Teresa Giudice Reveals Melissa Gorga Secret From Reunion Part 2

Posted on October 4th, 2012 at 2:22 pm

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice reveals exclusively to RumorFix that Melissa Gorga "grabs my arm and I tell her to get her hands off of me" during part two of the reunion show that airs Sunday.

Teresa tells our correspondent Real Mr. Housewife, that Melissa made up a story about Teresa roughing her up and twisting her arm as a preemptive strike.

"I never twisted her arm. The reason why I think she’s bringing this up-- what, nine or 10 months later -- is because at the reunion show she puts her hands on me," Teresa tells us.

"I think she was trying to plant the seed and put that out there so she’ll have a reason, like, ‘She touched me so that’s why I touched her.’ She grabs my arm and I tell her to get her hands off of me. "

Jacqueline Laurita claims the arm-twisting incident happened in the parking lot. But, Teresa tells us, "I never left the party. I was inside the whole time. It’s funny to me how Jacqueline said that. I said to Jacquline, ‘who said it?’ She said a friend of hers. I said, ‘Really? Who?’ They didn’t show that. She wouldn’t tell me who the friend was. When you can’t back up your story, then don’t say it.”

Since Teresa was talking about Melissa, the Real Mr. Housewife asked what's the biggest misconception about Melissa?

Teresa said,  “Melissa is a really good actress. I was on the show two years before she came on. She came on the show behind my back. I think she’s very calculating, very contrived, and knows what she’s doing. I know from knowing her eight years now that what you see on this show is not the real Melissa. Eventually everyone’s true colors come out. One day maybe eventually maybe you guys will see that. She plays the victim role really well."

When asked if she thinks Melissa wants to be a celebrity, Teresa responded, “Hello! She attends every single party that’s out there. That’s not me. I have a family, I have four daughters, I hardly go to parties because I have four daughters to take care of. I’m not out there half as much as she is out there.”

Currently, Teresa has her Fabbelini Drink Line, her Milania Hair Care Line, and her NY Times Bestseller cookbooks.

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    1. Shadowhawkseez7 says:


    2. Irish says:

      @5e593f78708774c47caca9c63d302101:disqus  That’s called working Sherlock.  She’s not out “dancing” in “gentleman’s clubs”.

    3. Jp says:

      this doesnt make any sense, jack mentioned the arm twist before Melissa grabbed her arm at the reunion…

      • Rainnyrain87 says:

        Remember the show has been edited and re-edited. Filming took an entire day so they move parts around to build a story line.

    4. Megalana says:

      She claims Melissa is out at parties all the time, but Teresa is in every magazine that will have her and is on Rumorfix all the time and anyone else that will have her. I know people that party all the time. So … where’s a scale when you need one?

      • Nataliya says:

        Well Melissa is on every mag now???

        • Megalana says:

          Oh is she now? I’ve seen her in maybe a couple, but how many covers is she on?

          • Annija says:

            A lot… Bashing Teresa & doing damage control for her stripper days… Plus she has a Warrant out for her arrest…

            • Megalana says:

              Look at everybody on here. Including us. Lowering ourselves to the level of these women and arguing it’s not right. I am a 28 year old woman and I won’t do it. These ladies look ridiculous and I do too. I look silly.

            • Anonymous says:

              For a crime committed when she was 18 and she didn’t attend the arraignment.  The case could just as easily been dismissed, but since she missed the arrignment, a warrant was issued.

              What were you doing when you were 18?  Kids make mistakes.
              Besides the fact there’s no proof of the “stripping” days. Talk about “bashing”………

    5. guest says:

      i believe that melissa gorga has you all fooled.

    6. John33446 says:

      And I thought Rumor Fix had an ounce of credibility…guess not. Anyone who believes anything that comes out of Teresa’s mouth is…not very bright, and probably very angry with a ton of issues. The girl is a criminal nutjob imo.


    7. Gramgall says:

      Soon you all will see, Melissa has a criminal record.

    8. Sunshine Sister says:

      Teresa says that “eventually everyone’s true colors come out.”  Teresa’s true colors have come out the last two seasons.  These people are family.  Look how they are treating each other on a television show.  There is no telling what else goes on in the family when the cameras are turned off.  Teresa has been caught in so many lies, it is just beyond me how her fans can’t see this.  She needs help.

    9. Jill says:

      I believe Tre and Melissa is a liar from what I see.  

    10. Annija says:

      Melissa has been nothing but a Drama Queen from the beginning… Plus shes super fake… My favorite part of this season was when she had the wet suit on “Pretending like she was going to go Surfing” And Jacqueline sure has a lot “friends” feeding her Gossipp… Maybe she should worry more about her Son & less about Teresa & Melissa all her “Text Messages”

    11. Charlotte In The VI says:

      Listen, we can all see that Teresa comes off wrong because she’s flustered – let’s see, um 4 women and their husbands attacking you at the same time. The deals have been rolling in for Teresa and for the others….well it hasn’t come at Teresa’s speed.  Is there a twinge of jealousy? YES.  I’m a woman and I know when women feel jealousy.  Joe Gorja should be ashamed that Kathy speaks poorly of their parents but their so involved in the “Let’s Hate On Teresa so We Can Get Air Time” bandwagon they don’t see how hypocritical they look.   I still don’t understand why Melissa got so upset at the Posh show.  I mean she was shaking like she was caught in something.  What exactly happened there.  A man comes up and said he remembers you and you go off and say that Teresa set you up???? Is Melissa shady? YES.  TIME WILL TELL.  Jacqueline, the reason you and Caroline are gaining your weight is because you are too involved with Teresa’s life.  There is so much you can be focusing on in your own lives that it seems you are trying to avoid handling your own issues and instead use Teresa’s life as a distraction.  Kathy feeling left out from Teresa’s toast: anything to play victim = more air time.  I’m so sick of all these “Strong and Self-Assured” women feeling like Teresa is taking advantage of them.  You don’t like Teresa? Leave the show, don’t film with her.  Mayve the show can survive without Teresa and you guys will be the stars.  Joe Gorja is so stupid that he doesn’t see that his wife bending over in booty shorts spreading her cheeks isnt inappropriate for a nonstripper and loving mother.  Shame on Joe Gorja!  You know better!

    12. Ijustbarfed says:

      I can’t stand Melissa.  It’s pretty obvious that she back stabbed Teresa to get on the show and now continues to try to destroy her so she has a storyline.  It’s all she has to film about.   Like anyone wants to watch a cheesy, mid thirties, auto tuned, J-Lo tranny try to hustle for a dollar.  Plus her midget husband is annoying and gross.  He looks like a nintendo’s Mario had a baby with an oompa loompa on steroids.  Plus, they are so broke and living in their spec house. To blame Teresa because they are upside down on their house and have to move is really disgusting.  

    13. Ijustbarfedagain says:

      Oh and don’t even get me started on Kathy who has a cooter that smells like fish.  Who wants to eat a dessert thinking that the person who made it probably has some fishy vaginal infection.  What a waste of space!

    14. Marys_duckfan says:

      T, for once in your miserable life TELL THE TRUTH! Damnit! I’m so sick of you lying! I watched you and Joe last night and whether you will admit it or not he was LYING! I watched the Napa episode and if he wasn’t talking to a woman, I’m Brad Pitt. Catch a f’ing clue already. Btw, when all people around you are saying things that you said, and you say each of them is lying, it makes you look incredibly STUPID! I hate when criminals say that on court and I hate watching you demean yourself by calling everyone else liars. Own up to what you do and say and you will get respect from everyone, not just your pathetic Teresa fans that agree with everything you say and do. That’s not real friendship or respect that is a “yes-man” attitude and it just enables you to keep lying

    15. Hollaberri says:

      I think you are worse person for spending 12 million that you don’t have and trying to claim bancrupty than if you were young and had a stripper past.   Being a stripper is not a crime and if it was it would be a victimless crime.   What Theresa and her pig husband try to do is criminal. I can’t wait to see both of them go to jail.  Joe will get a tear tattoo and buttraped and Theresa will get into a lot of jail fights.  They both will come out and belong the Mafia and probably start selling drugs.

    16. Hollaberri says:

      I guess all the inmates that watch this show will know just “how juicy” Joe is soon enough.  I wonder how his mistress feels about him going away.  

    17. Hollaberri says:

      I wonder if Theresa will cry like Paris Hilton when she gets carted off to jail, too?

    18. Bob says:

      Yes Teresa – we all know it perfectly acceptable for you to grab your cousin by the face (multiple times) but when your sister-in-law grabs you by the arm – well sghe should be arrested and put in jail!!!   Because everyone knows thatstandards for regular people don’t apply to you Teresa – you’re the drama queen after all!

      • Anonymous says:

         Correct!  And, when you scream and point your finger in their face over and over?  LOL! What a hysterical hypocrite.

    19. Midgetpornslut says:

      meho a lyin’ skank..whoever can’t see that is blind..lol

    20. Lmkkl says:

      I agree John33446 – Anyone who believes someone that can barely spell their own name needs help.  She made a fool out of herself on the reunion show and if she is back next year Bravo, you may lose more than just me as a fan!

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