Trista Sutter Gives Plastic Surgery Update -Exclusive

Posted on October 12th, 2012 at 6:35 am

Although the original "Bachelorette", Trista Sutter, is clearly beautiful inside and out, the mom-of-two opted for a "pre-40" makeover to get her body back in shape following her two pregnancies. And after facing serious complications from the surgery, the stay at home mom tells RumorFix exclusively that she is finally "starting to feel normal again."

Sutter, who had a breast augmentation and her eyelids corrected three months ago, reveals she was not prepared for how difficult recovery would be, telling RumorFix that the aftermath was "not fun." Trista says she developed an allergic reaction  to the antibiotic she had to take to prevent infection after the surgery. "I was feeling so horrible," the 39-year-old tells us, "I was vomiting, had nausea, an all over body rash, and the Prednisone I took to alleviate the reaction made me clinically depressed. I was constantly crying. It's like I had a cloud over my head. It's a scary thing when you physiologically cant fix yourself." But thankfully, only a few months after surgery, Trista tells us that she's back to her normal bubbly self!

The Indiana native, who met her hubby Ryan Sutter on the first season of The Bachelorette in 2003, wants to clear up some inccurate reports that claim she had several surgeries in one day including a lift: "All I had was an augmentation and my eyelids corrected --that's only two procedures! And I did not have a lift!"

Trista reveals that her experience was so painful that she ended up cancelling other appointments she had planned with her plastic surgeon to fix more flaws. She tells RumorFix, "I had  plans to do a couple Botox injections and get my veins in my legs done. But I cancelled it because I was feeling so horrible."

And although Mrs. Ryan Sutter says she doesn't regret having surgery, she tells RumorFix she has no plan to head back under the knife anytime soon because what she went through was "not fun!"

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    1. Rhys Branman says:

      Allergic reactions to antibiotics are scary and very dangerous. It
      is not only drugs like Prednisone that can create depression.  Even
      without these extreme complication, unfortunately sometimes a patient can get a
      case of the “Post Surgical Blues.”  General anesthesia can
      affect an individual both physically and emotionally for up to three weeks. The
      residual effects can even make someone feel lethargic or depressed. Pain
      medications can exacerbate these “post-surgical blues.” The physical
      restrictions necessary  to recover along with being bruised from the
      procedure can make you feel emotionally battered. It is important to pamper yourself
      after cosmetic surgery, because these reactions are often a surprise to


      Dr. Rhys Branman

      Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

    2. grace says:

      Trista is shallow and greedy. In other words – everything you want to steer away from and you want to shield your children from. No idea how a man could be so spineless and pathetic to put up with that – but there is – then again everybody has their price – and Trista is the Million Dollar Lady. Even the Bachelor and DWTS producers were nauseous after being around her. Please stay away wrinkled lady 

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