Teresa Giudice: “I Don’t Know If Melissa Gorga Was Ever A Stripper” — Exclusive

Posted on October 3rd, 2012 at 4:17 pm

In part two of our exclusive interview with RumorFix, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice clears the air over Strippergate.

The whole controversy began when Teresa went to the Posche Fashion Show and pulled her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, aside and asked her about the stripper rumors.

During the RHONJ reunion, the cast accused Teresa and Posche Fashion owner Kim D. of setting up Melissa for an embarrassing confrontation with Melissa's former boss, Angelo Vrohidis. But, Teresa tells RumorFix correspondent Real Mr. Housewife exclusively that she's the real victim, "I feel like I was set up. I never said Melissa was a stripper because I don’t know if she was."

She's shocked that Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita would even say that. “I felt like I was set up," she tells us. "If you really watch closely, Jacqueline is texting the whole time. Did you see Jacqueline’s face? She looked so contrived and calculated and kept texting with someone. You’ll see a lot of things revealed at the reunion show. Kim D says that she spoke to Jacqueline every day for an hour and a half on the phone. So to me that says a lot. Jacqueline definitely knew what was going on.”

Teresa says, of course, she's heard the stripper rumors, "but I never said that she was. I wouldn’t say that she was even if she was. She’s been in my family for seven years now and that’s not something I wanted to put out there, because I do have four daughters. It’s not my style. I’m old school. My parents are off the boat. I’m first generation. It’s not something I would want to put out there, because I didn’t know for sure.”

Teresa tells us, she wasn't even going to bring up the rumors -- but felt she had to when she saw Angelo at the fashion show.

"I confronted her because I had to tell her what happened because this guy approached me in the salon," Teresa said."After he came to the fashion show, Melissa said she knew him and he looked familiar to Kathy [Wakile].  Then I thought 'Now I need to tell her what this guy said to me at the salon.' If he didn’t come to the fashion show, I would have never told her or I would have told her the next day off-camera. Because he came up to her at the fashion show and Melissa said she knew him, I was like, 'Oh my god this guy might be telling the truth, so let me tell her what he said.' I was questioning it too."

Teresa cleared up one more editing snafu by Bravo producers. While it looked like she went back inside to continue partying after the event, she says, "I didn’t go back inside. That was the beginning. When I was saying 'Hi' to everyone, that was the beginning, but I guess they ended up putting that afterward."

Come back Thursday to find out Teresa’s side of what Melissa claimed happened on Wendy Williams, what Teresa thinks the biggest misconception about Melissa is, and what Teresa has to say about Kathy’s sister, Rosie, and Danielle Staub.

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    1. Tim says:

      I don’t know what to make of all of this. Teresa seems so mean, yet sometimes honest. Melissa seems so honest, but seems like she can be a great actress. I couldn’t tell if Teresa was acting when Melissa was “set up” or if it was Melissa acting. One of them were.

    2. Complicated says:

      Teresa is coo coo 4 cocopuffs. She is in denial about everything. From her family, friends and husband. she is going to find herself without family and friends. She’ll keep her husband and he’ll stay because he can cheat. She suffers from codependence. She thinks she will be poor if she left her husband. What happens if he goes to jail. Teresa close your pot hole and listen sometimes. Your never wrong and always the victim. She loves the media attention but when the lights are out she will be lost.

    3. Jillian says:

      I like Tereasa and I enjoy reading artiles about her and watching her antics on television – that’s entertainment.     My feelings are if you act like a duck your are a duck and Melissa certainly does feed into the stripper part.   I never cared for Melissa and think even less of her now, in fact I would like to see her as wells as the Manzo’s off television completely, along with Kathy.

    4. Blue says:

      So basically Teresa is calling Melissa a liar because Melissa told Teresa she NEVER was a stripper.  Logically, it can be proven or dis proven if dug into enough so why would Melissa lie? Teresa is a scumbag for doing this to her brother.  I would never attack my sister in-law to cause trouble for my bro and his family.  You’ve got to know when to keep your mouth shut!

      • Teresa brother is backstabbing her,and Teresa might come out not so logical sometimes,but she doesn;t lie.Melissa lied about not being a stripper because it would expose the real melissa gorga i mean marco no i mean gorga,LOL!!!!!!!!

    5. Shadowhawkseez7 says:


      • You’re really going to believe a person who is using her own son condition to sell there backruptcy water=BLK(Jacqueline),and a person who has said that “she put wood in my family fire and I’m going to put the lid on hers”by (Caroline) referring it to Teresa on the show.They have blood out for Teresa and there all jelous of Teresa business sucuss and fame!!!
        Get Real Shadowhawkseez7!!!Were we watching the same show???

    6. Irish says:

      I believe Teresa.  She had no reason to think ‘Angelo’ was going to be at the fashion show so why even bring it up with Melissa at that time.  She could have called her the next day to say hey, I ran into this guy, yada, yada, yada.  This entire thing is ridiculous anyway since the guy said absolutely nothing other than ‘Hi, remember me?”.  And that would cause everyone to go into hysterics?  So ridiculous.

      Much ado about nothing.  Oh..and very clever yet, very bad editing by Bravo to make it look like Teresa was inside having a good laugh while the rest of the cast is having a melt down over a non event…when that was actually filmed when Teresa arrived.

      I am so done with Bravo and all this trash TV. 

    7. Lyndi Lee says:

      It sounds to me as though Teresa is FINALLY catching on to, and OUTING, Bravo’s bull in manipulation of cast & editing, as well as their underhanded, sneaky incentives. Obviously, they (Bravo) have absolutely NO concern for these cast members well being, let alone their reputations, their children, family values, and/or futures in potential jobs or earnings! As disgusted as I’ve become with RHONJ in general, my opinion of Bravo is now lower than whale turds!! (I can’t seem to think of anything lower than that, sorry!) It’s inconceivable what kind of contracts they must sign or what they’re threatened with that they have to keep things so quiet about the ‘reality’ of the networks secrets & THEIR part in these story lines! I had read that the scene when Melissa took all the little one’s to the nail salon while Teresa went to her Fabellini party had been filmed several months prior to that, yet they had Melissa, in her talking head, profess that, indeed, she watched them so Teresa could go to that party & enjoy herself! Now we find out here that Teresa HADNOT gone back inside the PFS after the ‘set up’, but what we saw was actually fimed BEFORE the show started!! I do believe my guilty pleasure has run it’s course! (My husband is very pleased!) Maybe instead I’ll read “50 Shades of Grey” or take up gambling or something! Nah, heck, I don’t know!!! But SOMETHING I’ll wanna keep secret!

    8. Kkkaty321 says:

      Kathy has a lotta nerve,she called tertesas mom a liar and spole against teresas father,then she has the nerve to get upset when her father was mentioned..everyone is jealous.bcause she is more popular,,melissa called her husband and told him not to come,,who the heck is she kidding, ,teresa told her not to call him because she knows that her brother woukd have a fit,

    9. Anna Stuarat says:

      I think Kim D. did this and punked all the Housewives, and also think she was the one texting Jacqueline using someone else’s phone to implicate Teresa and stir up all this shyte, with Bravo backing it.  Notice all of her smirks going on with all this, which began at the beauty salon?

      She’s behind all this because she doesn’t like Melissa and was willing to go along with Bravo to make up some crap to have people gossip/argue over while hurting Melissa, IMHO.

      With the exception of Caroline, none of these women are the brightest bulbs in the box.

    10. MElissa makes me sick,and she goes around saying if she was a stripper it’s no big deal,then why did you make a big deal out of it!!!??????It must have hit home for her!Why lye about it??????!!!!!How she was in the past and now as the show has went off,it can tell you alot about Melissa,and how she and Joe really met!!!One of the huge reason why Teresa hates Melissa,is because the Gorgas(Melissa and teresa brother Joe)has an open relationship!!!Teresa only knew what she was hearing(rumors)she didn’t understand why people are so fcused on why she didn’t call Melissa,and why Melissa said she knew the guy and even got her brother invovled(even though he already knew). 

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