Did Christina Aguilera Try To Seduce Vanessa Hudgens?

Posted on November 8th, 2012 at 10:07 am

Star magazine is making some pretty strong allegations about Christina Aguilera and another female star. The tabloid claims that Aguilera recently hit on former Disney star, Vanessa Hudgens.

A source claims at a party on October 25, "Christina spent a lot of time on the dance floor gyrating next to Vanessa, who looked like she was having fun with the situation in a good-natured way. And the more Christina drank, the more her kinky side seemed to come out. It really seemed like she was playing the role of seductress with Vanessa as her target!"

Ha! That's pretty funny if you visualize it, but ultimately, a load of hogwash. A rep for Aguilera tells RumorFix the story is "totally false," adding, "and I know as I was there, AND they are BOTH clients of our company. They met for three minutes and took one photo."

And unless there's some video of Aguilera putting the moves on brunette beauty, we're going to take the rep's word on things

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