Ciara: Ain’t Nobody Pregnant With 50 Cent’s Baby

Posted on November 6th, 2012 at 9:40 am

R&B singer Ciara is pregnant with 50 Cent's lovechild according to the fine folks over at MediaTakeOut. The website claims in an exclusive story:

"Ciara, who we're told is set to make a MAJOR SPLASH in the next few months, found out about her pregnancy over the weekend. An insider tells us, 'She's always loved 50 Cent. I think 50 loves her too, but he's playing that macho rapper.'

The snitch continued, 'Ciara wasn't expecting a baby, but she's happy that she's having one with 50 Cent, the only man she's ever loved.'"

That's news to Ciara who took to Twitter to deny the nonsense, writing:

"Ain't nobody pregnant ...#StopIt."

We guess that settles that.

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    1. LiveLoveLaugh says:

      LMFAO! ppl are so stupid beliving anything stupid hater blogs like MediaTakeOut posts..She’s not pregnant and her and fif arent even a couple..smh!

    2. Kmoja92 says:

      I bet 50 is laughing all the way yo the bank….He’s probably still with Shaniqua the whole time,  the two of them must just laugh at all the media stories, then cash the check.

    3. Air_jordan__23 says:

      i thought she was a man???

    4. Rogers China says:

      wow ciara having a baby thats so cool , nd by 50 thats even better

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