Exclusive: 600,000 Americans Want Macy’s To Fire Donald Trump

Posted on November 15th, 2012 at 6:02 am

Donald Trump's outrageous political posturing and polarizing personality are causing a backlash that could hurt the reality TV star's pockets. RumorFix has learned that over half a million people have signed a petition urging Macy's to sever their relationship with the hairstyle guru and his clothing line.

Angelo Carusone recently launched the petition to be delivered to Terry J. Lundgren, Chairman of the Board, CEO and President at Macy's Inc.

"Macy's has a special deal with Donald Trump. They invest in developing Trump's brand and sell his clothing line and fragrance at their locations. To this end, they have had major events at Macy's Herald Square location and they often feature and promote Trump in advertisements designed to celebrate the magic of Macy's.

Recently, Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren sent Donald Trump a letter touting how excited Macy's was to be working with Trump and promising to expand Trump's brand even further than it already is.

But, why is Macy's celebrating Trump?" Angelo asks.

According to Angelo, Trump engaged in "sexist behavior," personally attacking women he disagrees with by calling them "unattractive," ugly or fat. He hypocritically complained about jobs being shipped overseas to China, despite the fact that almost his entire clothing line sold at Macy's is made in China and other Asian nations.

Angelo also claims that Trump "perpetuated the racially charged birther conspiracy, repeatedly arguing that President Obama has been lying and was not born in the United States."

So far 609,222 people have signed the petition which is just a few signatures short of the 625,000 signature goal of the petition.

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    1. Rational says:


      • Mrstyger1957 says:

        Millions of people have already seen it . Stop listening to Donald douch bag. Have some respect for our President and not Donald douch. I’m so glad our President got relected. People need to stay away from Donald douch he will bring them down with him. Donald is not acting like a normal human being. Calling for a revalution cause people were smart enough to vote for Barack. Donald is acting like an ass. If i owned a store i would never promote anything of his. Except a new hair line. All that money and Donald looks dirty cause of his hair.

        • biffula says:

          That fake one that lists him as African-American doesn’t count. They didn’t use that term when Obozo was born.

    2. gwen01 says:

      seems like more than that want the Kardashians off the air…so to at the very least get their crap out of sears we need 600,000 signatures.

      • biffula says:

        The best would be for Trump to start a clothing line and have it picked up by Sears since only Mexicans nowadays.

    3. alexstorm says:

      Mr Trump  please shave your head  and maybe stop with the the tan foundation you are wearing  be yourself   oh and do you wear your clothing line that was made in China?

    4. Cgurl says:

      They have over 625,000 the new goal is 650,000 🙂

    5. Judi says:

      trump has cost macys far more than it has made off him and his chinese made clothing. i will not shop there again until and unless they get rid of the gasbomb

    6. biffula says:

      That hair is something. But I do applaud his stand on illegals.

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