Deeyoon.com." Incidentally, Nadya Suleman has been given permission to debate while undergoing her treatment.

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She admits, "I'm hyper-verbal and very, very competitive."

Besides endorsing OctoLoan, she also gets $10 a minute from people she calls "supporters" under her arrangement with Dial-A-Star.

And, the biggest money maker of all -- she gets residuals from her self-pleasure video, Octomom: Home Alone.

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In conclusion, Nadya says, "Money does not make you happy, but it sure gives a lot of security and freedom. And, we're very grateful right now."

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  • 10 Responses

    1. Ron Vergandy says:

      She forgot to mention the 20,000 she got cash for keys to leave the home she was squatting in for over a year. 

    2. Laurie M. says:

      I wonder why random strangers tweet that they see Octomom pay for groceries with food stamps. I think she is not as financially secure as she would like the world to believe.

      • Anonymous says:

        They tweet this because Suleman has been claiming to be off ALL public assistance. If she is off all assistance does that mean she sends back the SS checks she gets for Aiden or the other two children?No assistance to pay her bills…I think not.
        I don’t believe this woman has two nickels to rub together, if she did she would have more plastic surgery , mink lashes, clothing.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Your article also forgot to mention she is being allowed to do these stupid debates while in OUTpatient rehab because she can’t go without a paycheck for 30 days! Do you really believe she is getting enough money from these penny ante gigs to get out of debt? Does being out of debt in her lingo include paying back all the people she listed on her phoney bankruptcy filing including the owner of the house Amir she burned? LOL Everything she has done has bombed! She was seen in Palmdale still using an EBT card in local stores before she went on vacation, oh right “rehab”.  This site is sure proOcto. You seem to swallow her every word without any real research behind it. 

    4. Does
      it get any weirder when the mental patient controls
      the delusional story
      and the commenters are left to be telling the reporters the

      is it that the commenters know that the facility Nadya Suleman has checked into
      is OUTPATIENT meaning that it’s about as much rehab as checking into a movie
      theater for a couple of of hours a day. 

      don’t you report on where she in the rest of the time,

      a hint of to start — -anyplace where they might sell mouse ears.

      another tip: If this is how you plan to report what you’ve got then you really
      need to stop calling yourself Rumor Fix and start calling yourself Fixed

      what you should be doing. Getting more from Gina Bryson — the kindly woman who
      free of charge minded the 8 smallest for mos o f the summer and was never paid a
      penny, except to be potentially bribed $10,000 to disappear for a few weeks on a
      Nadya paid-for family vacation. while Nadya Suleman  used her very, very nice
      home —claiming it to be hers– to film an Episode of American Nanny. She even
      has documents to back it.

      Bryson spoke to CBS reporters for 4 hours about wha thse knew. So fa they’ve
      only use da few minutes. 

      not find out the rest? it’s got to be more interesting than
      Nadya Suleman’s dosage echoing out at you. No to mention a lot more true.




      • Guest says:

        Oh look, Gala/Donedonedone/ihazskankblingee has anew sock puppet.

        • I guess anyone spending her life  breathing in nail polish remover and sharpening her little nail files day in day out BFG can’t really get it t together to keep priorities straight. And need to advertise that.
           Not my fault if you what you’ve got is all you got, dearie. If you need to take that out on me for posting about unimportant things like how the tups need help instead of letting you be home room bully, knock yourself out though.
          But next time I will be posting your name .
          Which is why people who aren’t total  morons son’t use the same ID on everything they put up.
          This is the last time you get to  exploit being  venomously anonymous.

    5. Boomom03 says:

      The Demi Delia PR machine at work. Octo will NEVER get off the government tit, she is convinced of her entitlement…yet another pathetic attempt to whitewash Natalie Doud and her reputation…sorry she is known to be a lying, grifting, unfit mother. Not much you can do to refute that…and if not for those kids that are being neglected and exploited, nobody would give a crap about her anyway. 

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